She's Over There

Find out what will happen to suicidal Scarlet, and her only friend Kellin. Suicidal, friend Kellin. After tragedies strike so does fate, with her new found acquaintances, the band 5 Seconds Of Summer.


34. 32.

Chapter 32...



**Back to Scarlet's POV**



I slowly open my eyes when I hear some ruffling. My mouth almost falls open at the sight; all the boys were laying on mattresses on the floor... Which they would've moved from the bunks. They were on Netflix in the middle of a movie.

My mind lights up for a moment. I slide myself off the couch and onto one of the mattresses, half on top of Calum.

"Sorry." I grumbled.

"It's okay." Calum said before wrapping his arms around me for a good minute before letting me go.

I slid myself between Calum and Luke, who were laying beside each other. Luke reached for my hand and intertwined our fingers together. He tangled our legs together as well. I placed my head on Calum's toned belly and watched whatever movie they were watching with them.

I know they're doing this to make me smile... But I really don't know what could even make me smile right now. Right after my 6th suicide attempt, thats something Luke and the boys will hopefully never know about.

"What are we watching?" I mumbled.

"It's Austin Powers." Ashton said sending a smile my way.

I nodded slightly. Luke was staying pretty quiet, but it's understandable.

My head kept going up and down from Calum's breathing.

I watched the movie and it was pretty funny, but a laugh wasn't in me.

My emotions overwhelmed me and a few tears left my eyes before a steady stream was leaving my eyes. Calum placed his hand on my head and stroked his thumb on my hair. Luke stayed where he was but kissed my hand. He bent his body so that we were partially spooning.

I held onto his hand a little tighter.

Silent sobs left my body and I felt exhausted.

I wanted to stand up and end everything but I knew I couldn't.

I lifted my free hand and pointed to the blanket that was beside Michael.

"Mikey... Can I... Can I have that blanket please..?" I said between quiet sobs.

"Of course." Michael said.

He reached beside him and pulled on the blanket, he then got onto his knees and crawled over to me. He flapped the blanket once before lying it on top of me. He tucked the edges under me, and wrapped the ends around my cold feet.

"Thank you." I whispered.

Michael nodded before he got back to his spot beside Ashton.

Everything felt off about everyone.

My tears slowed down and I went back to my feeling of nothingness.

Ashton had pieces of something being moved between his hands quickly, like he was fiddling with something or making something.

The movie finished and Michael leaned foreword and played the next movie in the series.

I pulled my head off of Calum and put it on Luke instead. His sweater was soft and so was his skin.

I leaned up to Luke's ear and whispered really quietly to him. "Luke... Can I have one of Michael's sleeping pills please. I know I shouldn't but I can't take my mind racing like this and my body feeling like it's not mine and I need it to stop for a few hours... Please..." I pleaded.

"I- I don't k-know if thats a good idea...." He stuttered into my ear.

"Luke please, I can't take this."

"How about I go and get one for you I guess." He whispered sounding unsure.

I knew he wouldn't let me get it myself.

I nodded. "Thank you." I whispered.

He slowly detangled his limbs from mine and stood up, walking into the bunks before closing the door behind him.

I laid there silently and prayed for him to hurry so I could sleep the pain away.

A few minutes later Luke cane back holding a bottle of water.

He slipped himself behind me and handed me the water bottle. I opened it up and took a sip, he then handed me the pill, which I discretely took.

I looked into his eyes to say thank you. In return he placed a long kiss on my forehead, his lip ring was cold, much like my body.

I faced my body to his and pressed myself against him. His arms wrapped around my weak body and my small cold hands found their way onto Luke's bare chest, to which he flinched at first from the coldness.

I closed my eyes as I waited for the medicine to tranquillize me.



**Luke's POV**



I held my beautiful girlfriend tighter as the medicine took over. Since this afternoon her eyes have been glazed over and dull, not there beautiful bright selves.

"Is she out?" Ashton asked.

"Yeah, I think so." I said back, looking down at her beautiful long hair.

I placed a lock of it between my index and middle finger and ran my fingers through it.

Her breathing got constant and long and I knew she was asleep.

"I think I got all of the pills but you guys might want to double check for me. I hid them under the spare mattress in the middle of it..." I whispered to them.

"Yeah for sure." Michael said.

"I think it's really bad... Hey eyes are so... dull and she looks lifeless and paler then usual. I just don't know what to do." I spoke up again, my voice still low. I pulled my lip ring between my teeth and moved it side to side with my tongue.

"None of us know what to do. But I think we have to tell the other guys, in case something worse happens... But ask them not to tell." Ashton said, he held something up in his hands, but it was too far to make out what it was.

I nodded at him in agreement.

I twisted Scarlet's hair between my fingers some more.

I gently lifted her head an neck and placed my bicep under her head to use as a pillow.

Calum and Michael both nodded too.

"Lets do it then. How about tomorrow at rehearsal?" I suggested.

"Sure." Calum said.

Michael and Ashton nodded.

I didn't dare tell them that I gave her the pill she wanted. I didn't give her one of Mikey's hardcore sleeping pills but I gave her a drowsy gravel, which is safer; I think.

I couldn't take seeing her beg for it, so desperate to make the pain go away. So I had to do something.




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