She's Over There

Find out what will happen to suicidal Scarlet, and her only friend Kellin. Suicidal, friend Kellin. After tragedies strike so does fate, with her new found acquaintances, the band 5 Seconds Of Summer.


30. 28.

Chapter 28...


I closed the laptop as the movie just finished.

"Luke? Can I borrow a shirt please?" I pouted.

"Yeah sure." He said tiredly.

He started to get up but i placed my hand on his thigh.

"No, no. You stay. I'll go get it." I said as I carefully hoped down from my bunk.

I went to Luke's small suitcase and picked out a sweatshirt so my fresh cuts wouldn't be visible.

I slid off my sweater and bra and replaced it with Luke's sweater. I then pulled off my pants before pulling on a pair of sleeping shorts, that were decently short.

I carefully shimmied my way up the bunk beds and gently got into the bed.

Luke had unplugged and moved the laptop and was ready laying down with his eyes closed. Probably almost asleep.

I gently rubbed his arm so he knew I was here.

He stirred and opened his eyes. I got in the bed beside him and smiled. I grabbed his hand and pulled his arm over me. Keeping his hand in mine.

"Luke?" I asked quietly.

"Yeah?" He whispered.

"I won't feel weird if you sleep in your boxers like you usually do. I don't mind."

"Are you sure? I don't want you to feel uncomfortable." He said.

"Yes, I'm positive." I said.

"Okay..." He said unwrapping his arm from me.

I felt him shimmy off his pants and slide off his shirt. He reached over to his

bunk and pulled something across. By his movements I could tell they were pants. Track pants.

I know what he was thinking. "Thank you." I told him as I pulled him back down to cuddle.

He put the pants on because he thought that if I felt his dick, I might have an anxiety attack, which is possible."

"Your welcome." He whispered in my ear.

I could feel heat radiating off his body.

"You're warm." I stated.

"You're kind of cold." He said.

I lifted the bottom of my sweatshirt, causing Luke's arms and hands to rest on my bare skin, causing me to

get goosebumps.

"What do you think the one direction boys are going to be like? I really don't want to have an anxiety attack around them because they are so famous, but they've probably had hundreds of fans have one while meeting them." I said quickly.

"I think they will be super nice, and you know what if you have an anxiety attack so what? Me and the guys will help you through it." He said, tracing small circles in my belly, with his index finger and thumb.

"Yeah I know... Its just really embarrassing."

"Don't stress about it. I'm sure it'll go fine..." He trailed off.

My shorts felt too tight so I carefully pulled them off and threw them across the bed.

"Stripping are you?" Luke joked.

I giggled and smacked him lightly. He scoffed jokingly.

"Luke Hemmings my golly." I said in a whisper.

"My golly?" He said with a giggle.

"Yes. My golly. Is that a problem for you?" I said rollin over to face him.

"No problem here." He smiled.

He kept his arms around me while I got closer to him, gently placing my hands on his toned chest.

I was pretty mind blown at how muscular he was. I knew he obviously was very fit, but not like this.

He pushed a strand of hair that had fallen to my face behind my ear.

"You're really beautiful, you know that?" He whispered, looking down at me.

I shook my head at him.

"You are." He whispered.

"You are beautiful." I said to him.

He giggled, making his nose scrunch up.

I pulled myself closer to him, and gently placed my lips to his chest for a brief moment before turning my head to lay it on his warm chest.

I could feel and hear his heart beating, slowly and calmly. I feel so safe, so cared for.

I'm tried and want to sleep but I want this moment to last longer.

"I won't be offended if you sleep you know." He whispered into my ear.

I rubbed my hand on his chest lightly and closed my eyes.




I woke up, with Luke laying beside me. I was shocked that last night was real, it wasn't a dream.

I rolled over and faced Luke, slight cute snores were escaping his lips. His arms were still wrapped tightly around me.

My mind drifted off. What if Luke only said he liked me because he felt sorry for me. What if this was all a joke and the boys dared him to ask me out. What if they all don't actually like me.

I started to breath heavily and get anxious. I reached my hand down under my sweater sleeve and started to pick at the deep wounds I have recently done. Even though they did't even have scabs on them yet, they were still feeling wet and brand new. I pushed

My fingernail inside of them, my body shuddering from the pain.

I kept pushing them deeper until I couldn't handle the pain and realized I was starting to cry because of it.

Tears streamed down my face.

Luke slowly opened his eyes.


"Scarlet? Whats wrong?" He whispered with concern in his voice.

"N-nothing." I stuttered out.

"You can tell me... If you dont tell me I cant help."

"You can't." I whispered meekly.

"Why not, I can try." He said, giving my hand a slight squeeze.

Because it's me, I'm the problem. I'm whats wrong, I though to myself.

I nervously pulled at the bottom of my sweater sleeve.

"Just- drop it... Please?" I whispered.

Luke looked down at our hands and noticed my free hand tugging at my sleeve.

He raised his eyebrow, and gave me a sad look.

He carefully dropped my hand and grabbed the other one. My breathing pickup as well as my heartbeat.

"Please don't..." I whispered frantically.

He continued.

He pulled up my sleeve and looked at both sides of my arm, with the deep and wide gashes all over.

I shook my head at my arm. I gently pulled my arm away from his grasp and wrapped both around him instead, pressing my head to his bare chest.

Luke's strong arms instantly wrapped around my weak body.

"Hey, its okay. You're gonna make it through this." He whispered softly.

I shook my head in his chest.

"Come on, how about we go make some coffee and maybe some breakfast?" Luke whispered.

"Okay.." I said.

I pushed myself up and slowly made my way off of my bunk. I rolled down my sweater sleeves and wipes my cheeks to rid any tears. I flipped my head upside down and tied my hair into a messy bun on the top of my head.

Luke hopped down and grabbed my hand as we walked into the kitchen.

The guys were all there, but they could sense that something was up, so they stayed quiet.

I went to the coffee maker as Luke went to the cupboard grabbing the cereal box along with a couple bowls.

"Do you want some?" He said fairly quietly.

"No thanks. I'm just gonna have my coffee." I said with a shy smile.

I continued on, I hit the button which made my coffee brew. I put a small teaspoon of sugar into my coffee then walked over to the couch where all of the boys were.

I took a seat beside Ashton on the love seat (a couch for only two people). All of the guys smiled at me and said hey.

"Hi." I said meekly.

We all sat in silence. I was glad that the boys didn't bring up Luke and I holding hands.

"We... We meet up with the one direction boys in a couple days..." Michael said.

I nodded. I honestly wasn't in the mood for anything. I want to sit in my bunk all day and cry.

I finished my coffee quickly and stood up abruptly.

"I'll be out here later." I said, speed walking to my bunk.

I went to Luke's bag and switched my sweater for a big t-shirt and put on a pair of my track pants.

I maneuvered my way up to my bunk.

I curled up into a sad ball and laid there. I brought Luke's shirt up around my nose, hiding half of my face in it.

His smell in the shirt made me calm. His smell was indescribable. It was just- him.

I was in that state where I was just too tired to cry, and there were no tears to cry out so I sat l there like a sad little ball, staring at the wall.


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