She's Over There

Find out what will happen to suicidal Scarlet, and her only friend Kellin. Suicidal, friend Kellin. After tragedies strike so does fate, with her new found acquaintances, the band 5 Seconds Of Summer.


27. 25.

Chapter 25...


I was walking beside Michael back to our hotel, it takes only 10 minutes. Its almost midnight though so its dark out.

"Wait! We forgot about hair dye!" I pouted.

"There is a drug store just up there we'll go in there." He said.

"I'm really surprised that the only thing you got there was that eyebrow piercing. I mean I love it don't get me wrong! But I thought you were going to get another tattoo." I said.

"Well thank you, but I don't know, I just hadn't thought of anything I would want on my body permanently and I don't want to do something I'd regret." He said honestly.

"Yeah thats true. You know I think I might just dye my hair back to brown. I think its time for me to have my hair back. Just for a little while." I said.

"Yeah? I think that will look great." He smiles.

I nodded. We walked in silence to the store. We went in quickly bought permanent dark brown dye, like my normal colour and bright red dye. Then we walked across the street to the hotel.

Michael had a key from earlier to get into our room, we were all sharing a room because of money. Josh and the bus driver of course had different rooms.

Once we walked in we saw the boys watching a movie.

"Wow Mikey! Looks great!" Calum shouted.

"Agreed!" Ashton said.

"Yep, I like it too. It suits you."

The boys had no idea where we went or what we did so they still didn't know about my tattoos.

"Did you get anything Scar?" Luke continued.

I nodded and walked over to the boys. I carefully lifted off the bandage that was covering my wrist to expose my tattoo in Kellin's honour.

"Wow.... Its beautiful." They all seemed to say in sync.

A tear fell from my eye again but I wiped it away before anyone saw.

"Thanks." I said. I put the bandage back over. "Now if you'll excuse mr. Clifford and I we are going to dye my hair and his." I said with a smile.

Michael and I walked into the bathroom and shut the door.

"I'm not going to tell them about the other one yet." I whispered.

He nodded. "Okay, what tattoo?" He joked.

I giggled lightly before taking the dye from the bag Michael was holding.

"I'm going to get a different t-shirt hold on."

I walked back out and scrounged around in my suitcase for a shirt I could get dye on. I realized I stupidly didn't pack my dye-shirt.

"Do any of you have a shirt I can get hair dye on?" I asked.

"Mikey has one." Ashton said standing up and going to his suitcase. He ruffled through it some before handing me a ratty white t-shirt that had multiple hair dye stains.

"Thank you! I'll be back." I said in an Arnold Swartzanegar voice.

We all laughed and I shuffled my way into the bathroom, I shut the door behind me.

"You need to strip to your boxers because I stole you dye-shirt, and unless you want to get dye on you jeans..." I trailed off.

He groaned before taking his shirt and jeans off. He stood in a pair of burger boxers.

"Nice boxers you got there." I giggled.

I took off my shirt and replaced it with Michael's then took off my own pants to avoid them getting dyed. His shirt went past mid-thigh so I wasn't exposed or anything. I took my phone from my pocket and placed it on the counter where Michael's was.

"I'm doing yours first." I said taking the red dye from the box and reading the instructions.

I took his phone and put a 15 minute timer on his phone ready for it to start when I'm ready.

I mixed the dye and put it in the bottle, I took off the tip then put on gloves.

"I'm not going to get it on you I swear." I said with my hand in the air. "Now bend over the tub."

He did so and I started to apply it to his roots first then to the rest of his head, not getting a single drop on him.

I pressed start on the timer and handed him my dye. He did the same to me, but it took a little longer because I have more hair. He started my timer and we sat on the tub for a minute before his timer went off.

"Bend over the tub again." I said.

He did as instructed and turned on the water making sure it was warm before I rinsed out the dye.




After all the rejoicing of my "natural" hair and Michael's once-again-vibrant hair I yawned then spoke up. "How do you guys want to do this, like sleep? I can sleep on the floor. No I will sleep in the floor."

"You don't need-" I cut off Ashton.

"No no, because I dont want two of you to feel you have to sleep on the floor, so I will and then yeah. I'll sleep on the floor." I argued.

"Are you sure?" Calum asked.

I nodded.

The boys started to get ready for bed so I grabbed a sweatshirt from the top of Luke's bag, then walked into the bathroom. I took off Michael's shirt and my bra and replaced it with the sweater. I already had my pants off so I went back into the room.

"Nice sweater." Luke said sarcastically.

"Thanks." I giggled.

"Calum can you pass me a couple of pillows?" I asked as he was standing beside the bed.

"Here," he said as he was throwing two at me, one-at-a-time.

"Thanks you." I said putting them on the ground.

I walked to the beds and grabbed a blanket from each, to make sure its fair. I put the one of the blankets on the floor and the pillows on top and I dropped the other blanket on top.

I grabbed a pair of tights from my bag and put them on because I was cold.

The boys all got into bed and I went to turn off the lights. I pulled out my phone and shone it on the floor so I didn't walk into anything. I made it successfully to my bed and laid down, trying to get comfortable. I pulled the blanket on top of me an up to my chin, trying to keep myself warm. I started to shiver, even though I'm wearing tights and a sweater. I pull out my phone and scroll through my Instagram for a few minutes. Somehow I made my way over to my account, showing multiple pictures of Kellin and I. I clicked the tag on a certain photo of us and it brought me to Kellin's profile, it was still up even though he died. I found that wrong.

I feel like if a person dies, their Instagram pages should be taken down... I don't know. Like a common courtesy thing. I continued to scroll through his feed anyway. Every picture being artsy and matching his aesthetic. Every picture was black and white, and to me that descried Kellin perfectly. People may see black and white as boring, but sometimes it captures things that color doesn't.

I wiped a stray tear. I put my phone down before I started to bawl. I was still cold and the floor was making me anxious. Making me scared that a huge spider would crawl into my mouth or something. So I stood up quietly and gathered my blankets and pillows, I walked to Michael and Calum's bed and placed one blanket one it and then continued to venture over to Luke and Ashton's bed. I carefully placed my pillow in between Ashton and Luke and crawled onto the bed as carefully as I could; so that I wouldn't wake them. There backs were both facing the middle of the bed so it was easy for me to slide in. I got settled and carefully got under their blanket, they each had their own but there was a duvet over top.

"Luke...? You awake." I got nothing but faint snores. I'll take that as a no.

I put my ice cube hands on Luke's warm back and cuddled up to him and Ashton.

I slowly fell asleep in the crowded bed.


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