She's Over There

Find out what will happen to suicidal Scarlet, and her only friend Kellin. Suicidal, friend Kellin. After tragedies strike so does fate, with her new found acquaintances, the band 5 Seconds Of Summer.


25. 23.

Chapter 23...


My anxiety attack finally passes and I make my way back into the show. They were playing I miss you by blink 182 and it sounded fantastic.

I grabbed my camera from the bag that was around me and started to snap some pictures.

Luke caught a glance of me and flashed me a smile, as I took a picture of him.

The song ended and Ashton started to speak into the mic.

"Thank you all for being here tonight! This is are last song for the night and we'd like to dedicate it to our new best friend Scarlet! Its called amnesia..." He yells.

I smile and blush as I look at my feet.

The boys pull up stools that were on the side of the stage and Ashton stays behind his drums.

Luke started the chords as Calum began to sing.

"I drove by all the places you used to hang out getting wasted,

I thought about out last kiss how it felt, the way you tasted."

He continued, the chorus being sung by Luke.

"Cause I'm not fine at all,

I remember the day you told me that you're leaving

I remember the makeup running down your face

And the dreams you left behind you, I didn't need them

Like every single wish we ever made.

I wish that I could wake up with amnesia

And forget about the stupid little things

Like the way it felt to fall asleep next to you

And the dreams I can't escape

'Cause I'm not fine at all."

I realized that they were dedicating this song to me because of Kellin. We weren't ever together or anything, but it described my situation perfectly. Yes the song could be about a relationship, but to me its about a suicide.

I wiped a stray tear and listened to the beautiful sounds the boys were producing.

The song sadly ended with Luke's beautiful voice and it gave me chills.

The boys all said thank you and walked off the stage.

I made my way to the side door and swung it open. I walked through the hall to their dressing room, there was a piece of paper on the door that read '5 Seconds Of Summer.'

I carefully pushed open the door and shut it behind me.

My eyes went wide at the sight. They were all in their boxers, just boxers... Except for Calum who was buck naked. Thankfully his back was facing.

"Jesus christ Calum! Put on some fucking clothes on!" I yelled at him, half jokingly.

I mean it wasn't like he wasn't muscular.

He stood there and mocked me.

He began to turn around and I immediately threw my hands to my eyes to cover them.

"Please!" I whined.

His actions made me think of the rape that has happened to me and my shoulders slumped over.

"Mate." Ashton warned.

After a few muffling noises Calum spoke up, "Scar I have pants on, you can look now."

"Do you promise?" I asked timidly.

"Yeah, I promise." He said.

I slowly moved my fingers to check, and as he said, he had a pair of grey track pants on. I fully removed my hands from my face and played with them in front of me.

"You guys were fantastic!" I exclaimed, trying to lighten my mood.

"Thanks!" Michael yelled.

They all yelled thanks after Michael.

I smiled and made my way to the couch.

"Not to be a party pooper, but I don't know about you guys but I'm super tired and I want to go to bed, anyone want to come?" I asked.

"Me!" Luke said raising his hand.

The rest of the boys raised their hands too.

I giggled and lead the way back to the bus. "Wait, guys. I don't know where the bus is..." I trailed off.

"We do don't worry." Calum joked.

I hung back and walked beside them.

We exited the building and I linked arms with Ashton and Calum who were on either side of me.

I spotted the bus and smiled.

"I'm so happy to see that thing that I would run to it." I said.

"Me too." The boys agreed.

"When is the first tour date?" I asked no one in particular.

"Uh- I think in like 4 days?" Michael said.

I nodded even though no one was watching.

We got to the bus and I let the boys all get on first.

I got on last and closed the door behind me.

I beelined to the bunks where all the boys ran to.

"Can someone volunteer a sweater or t-shirt please?" I asked.

The boys were all crowded in the small space between the two sides of bunks.

"Here." Someone said as a piece of fabric hit my face.

They laughed as I took it from my face.

"Thanks!" I said sarcastically.

I turned around so I was facing away from them, and I took off my shirt and carefully un-hooked my bra. I quickly slipped the one of the boys' shirt back on. I then slipped off my pants, leaving my panties on of course.

I turned back around and threw my clothes on a small hook that was on the side of the bunks.

I then flipped my head upside down and took the bandana and elastics out of my hair.

I threw the bandanna at Ashton, unfortunately it hit his chest.

"Thank you." I say to him.

"No problemo." He said back.

I shook my head and laughed.

I used Ashton bunk and the side to try to hoist myself up to my bunk. I was so tired that I didn't have enough strength to pull myself up.

"Damn." I mumbled.

"Would you like some help?" Luke asked.

I nodded with embarrassment.

His hands lightly touched my covered waist, he wrapped his hands tighter after a moment.

"Jump for me." He whispered.

I did as I was told and He lifted me up to the bunk, and I gracefully landed into the bunk.

"Thanks." I whispered to him.

The other boys weren't paying attention and missed the whole thing.

The boys then made their way into their bunks.

"You know? I think you guys should do a cover of disasterology by pierce the veil." I suggested. "Without the little parts of screaming though."

"Yeah thats a good idea." Michael said.

"We should look up the chords tomorrow and stuff." Luke suggested.

"Yeah. I'm in." Calum said.

"Me too." Michael agreed.

"Yay!" I said.

"Night guys." I said quietly.

Nobody replied so I don't think they heard me, but oh well.

I pulled over my privacy curtain and closed my eyes slowly drifting off to sleep.




"Scar, I'm sorry." It was kellin.

I had my phone to my ear.

"Kellin! No Kellin, stop!" I yell, but he already hung up the phone.

I run as fast as I can to my basement an grab my car keys from a little bowl and I continue to sprint out to the car.

I speed all the way to his house, and I don't bother parking properly.

I get out of the car and I sprint as fast as I can into his house not caring about his parents.

"Scarlet?" I hear his mom ask.

I keep running upstaris, taking the steps 4 at a time.

I run into his room and he's not there, but his bathroom door is partially closed and the light is on.

I run over and push the door open. I gasp at the sight of Kellin's lifeless body.

I let out a loud scream, and I hear footsteps in the basement, making their way up the stairs.

"Call for an ambulance!" I yell with tears streaming down my face.

I pull his body up, and feel for a pulse, I can feel it but its barely there.

I lean his body over and shove my hand into his mouth and my fingers go down his throat making him puke, I do it again, and a little more comes up.

I start to sob uncontrollably.

"Hurry! Call an ambulance!" I yell.

"Hurry!" I yell again.

I lay on the floor with his almost lifeless body, sobbing.




I jolt awake, and I'm sobbing. I hide my sobs within my pillow.

I reach inside my pillow and grab my hidden blade.

I sob harder once I see it, but I hold it in my shaky hand.

I place it back on my bed and grab my pillow and hop down from my bed. I spider-climb my way up into Luke's bunk, because he makes me feel safe.

I carefully open his curtain and slide into his bed by his feet, I then close the curtain behind me.

He is laying with his back to the curtain so I carefully wiggle my way between the wall and him. I'm still sobbing but no noise is coming from me. I place my pillow down before laying close to Luke.

I lightly touch his arm so he knows someone is in here with him.

He groans and opens one eye slightly.

"You okay?" He mumbles.

I shake my head. "I'll tell you about it in the morning." I say with a shaky voice, my body still heaving from heavy, silent sobs.

He nods lazily and puts his arms around me, holding me close.

I instantly feel safe. I pull some of his blanket over me.

"Thank you." I whisper.

I feel him nod, "no problem."

I close my eyes again and my sobs turn into tears streaming down my cheeks. I slowly fall asleep in Luke's safe arms.





hey guys. sorry these three updates took so long :( honestly things have been really rough. I love you all and thanks for reading!


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