She's Over There

Find out what will happen to suicidal Scarlet, and her only friend Kellin. Suicidal, friend Kellin. After tragedies strike so does fate, with her new found acquaintances, the band 5 Seconds Of Summer.


24. 22.

Chapter 22...


"Does anyone have a bandana?" I yell.

I'm getting ready for their first gig. Its not apart of the tour though. Their second alone show was cancelled because the building caught fire. Sucks right?

"Yeah! Come get it!" I hear Ashton yell.

I run to the back room where I heard him yell and he's standing there with a red bandana in his hands.

"Thank you!" I exclaim.

I flip my head over and tie my long pastel blue hair into a loose messy bun. I take the bandana from Ash and put it around my head creating a headband.

"Can you tie it for me?" I ask him.

I see him hover over my halved body. He ties the bandana and stands back up.

I stand up with him. "Thanks," I say with a smile.

"No problem. Are you ready to go?" He asks with excitement.

"Yeah come on!" I yell as I drag him out of the game room.

We get to the main room in the bus and all the boys are there. Luke looks as hot as ever in his outfit. He's wearing a black muscle shirt that says 'I don't trust me either' with a skeletons hand on it. On the bottom he's wearing his signature black ripped skinny jeans. His hair was up in its usual quiff.

I had my makeup a little edgy, I hadn't been wearing it around the boys because I didn't see the point anymore. But today for their concert I had a little foundation on as well as a cat/smokey eye look. I loved my makeup today, not the face it was on, but the makeup. I had on a pair of black skinny jeans that had lots of rips in them. My shirt was a tank top, that was tie-die with 'GO AWAY' on the front in black letters.

"Are we ready?" I ask a little loudly.

"Yeah!" They all cheer.

The boys walk in front but Luke hangs back with me. We walk slightly behind the rest of the boys. Once we get into the parking lot Luke leans down as he's walking and whispers in my ear, "you look really good."

I blush and giggle a little bit. "So do you." I say nudging him with my elbow.

He smiles down at me and we continue to walk through the parking lot. The bus driver parked at the very end of the parking lot.

"What are you guys playing?" I ask quietly.

"Its a secret." He smirks.

"Is it now?" I ask skeptically. "If I asked say... Calum would he say the same thing?"

"Okay. Maybe not." He says.

I laugh. I feel his hand graze mine and it finds its way into mine, he interlaces out fingers and I blush. I look up into his sparkling blue eyes and I smile.

What is this? I know that I like him but does he like me back? Or is this a pity party?

I shake the bad thoughts out of mind as best I could as we enter the building. I drop Luke's hand as we see the boys so that they don't ask questions.

Luke gives me a sad look and I feel bad.

"Alright let's go set up." Michael suggests.

We all go through a few sets of doors and enter a large room that seems to go on forever that has a medium size stage in the front of the room.

All four of the boys get on the stage and I pull up a chair to the edge of the stage.

"Aren't I suppose to be taking pictures?" I ask them.

"I think so?" Ashton says.

"Do any of you have Josh's cell phone number on your phone?" I ask them all.

Luke hands me his phone. "Here I do." He smiles.

"Thank you." I say back with a small smile.

Its an iPhone so I can easily work it. He doesn't have a password so I just go straight to the messages. I create a new message to Josh and start typing.


Hey josh, it's Scarlet, I'm on Luke's phone. I don't know wether I'm supposed to be taking photos tonight or not. Let me know. Thanks.


I send the message and go to hand Luke back his phone but he tells me to hang onto it in case Josh answers right away.

I hear the door open and I see Josh coming in with a bag across his shoulder. He comes over and hands me the bag.

"Yes if you could take photos that would be great." I giggle a little at the fact that he didn't text me that. He continues. "So in the bag is a very good Canon camera. Are you comfortable with working it?" He asks.

"Yeah, I took photography classes throughout high school I should be okay." I say with a smile.

"Okay. Have a good time. I'll be back to watch them perform." He says as he leaves.

I take the camera out of the bag and gasp. It's a gorgeous camera. Probably cost like three thousand bucks.

I hold it up and turn it on. I have no problem figuring it out but I fiddle with it to find all of the settings and extra features on it. I put it onto black and white.

I hold the camera up to my face and point it at Luke who is zoned out tuning his guitar, I snap a picture of him and smile at the results. I took pictures like that of all the guys.

I hold the camera up again and smile at them. I snap a picture of them as they are all talking.

"I see you Scar." Ashton says.

I giggle and put the camera away until the show.

The boys finish rehearsing what They felt they need to. I couldn't figure out what they were playing even though they were rehearsing, they were only playing certain parts.

They all put their instruments back and sat on the edge of the stage. Luke however sat with an acoustic guitar in his hands, casually strumming.

"Are you guys ready?" I ask them, pulling out the camera.

"Yeah we think so." Calum says for everyone.

I casually snap a picture of them while they are all looking at me smiling instead of looking awkwardly at the camera.

I look at the black and white photo and smile. They are all looking at me which makes the photo somewhat mysterious but thy are all smiling. Its probably the best picture I've ever taken. I stand up and walk over to the boys. I show each of them my photo and they have the same reaction.

"Wow. I didn't think we could look that good." Ashton jokes.

"You're pretty good with that thing." Michael says.

Luke winks at me. I blush and look down.




People started to crowd into the medium sized space, by the 50's. By the time the show was about 40 minutes to starting there was probably about 400 people in the room.

Everything was crowded and the room was hot from all of the people. My breathing started to quicken and I cursed my social anxiety.

I speed-walked out the door to the hallway where we came in. I slid myself down the wall and hugged my knees to my chest. My breathing progressively got faster and shorter. Tears stained my cheeks and my chest burned.

I heard the door open and there stood Ashton.

"Aw shit." He said quietly.

He walked back out of the room and rushed back in with Luke at his side. They both sat down beside me. Luke put his arm around me and told me to breath with him. Everything was foggy in my brain.

"Luke.... Ashton.... You have to..... Go.... And perform..." I said between short, quick and painful breaths.

"No." They said together.

"You... Have to... Please go..." I pleaded. "Please.... You can't miss... This because... Of... Me..." I patted Luke's hand to reassure him and I did the same to Ashton.

I nodded to them as I made them leave.


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