She's Over There

Find out what will happen to suicidal Scarlet, and her only friend Kellin. Suicidal, friend Kellin. After tragedies strike so does fate, with her new found acquaintances, the band 5 Seconds Of Summer.


20. 19.

Chapter 19...


I was woken up by a soft voice.

"Scarlet..." I could tell by the voice it was Luke.

"Mmmm." I groaned.

"We are at the bus again. Come on." He said to me.

I groaned again and slowly got up and walked into the bus.

I was instantly bombarded with question.

"How was it?"

"What happened?"

"Are you alright?"

I sat down on the couch with the other three boys. Josh was chatting with the bus driver.

"It was fine. I have two fractured ribs so I can't be active or anything. And I'm okay, it hurts but it's whatever." I said answering all question.

"That blows." Ashton said.

"Who says 'that blows' anymore?" Calum asks.

"Apparently Ashton." I piped up.

We all laughed.

Once Luke came back into the room, I spoke up again, "do you guys want to watch a movie?"

I hear a chorus of yes's and we make our way to the back room. I walk slowly, being last to get there. I find they left me a spot on the couch with Michael and Calum.

I walk over and sit on the end of the couch. I smile at the boys before putting my legs on top of theirs. Their warmth instantly making me warmer as well from my previous cold demeanour.

"You're freezing." Calum states.

"Yeah I know." I giggle.

They laugh at me.

"Hey Ashton? Since you're closest to the door and the tv... Can you grab me a blanket from my bunk and do you wanna set up a movie?" I ask sweetly.

"Fine." He groans.

He comes back seconds later with a large blanket and drapes it over me an the boys, he brought a blanket for Luke and himself as well.

"Thank you ash." I say with a smile.

"Uh huh." He says.

He then goes and puts on a movie. Its Insidious. Of course a horror movie. I'm a scaredy cat. The movie starts and we all get comfortable.

I sit with my back against the arm rest and a pillow between my ribs and the couch. I then have my legs sprawled across Calum and Michael, they don't care though. Calum is sitting directly beside me and Michael is beside Calum.

I keep a pillow in front of me incase I need to block my view from the tv. Something pops out on the screen and I scream. The boys just laugh at me.

"Stop!" I whine.

They eventually stop laughing and we reach the halfway mark in the movie where things start to get scarier.

"I don't like this movie." I say.

I look down and see Ashton is below me, and has his hood of his sweatshirt over his eyes.

I lean down and pull it back.

"No! Its creepy." He whines at me.

My eye catches the tv and I let out a whelp.

"Jesus, help me." I say to no one.

I move on the couch so I'm facing the screen and my legs are bent.

My hands are freezing so I stick them between my legs. I take one of my hands and press my index finger to my mouth while I look over at Michael and Calum.

I take my hands and put them carefully on the back of Luke's neck. He screeches as he turns around. Calum, Michael and I are all in a laughing fit at him.

I laugh to hard and it starts to hurt my ribs.

"Fuck." I mutter between a laugh.

I stand up slowly and grab Luke's wrist pulling him with me to the bunk area. I close the door behind us and turn to him.

"Can you grab my cream stuff? Its on my bunk." I whisper.

He nods to me and grabs it and hands it to me. I open the medium sized tube.

"Can you help me? I'm afraid I'll-"

"Yeah." He says back with a smile.

I hand him the tube. He squeezes some in his large hands, I take my small hands and tentatively lift up my sweat shirt, to expose my right rib cage.

"Here, lean onto the bunk." Luke says softly.

I nod, and lean against it. I feel his large hands caress a bruise and I flinch away. It made me think of how my dads hands would touch me. He holds my waist with one hand and with the other he starts to apply the cream.

He moves his hand slowly and softly making sure not to hurt me. I see him shake his head at the excessively large bruise on my side.

He moves the band of my bra out of the way to get the cream on the start of the bruise. He rubbed the rest cream in and halts his movements.

"Whats that?" He asks cautiously.

"What?" I whisper, barely audible.

"These marks..." He trails off, he moves his hand down to the 'marks.'

I instantly know what they are, self harm scars. I panic.

"They're stretch marks." I say quickly.

"Oh." He states blankly.

He pulls my sweatshirt back into place.

"Thank you." I whisper. "Can you help me into my bunk?" I ask him. "Sorry- I keep asking you to do things for me. And I shouldn't be. I'm sorry. I'm just- damn it. Sorry." I say quickly, walking over to the side of my bunk, attempting to jump and climb into it. I whelp in pain.

Luke comes closer to me and engulfs me in a hug. "Stop." He tells me in a whisper.

He reaches his arms around me and lifts me onto my bunk. He sits me down and I can feel tears coming. He goes into the cupboard that has some random needs, and fishes out a pill, he comes back and hands it to me. Its an aspirin.

"Here. It'll help the pain." He whispers.

I nod and take the pill with the water bottle that I left on my bunk.

Luke leaves and I begin to sob on my bed. I bring my pillow up to my face and I scream into it. I can feel my breath leaving my lungs more then its coming in. A common sign for me that an anxiety attack is coming.

I continue to sob. Not caring. I deserve what I get.

I scream into my pillow again at the familiar burning in my body. I fight for my breath, but it feels like I'm drowning. My mind fogs.

I reach into my pillow and grab my blades. I move my sweatshirt sleeve and then unravel my bandage and throw it to the other side of my bunk.

I twirl the blade between my fingers. The blade touches my wrist and I wince. I cut deep and hard. I slice my wrist about 7 times each deeper then the last.

I wrap my wrist again and hide my blade. I put my face into my pillow and scream over and over. Mostly in pain.

I hear a door open and freeze.

"What are you doing?" I hear Ashton ask.

"Nothing." I state.

He climbs onto my bunk an I panic. I didn't pull my sweater down. If my cuts bleed through the cotton I'm fucked, to say the least.

"Are you okay?"

"Mmhm." I mumble.

He looks at the bandage. "Is that from..." He trails off.

"Huh? Oh. Yeah." I say too quickly.

He doesn't say anything back.


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