Your our princess

Rose Garcia is a orphan. She is a sex slave. She gets auctioned off every time she is sold. She then starts to live with 5 men who are willing to keep her. But for her to stay she must do what they want.


1. You choose me?!?!?!?!

I closed my eyes a a bright light,"Rose Garcia. One of the many beauty's we have here. She always gets sold every time we have an auction. She is our #1. She has beautiful and flawless pale skin and cherry colored lips. She has a very nice curvy body. She is a size D in bra and as everyone has said, he has a nice ass." Roy said as I stood there.

I wore a red and black Lacey bra and matching panties. That's all I had on. You could see my pretty big breast and my big ass. God my big ass. The panties didn't even cover my ass. I stood there uncomfortably and looked over every one in the room,"500,000,000 dollars." A thick Irish accent said.

I quickly look around for who said the bid,"Ah, Mr.Niall Horan. I guess if no one else bids rose goes to Niall Horan!" Roy said and I was quickly taken off stage.

I walk into the dressing room and a bag is already packed. It was full of sluttish outfits and such. I zip it up and fling it over my shoulder, as a guard came and dragged me to the front. I was thrown into a red Ferrari. I flinch as the door was slammed shut and the other door opened. I look over and see the man that bid on me. "My your hair matches your name. Rose red hair is hard to come by. And your body, man will me and the boys have fun with it tonight."

I look down and fiddle with me hands as he start to drive. When we reive he takes my bag and gets out. I get out and shiver as I was still in my red and black lace lingerie. I feel a jacket fall into my shoulders a look over to see Niall with out his jacket. We walk up to the house and he unlocks the door. We walk in and 4 more boys walk out,"Damn she's a fine one." One said.

I looked up and saw his green eyes. He had curly hair and tattoos. I knew how this was going to end. I was going to be reckt not able to move for days. They will destroy me. Yes a sex slave like me is a virgin. I looked back down as one man walked up to me,"She has Rose red hair. Her eyes are seafoam. My god she is beautiful. Can't wait till it's my turn." One said his hair in a mohawk.

Niall smiled,"But for now let me show her what we will expect of her."

He lead me up to a room and locked it...

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