Morning Texts☀️|c.h

"Calum will never love you," I told myself, as I brought a blade up to my wrists, slashing freely at it. Although the pain was excruciating, I didn't focus on the physical pain, only the pain in my heart. "Calum will never love you. Calum will never love you."


5. 5 | Calum Is Not Asian


Hey people of the universe ^~^ first off, I just wanted to thank you guys so much for 2k+ reads! Secondly, just incase you get confused, I want to inform you that this chapter picks up a little before the kiss. B shUre tu liEk 4 m0r, byeee! + on a totally unrelated note, did anyone hear ptv's new song? (♡-♡) it was totally worth the wait!

~ JT🐧


Calum's POV

Sipping on a Cotton Candy Frappé, I got from Starbucks, — cuz Calum is white as fu, anyways proceed with your reading — I leaned behind the cashier counter at Footlocker.

Then familiar, side swept hair and light brown locks caught the corner of my eye.

It was Sam.

At that very moment my brown eyes met her piercing blue ones, I kissed Rebecca — luckily, and to my surprise, she kissed back.

"Is she gone yet?" Rebecca mumbled against my lips, causing them to tremble.

"H-how did you know?" I asked, pulling away from her.

"Trust me, I'm a girl." She replied.

"Are you sure?" I asked, teasingly.

"Watch it, do you want my advice or not?"

"On what, exactly?"

"Dude, seriously, you're not fooling anyone here. It's obvious you like someone and tried to make them jealous by kissing me... But hey, I wouldn't blame you." She said, flipping one of her two braids back.

"Whatever, I admit, you're right."

"I always am... Anywho, getting back on topic, meet me here fifteen minutes before our shift." She said, leaving the store and questions that roamed my mind.

However, a second later she just came back explaining, "Sorry, I just wanted to have a mysterious, dramatic exit."

"How typical of you." I commented, beginning to chuckle.

Then we stayed silent for the rest of shift — not counting when we were helping out costumers.

We didn't even get to say our goodbyes or do our special handshake.

This is so unlike her... Was it because of my comment?

Ugh, what's up with girls laughing with you one second and then the next, wanting to murder you in your sleep?!

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