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"Calum will never love you," I told myself, as I brought a blade up to my wrists, slashing freely at it. Although the pain was excruciating, I didn't focus on the physical pain, only the pain in my heart. "Calum will never love you. Calum will never love you."


3. 3 | Stone Wall

Sam's POV

After ending the call I dialed my best friend, Alex, and three rings later, he picked up.

"Hey, Sammie." Alex said, happily, but his tone immediately changed when he heard me crying. "What's wrong?"

Deciding I didn't feel like talking anymore, I stayed silent and he hung up.


Minutes later he showed up at my front door with his skateboard in one hand and pretzel bites in his other. "Wanna go to the graveyard?" He asked causing a smile to creep on my face as I hugged him indicating my answer was yes.

In the twinkling of an eye, we pulled apart from the hug and headed out the door where we walked down the street, to the graveyard. Ever since I discovered it, I've always came here when I'm stressed or wanted to relax. Ahh, so many memories it brought back.


"Sammieeee!" Alex said, holding out the 'e' sound.

"What?" I asked, looking up from my phone.

"Come look at this," He said motioning me closer to him and I did as told. "I carved are initials together!"

"Hang on..." I said, taking his tactical phone case and adding '= bffs', "There!"

"I love you, Sammie. How did I ever get so lucky?" He commented.

If only we meant it in the same way, Alex. If only.

—End of flashback—

The thought remind me of the carvings, causing me to quickly grab Alex's hand and pull him to where we had carved in our initials, under a willow tree.

Easily catching up to me, Alex asked, "Where are you taking me?"

Finally, without Alex's realization, we were there and I pointed out the engraving we had carved over six years ago when we were about twelve.

"Wow..." He said, his accent getting thicker.

Then all of a sudden, he kissed me and I kissed back, considering he had been my love life for over seven years, although I liked Calum now.

"Will you go out with me, Samantha West?" He asked, pulling away.



Sorry this chapter took forever to publish, is sloppy, and un-edited bc it was rushed last minute so it's sort of a filler chapter which it wasn't initially suppose to be — yah, idk if I even like it but #yoloamirite — anyways... PRETZEL BITES ARE LIKE THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD! Btw, Alex is suppose to be Alex Gaskarth from atl. K, bye.

~ JT🐧

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