Morning Texts☀️|c.h

"Calum will never love you," I told myself, as I brought a blade up to my wrists, slashing freely at it. Although the pain was excruciating, I didn't focus on the physical pain, only the pain in my heart. "Calum will never love you. Calum will never love you."


2. 2 | Standing Her Up

Calum's POV

"Hey, Calum, didn't you have to meet some girl at the mall a half hour ago?" My friend, Luke asked as he got a can of coke out of our mini fridge.

Looking down at the glowing digital clock set on our coffee table I yelled, "Shit, what if she thinks I stood her up?"

"You better hurry!" My other friend named Michael shouted as I hopped up from my seat on the couch and rushed to my room.

Rushing to put on a different pair of jeans and a gray hoodie, I hobbled out of my room then down the stairs where I put on my black vans.

"I'm leaving now!" I announced as I headed out the door.


I fished my phone out of my pocket to check the time which turned out to be three quarters after noon.

Ugh! I groaned, throwing my head back as I opened the mall entrance, walked in, and began searching for Sam on all floors, in all stores... But no luck, so I decided to call her.

"Hello?" She answered, sniffling.

I scratched the back of my neck, cleared my throat, and softly replied, "Hey, where are you?

"I've been waiting for over forty minutes so why don't you just take a wild guess?" She shouted, sarcastically.

Breathing out I said, "Look I understand why you might be angry but it was an honest mistake, ok?"

"I'm not angry, I'm sad and in case you didn't know, there's a difference." She said before hanging up.



Sorry if I haven't really been updating much but hopefully when school's out — in two more weeks, yay — I would be able to update it a lot more. Additionally, I would like to apologize sort of in advance for any grammar/spelling errors bc in case you didn't know, I just turned twelve only eight days ago and I'm still in sixth grade.

~ JT🐧

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