World War 4

Lockdown was made compulsory during the third world war. Now everyone lives underground undergoing training preparing them to fight. 1124 was just a normal recruit at the bottom of the ranks until Leo arrived. Now she has a name and a whole new identity caught in the middle of a war she didn't even know excisted. World War 4.


4. The Pit

The sheer size of it left me speechless, the ceiling went up 50 metres and the walls were built of bullet proof glass meaning leadership could watch us at no risk. There was a huge array of weaponry and equipment surrounded us, there were gun stations, knifes, weights there was enough to supply a small army which I suppose is what we were. I always thought we were being trained to supply the main army I never thought they would choose someone from a section to run a section.


I noticed at one side of the room were 8 beds , and one toilet and shower. So this place was our new home. There was a large screen showing the scedual for the day. It was mainly made up of time where we could do what we wanted with a series of tests and missions placed here and there. Leo helped me to a bed where there was a pack waiting for me. He threw it to the floor and laid me down on the bed, I sighed and closed my throbbing eyes. When I awoke I felt a lot better, I pushed myself up on my hands and sat up. In the pit the other recruits were hard at training I searched for leo. He was standing under the water in the shower, he was faced away from me and it was impossible not to notice the scars deeply engraved on his back and the letters RAOL tattooed on his upper back, it looked as though someone had tried to cut it out as it was surrounded by scars but the letters were still visible. He turned around and noticed me watching him, then his water ration cut out and he picked up his towel  and ruffled it through his hair. Then his climbed out and put on a plain black t shirt from his pack. He had showered in his trousers as we were in full view of all the leaders surrounding the pit.


He walked over to his bed next to mine and threw himself down, ‘feelin better?’ he asked with his boyish grin. I nodded with a faint smile.

‘this whole things pointless,’ I sighed swivelling round so my feet were on the floor with a groan. ‘I was always at the bottom of the ranks, im only here because of you.’ Leo stood up and held out his hand to me, I took it carefully. Then he led me down into the training section of the pit. The other recruits stopped to watch us as leo led me over to the shooting range. ‘show me what you can do.’ He said handing me a gun.


I took it and walked up to the podium, I lined up the gun and pulled the trigger. It missed the target by a metre. I inhaled and lined up again and again and again and everytime I missed it I could see Aran in the background smirking but I could also see the faint outline of my scratches down his face.  ‘look,’leo said gently ‘youre doing it all wrong.’ He placed his hands on my hips and guided me up to the podium then he stood behind me aiming and finally pulling the trigger, it hit, again and again and again. I turned around to face him we were so close our noses were almost touching. ‘thank you.’ I whispered. He shrugged and opened his mouth as if he was about to speak but the bell sounded for food and we walked together over the counter. The bowls were filled with a thick yellow musky powder, leo smelt it then turned to look at me disgusted. I laughed and smelt it, when I looked back up leo began to laugh. ‘you’ve got some on your nose.’ He said through laughs. Then he dipped his finger into his food and dabbed it on my cheek. I didn’t the same to him and we started to laugh chasing each other round the pit. The other recruits watched us in disproving astonishment.


I glanced at the leaders, they were watching us disapprovingly. I smiled and leo grabbed my hand twirling me round. Then we danced together to our beds, throwing ourselves down we began to eat. Surprisingly the stuff tasted better than the grey mush I was used to. When we had finished we walked over to look at the screen. The briefing for our mission was up on the screen. We were working as individuals to take down a enemy base. I looked at leo and he nodded, another fake mission. We each had a pack and a map of where we had to go, aran advised us to say our goodbyes before we left as only one recruit would be coming back.


I collected my pack and studied my map, my route was the other side of the base to leos, it must have been done deliberately to stop him helping me. ‘we stick together right.’ Leo whispered in my ear.

‘but our routes are so different.’ I replied.

‘so lets not follow the routes, they said only one would come back. But what if we don’t come back?’ I looked at him, he was right what was here that I would miss? Certainly not the food. I squeezed leos hand and smiled in agreement. He winked at me and we went over to the beds.


I lay back just as the lights went out, immediately the pit fell into darkness. I sat up the pit seemed to be shrinking the walls were closing in on us. I ran over to leo but he wouldn’t wake up, I began to scream but all I could hear was laugher, Arans laughter. The walls swallowed leo and all the other recruits, I was alone in a shrinking black box. I was screaming but now could hear me. Then I felt someone grabbing my arms and holding me in their arms. The darkness didn’t seem so awful anymore, I could feel safety holding me whispering kind words in my ears. ‘its okay, it was just a nightmare. Im here its okay.’ Leo was holding me protecting me. I lay back down and leo lay beside me. He slipped into bed beside me and played with my hair until I fell asleep.

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