World War 4

Lockdown was made compulsory during the third world war. Now everyone lives underground undergoing training preparing them to fight. 1124 was just a normal recruit at the bottom of the ranks until Leo arrived. Now she has a name and a whole new identity caught in the middle of a war she didn't even know excisted. World War 4.


3. Section 42

Leo was right, they had set up a number of scenarios that we had to overcome. Leo was good though he could see through a trap and his aim was perfect. We followed our route round the compound until we reached our checkpoint. Our mission was over as a pair and we simply had to wait there for the other pairs to join us then Aran would brief us for the rest of our mission. The whole thing seemed so fake now, if we had been in a real bunker possibly occupied by an enemy army there is no way we would have set up camp in the centre of the compound, it would have been a suicidal act. We opened our packs and unrolled our sleeping bags, then leo opened a tin of grey slop and began to eat hungrily. ‘do you really like that stuff?’ I asked sniffing mine disgustedly.

‘no.’ he replied with a grin. ‘but ive eaten worse.’

‘like what?’ I asked crossing my legs and leaning back on my hands.

‘well ive been 10 days with no food and water so dirty it guaranteed violent vomiting for every sip. Ive eaten a apple right out of a dead mans hand.’

‘an apple?’ leo smirked and chucked the empty tin to the corner of the room.

‘ill give you an apple one day.’ He grinned, ‘when all this is over and we are free to buy as many apples as we please.’ Then he kicked his boots off and leaned back on his sleeping bag and closed his eyes. I smiled, leo wasn’t as bad as I thought.


A few hours later the pairs began to arrive, they came within an hour of each other all hot and triumphant thinking we had just captured a enemy base. Leo stayed asleep as they arrived and  I greeted everyone congratulating them and helping them unpack their bags. Finally 1182 arrived with her partner a massive smile on her face. She ran over to me giving me a big hug and high five. ‘we did it!’ she exclaimed happily and I congratulated her. She sat down and began to eat her tin telling me all about how they discovered a live bull that they shot and climbed over it. I listened intently nodding in pretend agreement. I glanced back at Leo, he was sitting up now watching me in amusement. My eyes met his and blushing I turned back to 1182. However before she could carry on with her story Aran walked in clapping. ‘well done troupes you have just successfully captured a enemy compound. However you aren’t finished yet. Leadership have received intel that there are a number of unexploded bombs in the room behind us. Each pair must deactivate there bomb before navigating their way back to the lift entrance without a map. The first team back shall move two places up the ranking. Number 1125.’ Everyone turned to look at leo who raised his eyebrows awaiting what Aran had to say. ‘you will be replacing number 1124 at the bottom of the rankings.’ Then he turned on his heels and left.


There was a mad rush as everyone packed their bags and ran into the nextdoor room to find their bomb. Leo came over to help me and we hurried into the room nextdoor. ‘I failed the bomb deactivation test.’ I whispered. Leo looked up at me and winked. He got out his penknife and laid the bomb on his knees. Then with two swift slices our bomb lit up to symbol it was deactivated, we were the first pair to leave and leo knew the way well and we didn’t even take a wrong turn. We arrived quickly at the lift and Aran raised his eyebrows in surprise as we jogged passed him into the lift. I sat down and leo did my seatbelt for me with a wink. Then he slipped into the seat next to me. We waited ages resulting to playing I spy a game leo taught me where one person sees something and the other one guesses it. It passed the time until the other pairs started to arrive. 1182 arrived last close to tears. She muttered something about hating her partner and then looked at me offended. I hadnt saved her a seat and leo was next to me.  The lights went out and the lift shuddered into motion, I inhaled sharply. Why had the lights gone out? I began to breath faster, my heart sped up and sweat began to bead on my forehead.  I hands clenched on the arms of my chair and my breathing turned raspy and desperate. Leo placed his hand on mine giving me a gentle squeeze. I inhaled and exhaled slowly leo kept a hold of my hand and slowly my eyelids closed and I fell asleep.


I was awoken by a loud crash and the lift grinded to a halt. A lull of mumouring started and when the doors didn’t open it turned into panic. I tried to undoe my belt but it wouldn’t open. I began to panic, I could just make out the black figures of the other members in my section struggling with their belts. Then two strong arms cut through my belt and lifted me out of my chair. I let out a short cry and wrapped my arms round leos neck and began to cry. He held me for a few seconds before placing me back on my seat and clearing his throat ‘listen up.’ He shouted. No one listened they carried on trying to open their belts. ‘shut up!’ leo shouted, this time everyone fell silent and all you could hear were the panicked breaths of 40 people. Quickly leo issued orders to stay calm and wait for him to cut their belts. ‘look the lifts probably just stuck we just need to stay calm and wait for leadership to get it goin again.’ Everyone lit their lighters and leo taught everyone I spy. We waited for what seemed like forever until there was a excruciatingly loud snapping noise and the whole lift dropped at one side, the doors flew open and anyone unlucky enough was sucked into the darkness of the lift shaft. i grabbed hold of one of the chair legs as the whole lift tipped, I knew if I let go I would fall to my death as half my section had done.  I opened my mouth to scream but all that came out was a raspy breath. My fingers were slipping and I tasted blood in my mouth from where id been biting my lip. I looked around hopelessly as my hands began to slip, tears began rolling down my cheeks and I began to think about what would happen if I died. No one would miss me, I mean at the bottom of the ranks I was scheduled to die anyway. 1182 would miss me, 1182. I suddenly panicked coming back to real life, ‘1182?’ I screamed desperately trying to struggle to keep hold of the chair leg, ‘1182?’ my fingers were slipping and my arms were burning agonisingly. I couldn’t keep hold any longer my fingers slipped and my body lurched downwards. I closed my eyes and awaited my death.


A strong hand grabbed my wrist and pulled me up onto one of the chairs. A hand placed around my chin and steered my face against his. Leo was staring into my eyes. I grabbed the arm of the chair and looked around, there was light now from the bottom of the shaft. I could make out 6 members of section 42 all wrapped round legs and arms of chairs screaming. 8 people out of 41 were alive. I held on to leos arms so tightly praying that help would come soon. He pressed his head against mine as he held onto the chair arm that was supporting us both. He grunted as the chair arm bent under the weight of us both. It would hold much longer. I tried to pull myself up to support us both but it was no use the arm was bending under the strain. Leo looked down at me ‘I am a rebel.’ He grunted sweat falling off his forehead onto my face. ‘there is life, above…’ before he could carry on the lift suddenly righted itself and we were thrown onto the floor. The other members heaved a sight of relief as the lift began to chug downwards. I pushed myself back on my knees wiping my wet face with my hands. Next to me leo pulled himself up and wiped his hair with his hands. We leant back in silence as the lift descended. I inhaled desperately as I saw that 1182 wasn’t one of the remaining members. She couldn’t be dead, she…


The open doors of the lift lined with the exit there was Aran and two other leaders, there were smiling and clapping. I looked at leo confused as they helped us up congratulating us. ‘1124!’ Aran exclaimed as he pulled me up. ‘I didn’t have you down as one of our survivors.’ He pushed me out of the lift into leo in front of me. I fell to the ground in desperation the shaft seemed to be spinning, i held my face in my hands weeping. Leo hauled me up and held me in his arms, aran smirked at us as he walked past. ‘sleep well my dear you have a busy day tomorrow.’

I yelled pulling away from leo lunging at Aran ‘most of my sections dead! And your laughing?’ I screamed lashing out at him. My nails slashed his face and I watched with satisfaction as his face dripped with blood.

‘little shit!’ he shouted punching me round the head, I fell to the ground with a crunch.


My eyes flickered open hazily a blurred face leant over mine. Slowly things came into focus, my face was burning and I couldn’t see out of my left eye. I could feel something hard on my nose which was throbbing. Slowly my right eye came into focus. I was lying in my bed Leo was sitting beside me his hand in mine he wiped something cold across my face and sighed. ‘youre a little rebel too aren’t you.’ He said pushing the hair off my face. Rebel. I began to remember everything, the lift, 1182, the rebel. A tear ran down my cheek and I held onto leos hand for support. I fell back to sleep slowly exhaling.


However my rest was short lived, the loud drill bell rang painfully in my ears. I felt leo jump awake beside me I groaned trying to lift my head. Leo pulled me up slowly as I groaned in agony, everything hurt like hell. He laced up my boots and fastened my jacket then he put my arm round his shoulder to help me in to the hall. I leant against him heavily unable to eat, leo tried to edge a spoon of the grey mush into my mouth however my lips were too swollen to open. Our table was practically empty, a tear ran down my cheek as I thought of everyone who normally fills the table. Leo stroked my back softly ‘its gunna be okay.’ He whispered softly, he was so close I could feel his breath tickling my ear.

Leadership walked onto the balcony, aran glanced down at me and his eyes met with mine. He smirked seeing my swollen face but I held his gaze fiercely noticing the lines of scabs down his face from my nails. They dismissed the other sections from the hall after listing the rankings. Then they filed us into hall 1. Even though hall one was only built to hold half a section it looked empty with the remains of section 42.


Aran walked up the podium clearing his throat. Behind him a large screen came to life showing a large training hall. ‘this,’ aran said signalling behind him, ‘is the pit. A new unique training system to produce leaders. We have got rid of the weak links in section 42 but we still only need one, a single recruit to represent section 43 a new section being produced in a few months time. There aren’t rankings anymore, this is a battle for survival.’ Then we were dismissed out of a new door into the pit.


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