World War 4

Lockdown was made compulsory during the third world war. Now everyone lives underground undergoing training preparing them to fight. 1124 was just a normal recruit at the bottom of the ranks until Leo arrived. Now she has a name and a whole new identity caught in the middle of a war she didn't even know excisted. World War 4.


2. Hope

What Aran had just said shook me a little, the mission was that dangerous that the rankings could change entirely. The fate of everyone in section 42 rested on our shoulders.   After a while of sitting in silence I glanced over at the new recruit, he was staring at my his eyes studying my face. 'So who are you?' I asked my voice came out gruff and shakey so I cleared my throat. He didnt reply but he kept his eyes locked on mine. 'Youre gunna have to talk to me at some point, else were both dead.' At this point he dropped his eyes to the ground. I sighed and leant my head back in the seat. A long amount of time passed by and I allowed my eyes to close. However I was soon awoken by the shuddering as the stopped. Slowly I unfastened the belt and the lift doors slid open silently. I stood back to let the new recruit out first. He fastened his gun over his shoulder and silently I did the same, then he began to quickly ascend up the stairs. I looked up over the bannister, above me where a countless amount of stairs. The new recruit flew up them effortlessly as I jogged behind struggling to catch my breath. I had never been the fittest during training.


Eventually we arrived at the big metal door. Instead of a handle it had a wheel, the new recruit placed both hands on the wheel and began to turn it. After a few clunks the door opened swinging back on its hinges, the new recruit caught it and stepped back to let me through. A bright light shone as the door opened, as I stepped out I had to shield my eyes against it. The new recruit let the door close then he leant back on it and inhaled, I copied. I air seemed so fresh, it satisfied my lungs and made me feel alive. It was warm up here and as my eyes got used to the light I looked around. I knew what trees were, I'd come across them in training. But in real life they were so beautiful,I slowly walked over to one and beneath me the leaves crackled. I placed both hands on the bark, I watched a tiny wood louse scurry into a tiny hole in the wood. Everything up here seemed so peaceful, beautiful.


I turned back to see the new recruit still leaning against the door watching me. He didnt seem at all impressed by the beauty up here. He signalled to me and sighing I followed him through the trees. I felt relaxed and safe as if no one wanted to hurt me up here it just seemed so right. However we didnt get 100yds before a gun shot sounded in the distance. I froze and all the hairs stood up on my neck, my hand tightened round the trigger of my gun. The new recruit grabbed my arm and lead me into a deeper patch of the woods. I glanced at my map, we weren't going the right way. However as we heard more gunshots in the background I wasn't going to argue.


We walked for a while the trees getting denser until we arrived at a small clearing. In the centre was a small concrete building. The new recruit walked right into it without checking to see if it was empty. I followed him cautiously looking over my shoulder to make sure we were alone. The bunker had been trashed, it looked as though a camp had been ambushed. There were packs scattered all over the floor and sleeping bags still unrolled. There were drawings on the walls and a large logo painted on the ceiling, it read RAOL and underneath was the slogan 'we won't stop til theirs freedom'. The new recruit was taking everything in, I watched a tear run down his cheek and splash on the ground. He turned to face me 'my names Leo.' He whispered horsely. 'The last letter of RAOL and the only survivor.' Then he slid down the wall and began to weep.


I stood in silence trying to work everything out, the new recruit who had a name had been above ground before in a bunker with other people who were now all dead. Nothing made sense, what was going on. Slowly I sat beside him, he took his head from his hands and looked at me, 'what are we doing here?' I whispered. 'What about ISIS?'

He smirked sadly and ran his fingers through his hair, 'there is no ISIS. Not anymore they were defeated 10 years ago.'

I couldn't quite believe what I was hearing, 'the gunshot, how can you explain that?'

'I can't, executions maybe or they put troupes in the compound to excercise


Together we walked slowly out of the bunker, Leo stopped and looked back when we reached the start of the wood.  He looked at me ‘whats your name?’ he asked

‘number 1124’

‘not your number your name.’

‘I don’t have one, only leadership have names.’

‘everyone should have a name.’ he whispered. I felt something touch my hand, I looked up into Leos eyes.

‘Hope,’ I whispered. ‘that’s my name.’ he smiled faintly and nodded then we headed towards the compound.

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