World War 4

Lockdown was made compulsory during the third world war. Now everyone lives underground undergoing training preparing them to fight. 1124 was just a normal recruit at the bottom of the ranks until Leo arrived. Now she has a name and a whole new identity caught in the middle of a war she didn't even know excisted. World War 4.


1. 41 in section 42

The metal bell rang at 5.00am on the 5th month of the 15th year that lockdown had been in place. A new generation of soldiers born into a military underground world ready to be fed into the war when it came. And it would come, soon. Section 42 on floor 7 were ready to start their day. In bed 1124 person 1124 a 17 year old girl was awake and lacing her boots ready for training. Training lasted 4 hours where the 40 members of section 42 would prepare for test 18, the final test and the one that determined whether they would fight or die.



'1124' the heavy metal gates opened and I stumbled through. The sweat ran down my back and I felt a cool hand touch my shoulder. I turned my head to see a small 17 year old girl staring back at me 'you're going to make it, you know.' She said determinedly. 'We are going to the war together, or not at all.' I smiled faintly back at her. I knew her well. We had grown up together. In each section our beds had always been next to each other. However she was strong and I was weak. Each term she was paraded as recruit material and I always missed the line. I held out my concrete bowl and in return the machine produced a blob of grey sludge which apparently contained all the food groups needed to survive nothing more, nothing less. We walked to our table side by side discussing our training session. Nothing extraordinary happens here, everything is planned and carried out with the upmost success. Except table 42 built for 40 trainees now sat 41. A new chair had been added on to the end of the table. It stood empty but everything down here has a purpose. That chair was waiting to be filled.


I climbed over the concrete bench and glanced a smile to a few friends across the table. My partner number 1182 asked 'anyone know why there's another chair. I mean is Aran joining us or something!' Everyone smirked. Aran was our leader and one of those privileged to receive a name. He was emotionless and renown for letting trainees fight to the death, no one crossed him. No one dared. Everyone was seated now and the hall was filled with the quiet sound of general chatter. The seat still stood empty and as we ate everyone seemed to forget about it. We ate until our bowls were empty then we sat and waited til the final spoon was laid down. Then the four leaders of the four sections appeared on the balcony. They addressed us as usual displaying each sections rankings, I as usual lingered at the very bottom of section 42. Then they would normally leave and we would have a patrol call followed by education on weapons. However Aran cleared his throat 'today sections we have a new member joining us. This as you are aware is a rare occurrence however it has been a decision of the leaders to place this recruit in section 42. There will be no further discussion in the matter, if you feel the need to question any one of the leaders authority I warn it will lead to certain death.' The hall was silent as everyone digested his words a new recruit at this stage was unheard of. Where had they come from? 'Section 42 instead of patrol call you must all go to hall 5 for a mission briefing.'


So first they add a new recruit to our section then they brief us on our first ever mission. We all knew that we would be given a mission before the final test, but now? The leaders exited and we all exchanged confused looks waiting for the bell signalling we could leave. However instead of the bell a boy walked through the gates. At first glance he looked about 20 however as I looked at his face he had childish features and I guessed he was about 17. He had large blue eyes and a mess of light curls fell over his tanned skin. He was wearing the uniform of our section and he walked over to the empty chair in silence. Everyone waited for him to say something or introduce himself but he just sat down and began to eat in silence. When he was finished the bell rang and we filed into hall 5. In the centre of the hall was Aran and a large screen. Our seats were numbered and I was at the back next to number 1125, the new recruit. He followed me in and sat down in further silence. I glanced at him as Aran cleared his throat. His eyebrows were knitted into a frown as Aran spoke and his mouth a stern line, however his eyes seemed troubled and afraid. I didn't know what to make of him.


Aran explained we were going above ground, we had been in simulators and I had had training but never had any of us been above ground before, that's what we had been told. Then we would conduct a patrol in pairs clearing a compound seized in the Third World War by ISIS. Leadership had reason to believe there were no members of ISIS there now so it should be a simple procedure. By clearing the compound we would prepare the area for the army behind us to hold a base against ISIS should they return which was also believed unlikely. So mission was simple, even I felt confident as we queued to receive our equipment, uniform and pairs.


'Number 1124.' I stood up and walked to the machine. I was handed a suit made out of shiny black fabric and a gun. Then my pairs number was read out 'number 1125.' I sighed and turned slowly to see the new recruit make his way towards me. He didnt even acknowledge me as he collected his suit and gun. Then we were given a map of where we had to clear and a time 11.30 that night the lift would rise, we had to be there. I fell into line next to my friend 1182. When we arrived at our section she threw herself down on her bed. 'I don't know about you but I'm gunna get some sleep, my lift goes at 1.05.'

'I go at 11.30.' I replied leaning my head back.

1182 suddenly sat up concerned. 'But.. That means you're the first up.' She whispered.

I opened one eye 'lets just hope our new recruits good then.' 1182 stared at me for a moment before sighing and lying back down. I closed my eyes but I couldn't sleep. After a while I stood up and walked to the shower room. I typed in my number and stood under the icy water for my 3 minutes watching the dirt and sweat of the last week wash away. I wrapped a cloth around me and went to the mirrors. The new recruit was in the corner sitting on one of the surfaces. I rinsed with mouthwash and turned to face him. 'What is it with you?' I asked taking a step towards him. He didnt reply but his eyes fixed on mine. 'Well are you not gunna speak to me this whole mission?' I asked again he didnt reply.' Well were first up you know so say your goodbyes now. But if we don't make it back its your fault. New recruit.' Then I dropped my cloth and strode back to my area. I pulled on the tight suit pulled my wet blonde hair into a bun. Then I planted a kiss on sleeping 1182s head and picked up my gun. I watched the new recruit walk out then I followed him.


He walked quickly round to the elevators, I was surprised he knew the way. I had been here my whole life but still I got lost around the maze of tunnels. As we approached the doors of the lift my heart began to race. I felt a little sick and my palms began to get sweaty. I focused on the new recruits boots in front of me and I clenched my palms into fists as we drew to a halt at the lift doors. Aran was standing in front of them his hands tightly folded across his chest. 'When the lift doors re open you will get to a long flight of metal stairs. You must be silent, there is a metal door at the top. Open it then you will see the compound in the distance, you will have the cover of trees for the first 500yds however the last 200yds there is no cover. If anyone is there they will open fire, however we are sure it is empty. Remember your training recruits. Good luck.' Aran stepped aside to allow us to go into the lift, just as I was about to walk into the lift he grabbed by gun and pulled me back, 'if you succeed in this mission you will rank above the line, if you don't then your name will be erased. Forever.' He dropped my gun and I quickly picked it up and took my seat in the lift opposite the new recruit.

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