The War Mother

They told me I was sick, that it would go away with age, when I brought up the thought of mutations? I was told it was a fairytale, something made up to give others hope with their own issues and sicknesses, to others like me, but I knew the truth, and when I showed them, what I could do to the full extent. I saw the one mistake, the one flaw they gave me my adventure fear and pain.. And this is what my story begins. The first day I was born, April 26, 1844.....


1. Authors Note

This book is based off Parts, each part will be based in one specific character's point of view, and each part will also be split into chapters, The first Part will introduce us to our main character, The second Part will introduced us to our side, or Second main character, The third Part will introduce us to the enemy or the conflict, The rest are unknown for now.

For those who might be confused, The bookcovers show what the main character looks like in the three main events of her life in the first Part, a toddler, a teenager, and a adult.

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