The War Mother

They told me I was sick, that it would go away with age, when I brought up the thought of mutations? I was told it was a fairytale, something made up to give others hope with their own issues and sicknesses, to others like me, but I knew the truth, and when I showed them, what I could do to the full extent. I saw the one mistake, the one flaw they gave me my adventure fear and pain.. And this is what my story begins. The first day I was born, April 26, 1844.....


4. A child's wonder

{ if you see this: ( ) any time of the book, it's either narration from the character of the part your in, or it's a memory of this character}

4 years later....

"Mactabilis! It's time for your lesson!" I heard my daddy call from inside. why? Why do I have to learn all this when I'm 4? only four fingers!

(Narration from future Mactabilis: "father had said I was special, that I was not like the other kids, that I had learned faster, better, and that I had an older mind")

"I'm coming daddy!" I yell back as I run towards the huge house through the big wheat field


I open the door to the training room

"I'm here daddy!"

"Hello my dear," he smiled at my softly, he's black hair was neat as always and his dark red/brown eyes were gentle and he was putting away the throwing knifes "you forgot to put away-"

"I know, I'm sorry" I pout and looks down, he chuckled softly and picks me up "so daddy, what are you going to teach me now?" I ask tilting my head, it was starting to become a habit of mine

"You know some simple fighting tactics, you know one source of weaponry, but I want to introduce you to something you've all but seen once-"

"Oh daddy! May I finally get to meet other peoples?!" I couldn't believe I-

"No" he said softy, and kisses my forehead at the face i made "now, don't give me that face, that will happen in the future my dear, but I wanted to show you what a gun looks like" he said as he puts me down.

(If only I had known, that, that was going to be one of my last childhood memories that were like a normal childhood, I would have been smarter as to how I acted, and maybe, just maybe what happened on my 14th birthday, wouldn't have at all)

that's how I grew up till I was 14, I learned everything I needed to survive, one subject, one weapon, one anything! Took one week to learn, I slowly started to feel just a soldier to him. Not his little girl! So my 14th birthday I snapped...

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