Harry potter read the future

Harry gets a letter from the future


1. the list

Harry was angry with Dumbledore because he had just been attacked by dementors and he hadn't heard a word form Ron or hermione since the start of the holiday . He knew he couldn't cry it would show he was weak but he couldn't help it he sank to his knees and cried. Suddenly he ft a sharp pain in his head and sore a package and a letter it said

Dear Harry

This package contains books about you and your life from when you were brought to the Dursleys to when you leave hogwarts . Please bring these people to the room of requirements . Ask dobby to help you you .

All Weasleys


Albus Dumbledore

Remus lupin

Sirius black

Severus snape

All Dursleys

Draco Malfoy

Alister Moody

Nymphadora tonks

Yours sincerely

Harry Potter

Ps: I know it sounds weird that I am from the future but it is true . By doing what I say you could save inocent lives .

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