To Kill For Love

This is my favorite story yet, because I've already written most of it in my journal, and after every chapter I read it over and I like it. Hope you guys do, too! Anyway, it's about a murder mystery that starts in a high school. Can you figure out the murder before I reveal it?


6. The Killing Continues

  Cassidy walks into school pretty happy that her and Justin connected, but also still embarrassed that his mom walked in. She's wearing a really cute dress (or whatever you'd wear to impress Justin Bieber), and her best pair of shoes. She wanted to be sure that Justin really notices her.

  "Hey, Justin!" Cassidy yells cheerfully causing Justin, and other random people in the hallway to jump.

  "Oh, hey, Cassidy." Justin says trying to play it off, "Sorry about yesterday, I shouldn't have kissed you."

  "No, you're actually a good kisser." Spoke Cassidy.

  "Really, (small chuckle) then why'd you leave?" Justin asks.

  "I left because your mom came in, and I got really embarrassed that she saw me in my bra." Explains Cassidy. They walk down the hall to their 1st period and while they were walking down the hall, one of their friends, Chaz, smacks Cassidy on the ass.

  "Not cool, bro!" Justin yells giving Chaz the 'back off' look. Chaz, and Justin are really close friends. Chaz only meant for the slap on Cassidy's ass to be a joke, but Justin didn't like it at all. Justin, Chaz, and Cassidy separate to go to their different classes. In Cassidy's class, there's Chaz, Jessica, and Zayn. (Another boy Cassidy likes.) In Justin's class, there's a bunch of no body's so he'll be by himself the whole period.

  "Hey, Cassidy," says Zayn, "you look nice."

  "Umm, thanks." Replies Cassidy blushing. A few minutes go by and Chaz, and Jessica are already arguing. They can't stand each other.

  "Come on, baby." Chaz says making kissing faces at Jessica.

  "Ugh, I can't stand you, at all." Jessica yells. Chaz just laughs and asks the teacher to go to the bathroom, the teacher makes him wait until class is over, since there's only 5 minutes left. When the bell rings for class to be over, Cassidy notices Justin, Chaz, and Zayn all go into the bathroom together. She thought it was weird considering the fact that boys usually don't go together. She just shrugged it off, and went to her 2nd period class with Jessica.

                                                                         *In The 2nd Period Class*

   Zayn runs into the room screaming for help. All the students, and the teacher run out to the hallway to see what's going on, when they walk out into the hallway Cassidy sees Chaz's lifeless body on the floor, surrounded in blood with a pencil jabbed in his chest. Jessica and Cassidy run to him with their eyes full of tears.

  "No, no. I didn't get to tell him how much I really loved him." Cries Jessica. Cassidy thinks she sees his chest move up and down, so she checks his pulse. She's surprised to find that he's still alive.

  "He's still alive! I just checked his pulse, he's still alive!" Screams Cassidy. All the teachers, and ambulance worker people surround him. Some of them check his pulse again, and the others try to hurry and put him on the stretch.

  "Who's gonna tell Justin that his best friend just got murdered?" Says Jessica. 

  "I don't think he'll care," says Zayn making everyone get quiet, "he was the one that killed him. I saw it all." Detectives run and surround Zayn as he tells them what happened, Cassidy runs straight home and does look back. She can't believe she fell in love with a killer.

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