To Kill For Love

This is my favorite story yet, because I've already written most of it in my journal, and after every chapter I read it over and I like it. Hope you guys do, too! Anyway, it's about a murder mystery that starts in a high school. Can you figure out the murder before I reveal it?


2. Snooping

  Everyone walked to the hallway to see what seemed like a trail of blood. The teachers walked in the boys restroom, and all you could hear was screaming. "What the hell?" Thought Cassidy. She lived for mystery, when she gets out of college she wants to become a lawyer, and a detective.

  "Omg, what the.." Says a girl from behind Cassidy.

  "Alright, nothing to see here." Spoke the teachers trying to push students back into the cafeteria. Cassidy began to think, the murderer is most likely still in the school, because a few minutes ago when she was in the hallway, nothing was there. Cassidy pulled Jessica to the side while no teachers were looking.

  "Do you realize the killer is still in the building? I don't know about you, but I'm not staying in  school with a killer." Says Cassidy pulling Jessica towards the exit.

  "I can't my mom would literally kill me." Jessica all of a sudden was the perky nice girl anymore, she was scared. Cassidy turned around and started running, teachers yelled at her but she didn't care, and she ran all the way home.

                                                          *A few minutes later*

  Cassidy managed to make it home, and her mother, thankfully, wasn't there. Cassidy sat up on her bed, and grabbed her journals from under her bed. She has hundreds of journals that she writes in. Cassidy takes out the journal that she hasn't wrote in, and starts to try and figure out who the murderer is. She labels the journal "The [made of school name] School Mystery".

  Cassidy writes that it has to be a guy because they were in the boys bathroom, and the teachers watch you walk in, then they ignore you. Also, they had to have big pockets or at least a jacket on so they could sneak the weapon in. Cassidy knows she won't get anymore clues until she checks the crime scene.

  There's three knocks at the door.

  "Hey, Cassidy." Jessica says as she walks into the room.

  "Jessica? I thought you were too scared to sneak out off the school." Cassidy says while putting her feet up on the couch.

  "Yea, I was but they found another body in the janitor's closet." Jessica said still out of breath from running.

  "Well, did they arrest the janitor?" Cassidy asked.

  "Nope, the janitor was the one who was killed." She replied.

  "Damn." Says Cassidy. She doesn't really feel about the janitor considering he bumped into her in the hallway, and she doesn't even know the guy.

  "Umm, I have to go home now." Jessica says after her and Cassidy talked for a while.

  A while later Cassidy goes over a list of boys she made up that could possibly be the killer. She knows that killers always return to the scene, to try and cover their tracks, she also knows no one will be at the school between 5:30 and 6:00, she'll go back then to see the killer.

 (If you want to skip to the part where Justin appears and not get the build up, go to chapter 4)

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