To Kill For Love

This is my favorite story yet, because I've already written most of it in my journal, and after every chapter I read it over and I like it. Hope you guys do, too! Anyway, it's about a murder mystery that starts in a high school. Can you figure out the murder before I reveal it?


8. Selena

  Cassidy walks into school hoping no one would bring up Chaz's death. She knows that she'll most likely start to cry or get angry. As Cassidy walked through the hallway everyone stared at her, she didn't understand if it was because of the death of her friend, or if they just noticed her. Jessica walks up to Cassidy and pulls her into the janitor's closet.

  "How could you do that to Chaz?" Yelled Jessica.

  "Do what to Chaz?" Asked Cassidy kind of confused. Jessica explained how Selena Gomez a "popular" kid, told her that she saw Cassidy go visit Justin, right after Chaz's death. Cassidy started to get angry, she wanted to know who, and where this Selena chick was. When Jessica found out who she was she was even angrier. 

*Later That Day*

  Cassidy went back to the jail to visit Justin to tell him all she found out today, and the plan she had to break him out. Justin seems to be extra depressed today, Cassidy is extra angry today, although she never is.

  "Hi," says Justin, "what's wrong with you?"

  "Oh, nothing, I just found out that the guy I like, who I thought liked me back has a girlfriend, who saw me visit her boyfriend in prison for killing his best friend. So, nothing is wrong with me at all." Cassidy said quickly, and sarcastically.

  "Who's the guy you like, and who's his girlfriend." Justin said lifting his left eyebrow.

  "Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez." Cassidy responded rolling her eyes.

  Justin just shook his head left to right, and smile. Then, he took a deep breath in his hands, and peeped on eye out on Cassidy, and laughed at her.

  "What's so funny?" Wondered Cassidy feeling sort of concerned for Justin.

  "You," laughs Justin, "you believe that I would kiss you while I had a girlfriend? I didn't kill my best friend either, and Selena's not even my type, Cassidy is." Justin said. Cassidy just smiled, and began to think.

  "Then, why is she acting like she's so mad, and why is she telling everyone that she saw me come visit you?" Cassidy wondered.

  "I broke up with her the day before you came, we still were friends I guess. To be honest, I didn't even want to be friends with her, she's crazy, and clingy. She asked me if I liked anyone, and I told her I liked you, so now she has it out for you. Just don't let it get to you." Justin advises.

  "Oh, I'ma let it get to me," Warns Cassidy, "If she does something else, I'm gonna get suspended from school for fighting her." Justin just shakes his head, and sighs. On the end side he knows he wants her to beat up Selena, but he also wants her to stay in school and get smart. He wants at least one person in their relationship to be smart.

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