To Kill For Love

This is my favorite story yet, because I've already written most of it in my journal, and after every chapter I read it over and I like it. Hope you guys do, too! Anyway, it's about a murder mystery that starts in a high school. Can you figure out the murder before I reveal it?


4. It's Not Her?!

  The next day Cassidy goes to school, and everyone acts like nothing happened a couple days ago.

  "Why is everyone acting like nothing happened?" Cassidy asked Justin. In between those couple of days, Cassidy's become close friends with Justin despite the 1st time they meet.

  "I don't know, maybe their afraid but don't want their friends to know." Justin says.

  "Why would they be afraid? It's just a killer?" Cassidy says sarcastically.

  "Yeah, he's probably friendly. Says Justin laughing. Cassidy didn't have any thoughts before inviting Justin to come over to her house to figure out who the killer is, although she still thinks it's Jessica.

                                                            *Later That Day*

  "It was so nice of you to invite..." Justin is cut off by Cassidy.

  "My parents are gone for tonight, I just need some company." She says quickly.

  "Okay," Says Justin, "I wasn't trying to get a booty call, just going to say thanks."

  "Oh, sorry. You're welcome." She says regretful.

  Justin doesn't say anything but nod his head and laugh a little.

  "So, are you parent out a lot?" Justin says being nosey.

  "Nah, only on Mondays, and Fridays." She answers. Justin nods his head and listens to Cassidy as she tells him all the things that led up to her believing Jessica is the killer. When Cassidy is done, Justin begins to giggle.

  "It's not her," Justin laughs, "Jessica wouldn't kill a fly, literally."

  "Okay, but I'm still keeping an eye out for her." Says Cassidy.

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