To Kill For Love

This is my favorite story yet, because I've already written most of it in my journal, and after every chapter I read it over and I like it. Hope you guys do, too! Anyway, it's about a murder mystery that starts in a high school. Can you figure out the murder before I reveal it?


3. Close Encounter

  The dark shadowy figure creeps toward the school window to the boys bathroom. Cassidy paced closer to the figure and hid. The figure seemed to be a boy wearing all black. The boy turned around at the sound of Cassidy's phone drop in the grass. Cassidy was about to reach for it, but the boy picked it up, shrugged his shoulders, and put it in his pocket. 'What the fuck?' Thought Cassidy.

  As soon as he turned around to go through the window, Cassidy ran at the speed of light, the boy didn't even chase her. She's now afraid of what might happen to her when she goes to school tomorrow so she's going to be on guard of every boy while she's at school.

                                                    *The Next Day At School*

  Cassidy was sitting in class when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around to see Jessica holding her phone. She looks into the eyes of Jessica, and thinks 'Are you my killer?' Cassidy took her phone, and sat quietly. She kept thinking about Jessica possibly being the killer.

  "Cassidy are you okay?" Asked Jessica.

  "Yeah, I'm fine." She replied with a fake smile. Both Cassidy and Jessica felt that something, or someone seemed a little fishy.

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