Rebels and regects

The life's of 3 rebellious girls and 4 rejected boys life's take a wild turn when a science project brings them together


1. the rebels story

Rachel's pov.

I sat in the room that I shared with my brother, Tyler . I heard a glass break and I looked over at my brother. Mom and dad were fighting once again.

I brushed my hair behind my ear and stood up,walking over to the door. "GET OUT. GET OUT!" I heard my mom scream. "Rach... Rach." Tyler said. "Come here." He said, once I looked at him. I thought for a second then ran over, jumping on his bed and cuddling into him.

There was a lot of screaming, crying, perfect storms. "Are they gonna get a divorce?" I asked, my eyes watering. "No, it's gonna be alright." He said. But he didn't look to sure himself. And he wasn't sure.

Because later on, my parents got a divorce and we ended up moving away from our home in lA and into a new one in Australia where Tyler and I got our own rooms.

I stopped hanging out with Tyler as much as I used to. 7 years sence the night my mom told me and my brother that we were going to spend the night at my grandmothers house. 6 years sence I moved to Australia. 5 years sence I met my bestfriends Layla and jerika. 3 years sence I started high school. And now, this being my last, and hopefully my best.

Jerikas pov

I sat on the steps of the apartment that I lived in, playing with my pet, monkey. I know what you are thinking. Why does she have a pet monkey? And the reason is because I feel like it, that's why.

I was waiting for my friends Zane, Kayden and Josh to get here. They never get here on time. I sighed, watching my monkey throw shit at a little kid passing by on his bicycle.

"JERIKA!" Someone yelled. "Only 20 minutes late" I smiled, standing up. "Ready?" He asked, taking my hand. "Ready as can be." I said. "I don't think your ready for this jelly." Zane said, laughing. "Let's go, homie" Kayden said.

"I want an apple. Be right back." Josh said. He grabbed my money and walk over to a building. He climbed up and over to the edge. My monkey, his name is Charles by the way, stayed on the ground, distracting the guys selling apples.

Josh bent over the building to go get a basket, but failed and fell off the building, landing in som hay. He stood up, rubbing his head and arms and stomach

The guy still had his attention on Charles, so Josh got up and picked up a bag, walking towards us. I laughed and we started walking away from the apple area, eating apples. Charles ran over and hung onto my arm. "HEY, DID YOU PAY FOR THOSE?!?" someone asked. "NOPE!" HEHEHEHE to badass.

We walked over to an ally and just sat there, talking. "Okay I triple dog you guys to..." Josh said, trailing off. "Run away to....Australia, together."

And that is exactly what we did, five years ago. We moved into an apartment, and just five years ago, I met my best friends.

We left London and went on to Sidney.

Layla's pov

I sat at the kitchen table, licking my ice cream. Yummy yummy yummy. Yummy in my tummy. ICE FUCKING CREAM. I smiled. I love love love ice cream. Today is my twelfth birthday. I'm not having a big party. Just hanging out with my brother, Ashton.

I finished my ice cream and walked outside, oh the hot sticky weather makes me sick. "Happy birthday!" Someone said, startling me. I turned around to see Ashton with a frozen cake in his hands. "I was thinking, maybe after we eat this cake, we could go to the bush and then maybe take a dip in the pool?" Ashton asked. I thought for a moment and then said "yes" I almost yelled of excitement.

But those plans changed when I met two girls. Rachel and jerika. And that was where the rebels began

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