London Foolishly

When Jodie leaves her small town of Frinton-on-Sea to pursue her dreams in good ol' London Town, she has no idea of what will unravel in her path as she begins her job as a PA.

After a brief meeting in Starbucks and one Skype call later everything is turned into one crazy rollercoaster that doesn’t want to seem to end anytime soon

Follow Jodie on her journey of love, hate, friendship and good times as her journey speeds on ahead in front of her.

But will she make it in the foolish town of London?


2. Chapter 2

My heart felt as if it was going to burst through my chest at any time right now from how hard it's beating, I can't believe it.  

"Jodieeee, hellooo?!" Frankie said as she waved into the webcam. "Everything alright?"  


"Er yeah, everything's dandy." I replied with a half smile.  


"So yeah as I was saying you're going to be working with One Direction, a few tours here and there maybe Europe and America, but we're not too sure yet. Anyhow I shall email you with the details of the place and everything else that's needed for Tuesday. Is that cool?" Frankie asked.  


"Yeah sounds brilliant, thank you very much for this Frankie I owe you one!" I winked at the web cam.  


"Darling just set me up with the lad with tattoo's in the band and we'll be even haha!"  


"On that from Tuesday babe!" I said with a chuckle.  


We said our goodbyes and whilst waiting for my email to come through I went and made myself a cup of tea. Just as I was about to pour the water from the kettle in my phone began to ring.  


Now I'm at a payphone, trying to call home all of my change I spent on you.


  I put the kettle down and ran like a ninja to my phone, without checking the caller ID I answered it.  


"Hello?" I asked out of breath.  


"Hey, is this Jodie?" The voice asked.  


"Yeah it is, may I ask who's calling me at the ridiculous time of night whilst I'm trying to be a sane person and have a cup of tea without pouring boiling kettle water all over me?!" I wasn't in the mood for a hoax call right now.  


"Chill, it's me, Harry." Oh.  


"Um, oops. Hi Harry, what's wrong?" I replied.  


"Oh nothing I can tell I've interrupted an intense tea making session right there, I am very sorry." He said.  


"No it's fine, go ahead what's up?"  


"Well I just found out we're getting a new PA Tuesday to work with us on tour and to work alongside Paul, and it's you!" Harry sounded amazed.  


"Oh yeah, I only just found out about 10 minutes ago, I was quite shocked myself to say so! Looks like you'll be seeing much more of me now!" I chuckled.  


"Yeah maybe you're right! Anyway, I just called to say that I'm really looking forward to having you on the team! It's gonna be brilliant! And you like Starbucks so you know what to bring me in the morning right?" He questioned.   "Well yeah anyway, large white coffee 3 sugars. So I shall see you on Tuesday!"  


"Oh my, alright Harry. I shall see you Tuesday! Can I get back to my tea making now? Without being rude I just really want a cuppa right now..." I trailed off.  


"Of course you can love, I'll see you Tuesday. Bye Jodie!"  


"Aha thank you. See you Tuesday Harry, sweet dreams!" And with that I clicked the end call button on my iPhone and went back to making my Tea.  


My email finally came through and it was not the lightest of schedules to start with. Up at 5.30, meet everyone at 6?! I am not going to be able to do that! Although scanning through the different itinerary's it seemed that there would be a lot of travelling like Frankie said, and if I'm honest I love to travel, so to see all these new places is going to be pretty cool! Other stuff just included promo and little things like studio visits. I think I might just be able to do this!  


After the shock of everything that had happened today I went and climbed in bed. It took me a while to finally fall asleep after over thinking everything that had happened today. I only left home today, I met Harry Styles today in Starbucks and now I'm working for One Direction.  


What the fuck has my life become?!  


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