London Foolishly

When Jodie leaves her small town of Frinton-on-Sea to pursue her dreams in good ol' London Town, she has no idea of what will unravel in her path as she begins her job as a PA.

After a brief meeting in Starbucks and one Skype call later everything is turned into one crazy rollercoaster that doesn’t want to seem to end anytime soon

Follow Jodie on her journey of love, hate, friendship and good times as her journey speeds on ahead in front of her.

But will she make it in the foolish town of London?


1. Chapter 1

As I taped up the last cardboard box in my bedroom, reality finally sunk in. I was leaving my childhood seaside town of Frinton-on-Sea to study PA Management as an apprentice in London today. I looked out of my bedroom window one last time, grabbed the box and headed downstairs.  

"I've got the last box!" I shouted to my mum, hoping she would hear over her Take That CD blasting from the stereo.  

"Here you are Jodie, I'll take that box for you," my dad said as he took the box from my hands. Ah bless him; my pops always helps me out.  


It's hard for me to believe that I'm now 18 and moving out. It feels like yesterday I was running around my garden in my nappy and now I'm off to University Placement. The past 18 years of my life have been a rollercoaster, but I'm ready for a fresh start. I quickly ran to the bathroom to fix my hair and makeup before the long 3 hour car journey to London. The good thing about my long wavy hair is that I could tie it up in a scruffy bun and still look half decent until I arrived in London. After applying some foundation to my face and a thin layer of mascara to my eyelashes, I was ready to leave. Goodbye Frinton; hello London.  


I was awoken from my slumber when the car came to a stop and the engine was turned off.  


"Jeez Jode you were out for the count," my Dad chuckled. "Anyway, we're here now, welcome to your new flat."   I smiled uncontrollably it wasn't just any old flat it was a beautiful exclusive penthouse in the middle of London!  

"But dad..." I stuttered. "How on earth did you afford this? It must've cost a fortune!" I exclaimed.  

"Well sweetie, money doesn't matter. You're our only child it's only right we spoil you." Mum said with a smile.  

And just like that my parents drove off and I was alone. The flat was already furnished so all I had to do was unpack my personal belongings. All 18 boxes of my stuff, but that didn't matter right now. I headed off around the flat having to double take at some stuff to let the reality sink in that this is all mine.  


It was around 7pm when my stomach made this unruly growl and I decided it was time for something to eat. As it was only early May I decided on some sweats, a tee and a cardigan to go with my boots, my hair was still up in a messy bun from earlier which still to my surprise looked decent to go out in so I left it at that. After applying a small layer of foundation I grabbed my purse, keys and my phone and left my flat and ventured into London Town.    


I managed to find a Starbucks just down the road from my flat which I thought is brilliant! Just as I went to open the door to venture into the warm Starbucks someone else took the door from behind me. I turned around immediately.  


"After you love," he said with a smile.  


"Thank you," I said as I returned the smile and walked through the doors to Starbucks.  


I walked up to the counter and ordered my usual which consisted of a Raspberry Blackcurrant Frap and a Blueberry muffin. Whilst waiting for my order at the end of the counter I noticed the lad who had held the door for me was ordering his drink, I knew him from somewhere. The dark brown curls, the distinctive beautiful jaw line he had, the black Links of London on his wrist OH MY, I screamed inside. It was Harry Styles, the boy I used to like on The X Factor in 2010. Well be damned he's changed, for the better at that too!

Soon enough my order was awaiting me, I took my drink and muffin and went and sat on the sofa's hidden around the back, hoping not to run into Harry again whilst dressed like this.   Well I spoke too soon.  


"Hey," he said. "Do you mind if I sit here?" he asked pointing to the sofa opposite me.  


"Hey, that's totally cool." I replied.   After around 10 minutes of silence Harry began to talk.  

"So what's a pretty girl like you doing out at this time of night in London by herself?" Harry asked.  

"Well if you must know, I've just moved here today and was hungry so I came to my favourite Coffee Shop." I replied.  

"Ah cool, fair enough." Harry smiled. "I don't think I quite caught your name, I'm Harry by the way," Harry said as he stretched his hand out for me to shake across the table.  

"I'm Jodie, Jodie Taylor." I said as I returned the shake. His handshake had a firm yet not to tight grasp on me, oooo er.  

"Let's cut to the chase, what is the lead singer of the biggest boy band doing in Starbucks at 8pm on a Sunday? Don't you guy's tour and leave at silly o clock and stuff?" I just blurted out. Ooops.  

"Ah, so you do know who I am," Harry chuckled. "We've just come back from America and the same as you I was thirsty."  

"Fair enough Styles." I said whilst checking my phone for the time. "SHIT!" I cursed aloud.

"I've gotta go Harry important Skype meeting is awaiting me."  

"That's absolutely fine, just leave me sitting here...All alone...No one to talk to."Harry pretended to cry in his hands. Those hands...  


"Oh grow up big boy," I sarcastically as I picked up my phone and purse from the table. As I went to walk away Harry grabbed my attention by shouting my name.  


"Yeah?" I said as I turned around.   


"Here," Harry was holding his phone out to me. "Put your number in, it'd be cool to see you again."   I did as I was asked, and left Starbucks with a smile on my face. Most randomest Starbucks trip ever.  


Coming to the realisation who I had just sat with, I did a slow jog home to clear my mind and try to be back in time for my meeting.  You see, I'm here in London so study PA Management, this involved working with bands, producers and making sure everything goes to plan. I have a Skype call with Frankie at 8.30pm and she's the lovely lady who has been sorting this job out for me and who I'll work with and such and such, so I couldn't let her down by being late.


  I decided on running up the stairs to my suite instead of the elevator as I really couldn't be bothered to wait for it, it's just time wasting. When I finally made it in my door threw everything on the kitchen work top, I had to find my Mac book Air, I just couldn't remember which box it's in... SHIT.  


After scurrying around and emptying all of the boxes I found it hidden at the bottom of the last one. Typical. I opened it up and proceeded to log into Skype, and just as I did a call was awaiting me, I clicked answer and the webcam began to load.  


"Hey Jodes!" Frankie said as she waved into her webcam.  


"Hey Franks!" I said as I returned the wave.


"So what's the news then?!"  


"Well, as its Sunday today if you can start on Tuesday that'll be great. But I bet you wanna know who you're working for; well I pulled a few strings and got you something close to home although it does include a lot of travelling and work but the money is totally worth it," Frankie rambled on.  


"PLEASE JUST CUT TO THE CHASE!" I exclaimed into the webcam.  

"Okay okay girl! Well, it's the world's biggest boy band right now, number 1 in over 5 countries and a sold out arena tour."   I looked at her puzzled, I was not catching on.  


"One Direction, Syco Management!" She exclaimed.  


One Direction. Harry Styles. Starbucks earlier. Oh my god.

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