Nicole got pregnant by Luke Hemmings baby Luke was never around when Nicole was pregnant an by Nicole due date she gave birth to a baby but sadly gave it up and now Maddie the baby they gave up overhears a conversation when her adoptive mom say they she was adopted what happens when she wants to find mom and dad if she does will it change the sweet little girl


2. wedding?

Nicole pov

"Hey Zayn"

"Hey babe" zayn replied he looked stressed

"Hey what's up you seem tense" I ask

"Nothing it just well THIS" he says pushes a paper near me

I looked at the paper

Dear Nicole,

Hi it's me your ex bestie Calum Mali's getting married sense we are old friends and you a photographer we need you can you do it we'll pay 7,000 hehe perks of being rich am I right well hope you can do it the wedding is in my backyard you know where it is Luke can't wait to see you he's sorry for everything I promise btw your a guest too bring people yeah i know it kinda short notice we gonna turn up tho :)


I closed the letter I was confused why would zayn be mad

"why are you mad" I asked

"well Luke can't wait to see you you can't believe he's sorry ITS BULLSHIT" he yelled

"ok I get it but it pays well so We should go with Matty lets show him I moved on k ?" Okay he said

"mom dad can I have ice cream" Matty asked

"you already had one for today I'm sorry but no more" said Zayn said

"poop" Matty said then walked upstairs

"Z?"I say putting my head on his chest "yes?" He asked

Matt is a two year old little boy give him a break please I ask I know I know but he needs to learn now let's get ready for this wedding.

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