Nicole got pregnant by Luke Hemmings baby Luke was never around when Nicole was pregnant an by Nicole due date she gave birth to a baby but sadly gave it up and now Maddie the baby they gave up overhears a conversation when her adoptive mom say they she was adopted what happens when she wants to find mom and dad if she does will it change the sweet little girl


8. luke

lukes pov

interviewer: "calum how was you sister wedding you like jack"

calum: "he was one of my lads and now hes family so it diffrent"

interviewer: "luke this ones for you people saw you have a falling out at the wedding with some girl who shocking married to Zayn that was in 1D before he left the band?"

luke: not to be mean but no comment 

ashton: "luke u okay?"

luke: "im fine but its good to be home"

after interview.......

"im going home see u guys later" i said

"later" they boys said

right then i was walking home bored as can be when i heard my phone buzzing

little did i know at that time my life would change

"hello whos this"

"um luke i know you might not care and you hate me but its me  i thought you should know i found her"

i knew who it was

"nicole" i said i could feel tears starting to form




sorry guys havent written in sooooo long sorry about that but big things are coming 











































































































































































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