Nicole got pregnant by Luke Hemmings baby Luke was never around when Nicole was pregnant an by Nicole due date she gave birth to a baby but sadly gave it up and now Maddie the baby they gave up overhears a conversation when her adoptive mom say they she was adopted what happens when she wants to find mom and dad if she does will it change the sweet little girl


7. how dare you

dani pov

"maddie" i called twice

no answer...

maybe she outside huh, let see i thought

i look throw the window because the park was was right there, and maddie like to play there

i looked and saw oh my lord its her birth mom talking to my maddie did she not get what giving a child up for adoption is, when maddie was one maddies mom started to snoop on us  i quickly ran outside 

"um exuse me im just gonna take her home now sorry if she disbured you in anyway" i said trying to act nice

"no problem she was a dear are you her mum?' she said 

of course im her mum you twat i thought

"yeah i am" i simply repiled

"sweetheart ill meet you inside so i can talk with this woman" i said

"ok dani" maddie said 

"maddie exuse you its mummy to you little miss" i said as she walked home

as soon as she left i said


"um how do you mean and lower your voice my sons right here and people are staring" she dared to say to me

"i told you five years ago if you can back i would get a restaining order" i said trying to keep my cool

"oh crap dani?" she stupidly asked

"im sorry i should have knew it was you was that her?" she added reffering to maddie

"yes god stop coming back please im her mom you know how much i love being one before i got maddie, docters would even beg me to stop trying and adopt, i had 4 miscarriages when i adopted maddie i fell in love she didn't need to my blood because in my mind she was" 

"ll leave and im sorry i didnt know about everything" she said quietly 





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