Awaken in Asgard

A girl awakens in Asgard. The realm of the gods, to be precise. She finds herself in a cell with a criminal and ends up helping him escape without even intending to do so. Everything is different to her. She feels scared and unsure. With all those feelings the girl makes a mistake. Want to know what this mistake is? Then read it.
Book 1 of 2.


21. Unsettling events

Bob is short for Boblion. Carl is short for Carlose. I learned this after...A little babbling Bob did about how his name isn't so normal and he hates his full name name which begs into question why he has not changed it. In the morning I would learn something bad. What is this something? I can't tell as it has not happened yet.


I step out of the shower, still wet, stepping onto a towel on the floor. Unlike most people who wait to dry off in the shower I just get out then take my time wiping off all the wetness. That normally takes me 10 minutes. After that I get dressed into tagless attire, use an electric tooth brush, comb my very much still wet hair, and close the curtain to the shower. My left shoulder shoulder has since healed but it does have three rounded scars in where I operated on myself.


After I did all the other important things that won't be mentioned; I walk out of the bathroom.


Frankly I had left the small TV on the news channel.


"Now to Jenny, who is at the scene," The news reporter Flyn Scotty said.


I came to the counter.


"Thank you Flyn," Jenny said. "I am at what is left of the Bill Jill restaurant that exploded thirty minutes ago."


There is smoke and fire drifting across from Jenny.


No, I thought, please don't tell me Chelsey was there.


"She might be dead," Bob said.


"That is not comforting," I said, with a hint of a growl picking up the phone.


"What?" Bob asks. "I am just going off reasonable deduction."


"Reasonable deduction my aft," I said, flipping the phone open. I went through my contacts using the arrow until Chelsey's screen name came into my view.


"Carlose does not always keep his word," Bob said. "I have known Carl since he was a young lad."


The way Bob spoke reminded me of a Scottish old man talking to a young boy.  


"Are you originally from Scotland and not Asgard?" I ask.


"No," Bob said. "But I did spend my childhood years chasing after Nessie with Carl."


I press on the green button putting the phone to my ear.




The ring echoes on the television.


"What?" Jenny said,puzzled. "I turned my phone off."


I am pretty sure reporters are suppose to remain calm in the light of the situation. Jenny's reaction reminds me of a commercial for a van like jeep with a brand called 'Legacy' where a girl asks her mother 'What?' when the girls mother looks at the teenage girl when driving out of the drive way and the girl continues asking 'What mom?" as they are on the road.


My hand is trembling.


Jenny looks down then takes a step back from where she stood with a disgusted look slowly turning into a sick green.


"Oh my—" Jenny starts.


I click on the remote turning the television off dropping the phone. You see sometimes a reporter is so focused on the story that they don't necessarily take great notice to what is on the ground beside them.


"And I was right," Bob said.


My knee's met the ground and a overall upset feeling took over. My hands are on the ground bending in anger on the rug digging into it. The urge to make something explode grows and grows. I can feel electricity growing wild in their well kept dark circuit tubes. Sounds of metal being dented became clear in my ears.


"You know what to do," Bob said. "No harm in letting it out."


Somehow, in some way, I am able to see what my power is doing.


The scene goes over to electrical plant with workers, a fence, and machinery. A great place to lash out my anger which will leave everyone without electricity for perhaps a day or so. One square machine that had a door with a sign on the roof explodes sending scrap metal in all directions creating a commotion. Workers are at first startled by the sudden loud sound. Then came another. But where did it come from? Let me describe what it looks like. The tall gray poles are connected into the cylinder building thanks to some long dark cables in a long square template that had holes for the cables three silver attachments.


One of these poles erupt breaking in half falling down.


More of those square boxes with signs explode.


One by one the workers are sent running out of the area.


I should have gone to the restaurant first!


It should have been me.


Then a row of the electrical based poles erupt into a explosion sending fire and smoke around destroyed metal items into the air. People definitely got hurt. I made the huge sign to the electrical plant be crunched up into a ball then be slammed forcibly into the ground making a crater. Once that was done I found myself in a crying mess.


Blurry vision, tears coming down, and anger at Carl.


In exchange I do Carl a favor; there is no way Carl will walk away from me alive.


"Pardon me," Bob said. "But how are you going to get rid of a werewolf with a absurd accent when no one makes silver bullets to take down a myth?"


I get up wiping off the tears.


The clock has stopped ticking.


"The believers do make silver bullets," I said. "And I know just where to start."  
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