Awaken in Asgard

A girl awakens in Asgard. The realm of the gods, to be precise. She finds herself in a cell with a criminal and ends up helping him escape without even intending to do so. Everything is different to her. She feels scared and unsure. With all those feelings the girl makes a mistake. Want to know what this mistake is? Then read it.
Book 1 of 2.


8. The phone number

...March 11th,Monday...2013...


...7:33 AM...


One phone number can change many things in life. Far as I learned you have to choose wisely who to tell your phone number.


"Chelsey," I said. "Do not tell Pete my phone number, this time."


"I did not tell him your phone number,Joy," Chelsey denies.


"I just overheard a lie," Loki said, in a child-like tone.


Well, it was like he was singing it in a 'sing-along' way.


I take Chelsey into the backroom with a glare towards Loki. I shut the unlocked door behind me. There is not much traffic coming into the restaurant at seven in the morning; well, really,not many people do come in after the gang's arrival and Pete. Usually more people come in at 8:29 AM after the breakfast morning gang had left. I let go of Chelsey's hand.


"Why would I tell Pete your phone number?" Chelsey asks.


"Because he based off his new main character Elizabeth Sweets on me," I said. "And he needs information from the source in situations what I would do."


Chelsey gasps.


"Really?" Chelsey asks, with her face reading shock.


I nod, folding my arms.


I had just recently entered the restaurant two minutes ago very late because I overslept.


"Why did you not tell me the news last month?" Chelsey asks.


"Because last month I had not been aware," I said.


Chelsey frowns.


"Pete's not that fast of a writer," Chelsey said. "He usually completes three novels a year...Well he did before that two year absence when his books stopped coming out." Chelsey had her right hand under her left elbow with her left hand's two fingers rubbing against each other. "You get the point."


I nod.


"Point is; Pete found a new muse," I said.


"Pete is making a great come back," Chelsey said. "How can you have not met him until coming here?"


"Because until last month I never existed," I said.


"Riiight," Chelsey said, rolling an eye. "Witness Protection program."


"I never knew Pete until I started working here," I said. "Logically he based Sweets off of someone else and landed on writer's block two years ago. But when I walked in with these arm bands; he got an idea."


"Just because Pete didn't publish another book until you came in doesn't mean he is aware of your prior history," Chelsey said.


"Of seeing a mob hit," I said. "No way."


"So you are saying Pete rewrote the book 'Sweets in London' in less than a week after he met you?" Chelsey asks, raising a brow.


"Yes," I said. Chelsey lowers her brow. "And you told Pete my phone number."


Chelsey laughs.


"I wouldn't do that to you," Chelsey said, shaking her head. "Not to my cool friend."


I frown.


"Chelsey," I said. "You are the only woman who knows my phone number."


"Well, Pete is a novelist," Chelsey said. "He must have found out because of some techy nut went through my contacts and listened into audio to make sure he was getting the right phone number."


"What about his phone number and ID coming up on my phone?" I ask.


"And this techy is a supposed hacker," Chelsey adds. "Maybe that is how."


My left shoulder aches yet it will work and heal to the point it doesn't bother me much in the future. Some times I wished The rock had turned me into a Asgardian instead of a Demigod. A Demigod from what I have learned is a mortal god; able to live long, can get hurt, and has powers.


Welp that totally describes every superhero in existence.


Also Demigods can die.


Keyword here is 'die'.


So that means I may or may not live out five years.


I am good at covering pain. It is a specialty I am great at; especially when the injury is minor and no one can really see why I am in pain.


"Chelsey," I said. "Do you know how to read Spanish?"


"Yes," Chelsey said.


I smile.


"Spanish phones are not hackable," I said.


"So you want me to have two phones; one for every day, and the second for just conversations with you?" Chelsey asks.


"Yes," I said, as my smile faded.


"Now I have to find a seller that sells Spanish phones," Chelsey said.


"Your problem, not mine," I said, gleefully opening the door.
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