Awaken in Asgard

A girl awakens in Asgard. The realm of the gods, to be precise. She finds herself in a cell with a criminal and ends up helping him escape without even intending to do so. Everything is different to her. She feels scared and unsure. With all those feelings the girl makes a mistake. Want to know what this mistake is? Then read it.
Book 1 of 2.


23. The last chapter

..Later that week...


"Hmm?" Pete said. "Why do you need to use my phone?"


I had seen Loki from the corner of a store back at the explosion site.


"I have to make a call," I said. "Before I go."


The suitcase is on my lap.


"All right," Pete said, handing me his phone.


I put in a phone number then put it to my ear.


"Hello?" Came a male voice. "This is SHIELD call i—"


"I know where Loki is," I interrupt the man. "He is in Oregon. Thor can find him near the explosion site where a Restaurant once stood."


"Where in Oregon?" The male voice asks.


"Coos Bay," I said. "My name is Joy Salamanders and I am a Demigod."


I press the red button ending the call.


"You are a—What?" Pete said, in a dumbfounded attitude. "I thought you were a superhuman!"


I hand Pete the phone with a smirk.


"There is a lot of Elizabeth in me that you don't know," I said. "My life is not normal."


I open the car door, unbuckle myself, and get out of the van holding the suitcase by the handle.


"Can you tell me more?" Pete asks, engrossed.


"After this, I will take you on a adventure beyond your dreams," I said. "And I promise you will live to write about it in exchange you do not follow me to where-ever I go after the adventure."


"Deal!" Pete said.


I smile, shutting the door.


Perfect way to get rid of a annoying pest, I thought turning away.


I walk towards the door rolling down my sleeves exposing my arm bands. I stop at the door then pry it open even when it is locked. I drop the door to the side still holding the handle by two fingers ever so carefully. The hallway is long and narrow to the human eye. From another perspective I am able to see Thor using some help to catch Loki in a way that is complete none of your business. The suitcase is close to my side.


The first agent gets in my way with a frown on his face.


"Who gave you clearance to come here?" The first agent asks.


"You are not suppose to be here, mam," The second agent said. "We have no orders to let a red head with arm bands in."


My grip tightens around the handle.


"Death gave me clearance," I lied, with a smile.


I use my powers to snap their necks making the men fall to the ground deceased. Anger is getting the best of me just how it would for my brother when he got mad at me. I cool myself down thinking about my main mission walking down the hallway where men are laid to the side knocked out groaning in pain. I step over over a couple in flip flops. I am not a huge fan of high heels since my last left toe is not so friendly being pressed.


I walk into a business room where at a desk sat Carl.


"You have what I want?" Carl asks, dipping his cigar into a tray.


I nod.


"I do," I said.


"Come," Carl said.


I came to the desk.


"Now open it and hand it to me," Carl said.


"I can give you more than that," I said, grinning.


I snap open the suitcase and yank out a gun. I aim the gun at Carl's forehead then clicked the trigger. A single bullet shot lodged into his head but not really bloody. It is kind of a crime scene ripped out of a show with little to no blood. I take out a knife coated in silver.


Carl is gasping for breaths as his veins are turning green.


"This is for my friend," I said, sending the knife into his chest.


"You...You...You are...." Carl said, clenching at the knife trembling.


I nod.


"A pain in the butt," I finish as he toppled over pressing a button on the desk. I have a laugh. "Your henchmen are dead!"


"That is cruel," Bob said.


"He got what he deserved," I said, turning away dropping the gun and the luggage.


I walk down the hall over the dead and some still breathing bodies. I can hear the wails of sirens echoing down from the door. I assume Pete might have ditched the joint to save his own butt. I take the window way out of the building then sneak into a business building and change my attire leaving behind the double agent in exchange for a modern attire. I put on dark sunglasses, put my hair up using a scrunchie, unbuttoned my shirt to the breast area,cover up my arm bands, and put on high heels in the storage room. Don't ask how I ended up there. I had on a gray skirt, a yellow necklace, and a blue shirt without a bra.


I left the building with men's eyes on me.


I saw the numerous police cars parked at the front door to the other half of the building yet there is no sign of Pete's vehicle.


Ah ha, I am so right.


I put on a sun hat and continue my walk down the street.


The End. ______ _________


A/N Story continues in 'Falling for a Criminal'!
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