Awaken in Asgard

A girl awakens in Asgard. The realm of the gods, to be precise. She finds herself in a cell with a criminal and ends up helping him escape without even intending to do so. Everything is different to her. She feels scared and unsure. With all those feelings the girl makes a mistake. Want to know what this mistake is? Then read it.
Book 1 of 2.


22. That Pete chapter

How do you surprise a man who majors in surprising people in his writing? I sat in the backseat under the cloak of darkness. I had got into the car with little to no problem being raised getting in the vehicle. Oregon is a place where the unexpected start to come on out into the daylight. Pete is holding a flashlight aimed at the van.


The light does not land on my faint and slumped figure.


Pete opens the door then gets in, closes the door, buckles up, and starts the car.


"Hello, Pete," I said.


Pete glances over towards the review mirror.


"Joy?" Pete said, startled. "How did you get in here?"


"I can make anything move to my command," I said, forcing the trunk open with the power of my mind. "And the power outage is all on me."


Pete's face turns into shock.


"You can make things explode?" Pete asks.


"I do," I said.


"Show me," Pete said, narrowing his eyes towards the review mirror.


The trunk closes.


"Hold on to your seat," I said.


I make the empty car alongside explode.


"Woah!" Pete said. "You just made a car explode!"


I fold my arms.


"That I did," I said.


Pete turns over towards my direction.


"May I ask why you are just telling me this?" Pete asks.


"You ave written about an underground cult around hunting down werewolves," I said. "I need one contact to slay a werewolf."


Pete raises a brow


"Why slay one of the most mesmerized creatures in the world?" Pete said.


"Chelsey," I said.


"I don't believe werewolves can be capable of doing something so dangerous as bombings," Pete said.


"One contact," I said. "In exchange I tell you Thomas Crane's secret."


"What secret?" Pete asks, raising a brow.


"He is Loki," I said.


Pete lowers his brow and a delighted facial reaction grew on his face.


"Loki is back at the godly realm in prison," Pete said.


I shook my head being serious.


"No, he is not," I said.


"How are you so sure?" Pete asks.


"Because I helped him escape, Mr WarHeart," I said.


Pete laughs.


"And he doesn't recognize you," Pete said. "He must have a bad case of Amnesia."


I wanted to laugh but this is way too serious.


"I was someone different back then," I said. "Different face, different body."


Pete has a chortle.


"Face transplant," Pete said taking out a big phone from the side compartment. "Gotcha."


Good enough for me.
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