Awaken in Asgard

A girl awakens in Asgard. The realm of the gods, to be precise. She finds herself in a cell with a criminal and ends up helping him escape without even intending to do so. Everything is different to her. She feels scared and unsure. With all those feelings the girl makes a mistake. Want to know what this mistake is? Then read it.
Book 1 of 2.


2. Seriously?

The two guards went ahead and told me they cannot let out a criminal pretending to be asleep and using a double to make his escape. My fingers roll up against the palm of my hands. Anger and disbelief set in. I am one of the most unique people in this crazy world that doesn't make sense to others. Now they say I am a fictional person.


"Did you just call me a projected holoform?" I ask, in anger.


"Yes," The guards said.


"Then can a projected holoform get slagging burns from putting their hands on the force-field?" I ask holding up my burned hands.


The two idiots stood there complexed.


"Magic," The second guard said.


"Oh and did I mention there are more unique people like me out there?" I ask, pacing back and forth speaking fast probably. "I said 'I am one of the most unique' so that means there are others. For example I am unique because I never ever complete a fanfiction I start!"


"What is she saying?" The second guard asks.


"But now I can't work on a story I started back in August!" I continue. "A original freaking story called Haunting on Malbury Street. I finished writing chapter six yesterday at 3:33 PM when nearly to the house! Now I can't go on to chapter 7 because some glitch heads think I AM NOT A REAL PERSON!"


"We do not understand a word you said," The first guard said.


"I can wake up everyone in this hall by screaming," I said. "I am a recovering FanFictionaholic and completing this story is my number one goal. It is the most important thing I have to do."


"Repeat the first part," The first guard said.


"I can wake up every slagging recharging glitch head in this hall by screaming," I said. "And then everyone will be grumpy!"


The first guard came over to the barrier then press a few button going 'beep boop' reminding me of Science Fiction movies made in the 90's. The barrier fell down making clear dear old exit. I bunny hop out of the cell landing right outside on the brown floor. I then kiss the floor repeatedly.


"How I missed you, free floor!" I said, lifting my head up in sheer joy.


And then the entire scenery became frozen.


"Thank you very much," I saw a tall man walk out of the cell then walk down the right direction ever so casually. I recall the image of a young man I had seen on Tumblr when browsing through my dashboard; the tall man reminded me strikingly of that same man except there is not a outer space like background, dark gray ground, and mountain like structures. I recall my first thought at the time being 'wait, who the slag is that?' and then accidentally scrolling in the other direction so fast I lost sight of it and never found it again. Basically the cave like structure is decorated in ice.


The tall man has dark slick back hair combed back in a way reminding me of Detective Lenny Briscoe's hair style. His skin is white as snow kind of like Snow White but no red lips. It occurred to me that the unusual man from the image appearing to be a mix of steam punk and royal is the same tall man walking away from me. Oh, he also has these shiny dark boots.


It occurred to me that the tall man had pretended to be asleep.


"WAITTT!" I shout running after the tall man. "I need just a moment of your time!"


A cute dog appeared out of no-where.


"DOGGY!" I squeal, running towards the random dog that appeared across from the man.


The dog's ears became alert and he ran.


"Come on!" I shout, running after the dog. "Let me pet your beautiful coat!"


One, two, three and jump!


I leap right over the dog with my hands out.


"Who is the cutest dog in the entire universe?" I ask. "Yoouuu aree!" I get a grip on the running dog determinedly on his long hair going against the icy floor. "Aww don't cha' be scared of little old meee!"


I rub the point where his tail comes out of his body and then the dog abruptly stops thumping his feet on the ground. Lakota loved it when I did it to her so much that she slid her paws against the floor while wagging her tail. The dog lays down as I continue and part of his tongue sticks out. I then proceed to give him a belly rub.


"That dog is not a docile creature," The tall man said.


"Nah, wrong," I said. "I once had a fighty tom cat scratch me while I played with him a lot and I didn't care because I loved Jack the cat." The dog's tail is swinging in the air back and forth. "Dogs love it when they get this side of their back rubbed/scratch/and petted."


"No, they don't," The tall man said.


"Then why is he acting so happy?" I ask.


"Because you pinned him to the ground," The tall man said.


"Hahaha,nope," I said. "Who is the most adorable long haired doggy?" The dog barks. "You are!"


The dog vanishes.


"Aww," I whine.


"That is wrong beyond so many levels," The tall man said, going right past me.


I then remember my predicament, again.


"I know what's wrong with this situation!" I said zipping right across from him and get in the way. "Me is on a planet or realm, whatever it is, and I am not working on my slagging story." I fold my arms. "Since this is a kingdom themed world I can best assume you know how to use magic. Also because those two glitch heads thought I was a damn holoform."


"Do you happen to know Jane Foster?" The tall man asks.


"Nope," I said, my voice deepening. "I want to go back home and continue working on my project, Mr Criminal guy!"


"What is Fan Fiction?" The tall man asks.


"Fiction made by fans who like anything," I said. "Now, enough of your silly questions, just send me to a short cut home and I will find my way to the house."


"It is not silly," The tall man said, with a frown. "It is a general serious question."


"I know what serious is, bustah," I said, shaking my index finger up and down repeatedly. "And that is not serious."


"What is your definition of serious, mortal?" The tall man asks.


"Uh huh, acting like you don't know my name," I said. "That is beyond lame."


"I don't know your name," The tall man said.


"LIAR!" I shout. "You were pretending to be asleep and heard every slagging word I had said!" Boy, this is the most angriest I ever have been. "My definition of serious is a grave situation being part of something so dangerous that it costs lives or very vital to someone getting out of damn danger."


"You swear like a sailor," The tall man said.


"Afthole," I said. "That is it. You are the lamest person,criminal, and magician in the entire world! I will find the short cut my own way." I march away slipping on the floor and helping myself up. "I don't need the help of a lame criminal such as you!"
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