Awaken in Asgard

A girl awakens in Asgard. The realm of the gods, to be precise. She finds herself in a cell with a criminal and ends up helping him escape without even intending to do so. Everything is different to her. She feels scared and unsure. With all those feelings the girl makes a mistake. Want to know what this mistake is? Then read it.
Book 1 of 2.


4. Really not ordinary

"This Midgard is relatively new to you,mortal," The rock said. "So I am giving you a new life. Everything."


It is storming and raining out in Oregon in the farm road. There is a Jeep Cherokee driving down the road.


"I give you five years, mortal," The rock said. "Until then I will be inside of you as another entity."


The window-shield wipers are going back and forth.


"Five years to find another mortal and kiss them," The rock said. Eww, kissing?That is disgusting. "It won't work if you kiss a Asgardian or Frost Giant." I feel like he expects me to kiss something I have no idea about. "I can do the tinkering on a mortal and change them to my will."


The Jeep Cherokee goes over several bumps in the road.


"Until then," The rock said. "You will have arm braces."


"Like Wonder Woman?" I ask.


"Yes, like Wonder Woman," The rock said. "When those five years run out, and you have not kissed a mortal; then you are mine. But if you have kissed a mortal after the last day of the five years; I have a new body and you are still mine."


I feel cold while shivering standing on the road.


"I will be watching," The rock said. "Make yourself a new identity and use it wisely."


The Jeep Cherokee comes closer and closer.


"And by the way," The rock said. "You are not mortal anymore."


I realize I am wrapped up in a big blanket.


I am on the road in the freezing rain.


The Jeep Cherokee stops one inch away. I saw a man with a brown mustache and a baseball hat come out the vehicle taking a umbrella with him. He looks generally concerned.


"Hey," The concerned man said. "What is your name?"


"Joy Salamanders," I lied. I kept thinking it over and over.


I am Joy Salamanders.


"Do you need a ride?" The concerned man asks.


I look down to my feet and saw there is nothing on, period.


"And some clothes," I said. "So of course! I need a ride to the mall being butt-naked!"


The concerned man blinks and then he looks down to my lower half.


"Oh," The concerned man said.
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