Awaken in Asgard

A girl awakens in Asgard. The realm of the gods, to be precise. She finds herself in a cell with a criminal and ends up helping him escape without even intending to do so. Everything is different to her. She feels scared and unsure. With all those feelings the girl makes a mistake. Want to know what this mistake is? Then read it.
Book 1 of 2.


10. Broken glass - Disbelief

"Maybe Captain Joy is Joy's twin," Janet theorizes.


"Well, twins wouldn't wear the same decoration," Tommy said.


"Maybe they are cosplaying," Clark suggests.


"As who?" Loki asks.


"Wonder Woman," Clark said.


"That is beyond the most ridiculous answer I ever heard," Loki said.


"This decade is not going to go any faster by your jibber jabber," Xackery said.


Loki glares up towards Xackery and the other members to Captain Joy's crew watching them from the rail while the humans are busy assembling a sled. Charlice had long left the site. Xackery puffs out a string of smoke out of a gray cigar themed machine. "Or do you not know this space year?"


"It is 2013," Loki said. Tommy is lining up a florescent light cable along the rims of the sled. "Obviously."


"Err, wrong," Xackery said. "It is 3B14."


"3B?" Loki said. Foster stops in her tracks holding a large rounded bumpy baggage shaped item in her arms. "I do not know what that means."


"3 Billion 14," Xackery said.


Foster drops what she is holding.


"We...We freaking time traveled three billion years!" Foster declares. "And everyone I know is dead," She looks so scared and panicked by the news. "We are like a ghost."


"No, you are not," Clark said. "He is kidding around," Clark grabs Foster by the shoulders. "You heard what Captain Joy said about sending us back to where we belong after helping her."


"Hah," Xackery said, with a short laugh. "A bunch of quacks. Let's go boys."


"Yeah," Xackery's second friend said. "Easily scared quacks."


Xackery and his fellow gang left leaving behind Clark to comfort Foster. Tommy glares over towards Loki with a changed attitude and a 'enough of this acting in front of these aliens' kind of look in his eyes.


"Do you know why we are here, Mr Criminal?" Tommy asks.


"I am lost as you are," Loki said. "I do not have the answers."


"By all accounts I know; you a liar," Tommy said. "And there is some unfinished business on this planet that requires you to be here." The anger in his voice is rather clear as he approached Loki. "We decided to help you in exchange you helped out on some chemical project and made sure those agents do not get so close to my friend Janet."


"But they didn't—-" Janet starts to say,but Tommy interrupts.


"You got a car wreck, Janet," Tommy said, turned towards Janet's direction. "With the vile in your purse and those guys were searching your car." He turns towards Loki's direction. "What else do we not know about you?"


"I haven't launched any invasions, lately," Loki said.


"Not the point," Tommy said. "You have an idea where we are and I want to hear it."


Foster sniffles.


"You won't like it," Loki said, after a while.


"Try me," Tommy said.


"The Bifrost has random disturbances that last for an uncertain amount of time," Loki said. "When this disturbance is over; the out of placed victims are returned to their rightful era."


"That is not answering my question," Tommy said.


"We are in a different universe," Loki said. "I do not know Joy, really, nor about the arm bands."


"The arm bands," Tommy said. "In order to get those; Waitress Joy and Captain Joy must share a common event in their lives."


"A possibility," Loki said. "But not likely."


"Or she was born that way," Clark offers.


Everyone, minus Foster, face towards Clark.


"What?" The three said.


"Maybe those arm bands are part of this Joy's race," Clark said. "And she is a rare abnormality not everyone shares."


"This does not explain why we were transported to where a woman strikingly resembling a waitress comes in calling herself a Captain and calls herself some one we know but she doesn't know us," Tommy said. "None of this is making sense."


"One time the Bifrost sent me to a universe where Thor was a Captain of a spaceship being under attack," Loki said. "I am lucky the Bifrost took me to a planet with unusual beings called Vulcans."


Everyone's jaw drops.


"...You are one lucky ass," Tommy said.


"I do not consider myself lucky," Loki said, with a frown. "How can one stand hearing the word 'logically' all day and not get on their nerves?"


The four stare at Loki in shock.


"You got on the nerves of Vulcans," Clark said.


"Yes," Loki said.


"Were you high?" Tommy asks.


"No," Loki said. "And every name of these Vulcans were incredibly short." The gangs eyebrows raised up. "I was only there for a couple years."


Tommy rubs his forehead.


"Loki," Tommy said, with a sigh. "What do you really know about this planet?"


"Well," Loki said. "The repairs on the engine seem sufficient but the spaceships's battery is down so the crew has to go get a new battery from a abandoned space station parked behind the ugly carved mountains that you wouldn't want to take a picture of yourself at."


"You have been here before," Clark said.


"No," Loki lied. "I have not. I am doing guess work. Have you not seen the movies your kind makes about these kind of situations?"


"Yes," Tommy said. "I have."


"Me too," Clark said.


"Me three," Janet adds, raising her hand up.


"Then it is no doubt there is a space station for batteries," Loki said.


Janet lowers her hand.


"Now, how long will it take to get there?" Tommy asks.


"If we have enough men power; an hour," Loki said. "Taking in the location this spaceship has crashed in, the number of guns, and sticking together." Loki points over to a window. "You see the sun is setting. Right now there is only five of us here and if we went unprepared none of us would make it."


"But you are a god," Clark said.


"For all I know I might have a bad reputation in this universe," Loki said. "Or might have faked a death or two; Odin knows what my other self has done."

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