Awaken in Asgard

A girl awakens in Asgard. The realm of the gods, to be precise. She finds herself in a cell with a criminal and ends up helping him escape without even intending to do so. Everything is different to her. She feels scared and unsure. With all those feelings the girl makes a mistake. Want to know what this mistake is? Then read it.
Book 1 of 2.


16. Broken glass - Capt Joy

"Capt," Came a squeaky cadet at the front of my desk.


I look up from the crystal blue mat with high lighted white words right towards Cadet Stottlehammer.


"Yes?" I said, light tapping on the mat.


The mat turns black as a sea of birds.


"I heard you sent 10 cadets with the humans to get batteries,Capt," Cadet Stottlehammer said, hands behind his back.


I raise a brow.


"And you are wondering if the engines are really powered by batteries," I said.


"Yes sir—" Cadet Stottlehammer starts to say but I interject.


"Do not call me 'Sir'," I said. "Nor 'mam',"  I stand up. "You may call me Captain like everyone else aboard this ship."


"Sorry Capt," Cadet Stottlehammer apologizes.


"You have a question on your mind," I said. "One below the second question you have asked."


Cadet Stottlehammer nods.


"Capt, did the engines really lose power during the assault by the random Flog space ship?" Cadet Stottlehammer asks.


I sigh.


"We cannot be really sure," I said.


"Capt,"  Cadet Stottlehammer said. "The cadets and I have been wondering why you were so sure that the engine's lost power when they do not need batteries."


"Listen straight and carefully,Cadet Stottlehammer," I said. "This vessel was made back 800 years ago when our kind had  been big on electricity."


"I suppose my mother will speak to you about using a out dated vessel once returning to Fleto," Cadet Stottlehammer said.


I sigh.


There is a pain in the rear for having rich people involved in the defense of Fleto. Their connections are relatively strong enough to take someone out of their job without a question and be burned. Humans naturally call it a 'Burn notice' on their planet. Earth has since been replaced a couple billion years ago with a whole new planet and a new sun; new history, landmass,continents, and new species. This transition had been done over one night using what population of Earth had been asleep. My kind relocated the former planet and its star in another place where lives wouldn't perish. They were beamed essentially into duplicate buildings. Within 10 years humanity had adjusted to their new founded animal species living among the animals that originated on Earth.


The Flogs, on the other hand, are a bit like cyborgs merged into human bodies wearing armor programmed into them.


They just really, really, really are interested in having a new flare of their own characterized in body parts of my kind.


That means they take any outer space opportunity, period.


"Cadet Stottlehammer," I said walking alongside the table. "Tell me about the legend of your great ancestor being able to die and not truly able to die."


Cadet Stottlehammer laughs.


"It is a story, Capt,"  Cadet Stottlehammer said. "Nothing more."


I sit on the edge of the table.


"I heard your family came to this world a billion years ago," I said. "And your family still has some Asgardian in them."


Cadet Stottlehammer rolls his eyes


"She ticked off a god and got what she deserved, end of story," Cadet Stottlehammer said. "That story of her father being a Asgardian is a work of fiction made up by my great 18th Grandfather."


"But you are familiar to it," I said.


"Sadly I am," Cadet Stottlehammer said, with a depressed sigh. "You only know about her immortality part; you just don't know what she did afterwards because of it."


"Enlighten me,"  I said.


Cadet Stottlehammer seems to be reluctant to tell.


"I wouldn't," Cadet Stottlehammer said. "Please, answer my first question, how are you sure about wasting lives?"


"Excuse me, but we are not in space, Cadet," I said, sliding off the edge. "That is how I am sure."


There is a beeping sound from my ear bud.


"Captain Joy Salamanders; Cadet Simon Roosevelt The Third's life signature has been terminated," The ear bud informs me.


Oh god.


"Any chance you still have a bit of Asgardian in you?"  I ask.


"No,"  Cadet Stottlehammer said.


"Not even a bit?" I ask.


"No, Capt," Cadet Stottlehammer said. "It phrased out 10 generations ago."


"Cadet, please leave," I said. "You just confirmed to me the story is true."


Cadet Stottlehammer left the room.


I tap on the mat two times.


A floating screen appears in front of me.


"Body parts retrieval level!" Scotty McClay chirps.


Scotty LOVES his job.


No question about it.


"I want you to retrieve a cadet's body," I said. "Outside."


Scotty stares at me, then blinks repeatedly.


"In the dark?" Scotty asks, unsure.


"In the dark," I said, with a nod.


"You are insane," Scotty said.


I laugh.


"I have been called a lot of things," I said.  Sometimes I hate the arrogant, big headed, scandalous rich people and sometimes I love them. It is a love-hate relationship for rich people and I.  "But it is not in the dark you are going to be doing this search in. You will have light. And you will not bleed."


"What if there is not enough body parts to get?"  Scotty asks.


Then that is not acceptable, I thought.


"You have machines to extract bones," I remind Scotty.


"But we'll be around a lot of blood and it will be a blood bath!" Scotty said. "Those moth beasts are vicious."


"Scotty, that blood belonged to one person and he is pretty dead by now," I said. "No excuse to not retrieve his skeleton."


Scotty has a pause.


"...You gonna call Catherine?" Scotty asks.


"Yes," I said. "And we will make a life like version of Simon for the funeral that will be held in Fleto."


"Good luck," Scotty said.


I smile tapping on the mat two times then begin typing in a unique phone number all on the keyboard glowing a bright tint of blue.


"Hello?" Catherine appears on the screen.


I sat down into the chair.


Catherine is a natural blonde, her face is shaped like a heart, and she has a small mole on the right side of her face. She has thin dark eyebrows, messy blonde hair, rosy lips, and feline characteristics dotting her neck/shoulders/cheeks.  Catherine has one hand on her rather bulging very pregnant stomach. I can tell she is due any day now. Too bad the kid is not going to have a biological daddy in her life, I thought putting my hands together on the mat in a fist.


"Hello Mrs Roosevelt," I said. "You need to sit down for this," Catherine sits down into a chair combing through her hair putting to the side out of her way. Okay Captain Joy, let it out. "This is Captain Joy Salamanders of the Cadential-Prise ship, and, this call concerns your husband." Her face turns a shade of white, dread, and despair. "I have bad news."


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