Awaken in Asgard

A girl awakens in Asgard. The realm of the gods, to be precise. She finds herself in a cell with a criminal and ends up helping him escape without even intending to do so. Everything is different to her. She feels scared and unsure. With all those feelings the girl makes a mistake. Want to know what this mistake is? Then read it.
Book 1 of 2.


12. Broken glass - a point comes

...3 hours later...


10 cadets are sent with the gang to retrieve these new batteries. Well, where do we begin our scene? Perhaps we start it at the exit to the spaceship being lowered down to the ground. Why yes, this is where it begins. There is plenty of oxygen for some one to breath while walking around the planet so that means no astronaut suits need to be worn.


The insides of white hangar glows white because of the beaming lights.


The gray platform lands on the ground with a thud clearing dust out of the way.


We should name these 10 cadets.


The first one is Xackery Tolice, a young man with metal claws instead of hands and a jaggered scar going down his left cheek right below his left eye. Xackery stares back at the darkness in a way mirroring the following male cadets; Charlice Care, Lane, Simon, Robin,Paul Teller, and Foreman Greece. The female cadets are Jenny, Tara, and Megan Melton.


"Know that if you fall in this trek I will take full responsibility for your death," Captain Joy said. "You are thoroughly trained—and hopefully capable of obeying my orders to stay together—" She sends a glare towards Simon and Robin. "To shoot down these Pterodactyl moths using your guns."


Captain Joy goes to the side.


"If you see one of the Pterodactyl creep into the light you must shoot it," Captain Joy said. "Long as you are out there; most of the animals will be following you rather than launching attacks on our vessel. Is this clear?"


"Yes sir," Most of the cadets said.


Now let's describe the sled.


There are 15 people in this group.


A sled needs to be pulled, right?


All right now imagine a Humvee; one that is commonly used in war settings. So far we are getting close to the sled's appearance. Take way the wheels, add sled parts,and remove the roof. Next make it big enough like a medicaid bus often being short comparably like a cutaway van. At the back of the sled add two machine guns,to the front add one row of seats for the driver and to the back add one row in front of the machine guns,now give it a dashboard, and finally all decorated lights all hooked into an outlet with plenty of endless power. Don't ask where the endless power comes from.


Underneath the sled is four rounded holes with fans.  
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