Awaken in Asgard

A girl awakens in Asgard. The realm of the gods, to be precise. She finds herself in a cell with a criminal and ends up helping him escape without even intending to do so. Everything is different to her. She feels scared and unsure. With all those feelings the girl makes a mistake. Want to know what this mistake is? Then read it.
Book 1 of 2.


20. Apologize guy

...That night...


...At my apartment...


I jerk awake when the room became bright. I rub my eyes.


"It isn't morning yet, Jane," I said.


"I am very morry for flipping that switch," Came a male voice.


"It's okay,Jane," I said, falling back on the bed.


"My name is not Jane," Came a male voice.


I lunge forwards flipping my eyes open and flail out of bed. I land on the ground with a hard thump. I use the bed as my support to get up seeing a strange man with a gray mustache smoking a cigar. He kind of reminded me of a ideal epic badass werewolf detective guy I had in mind in a wild west town scenery. I can see the gun sheath poking out alongside his dark brown belt with a silver buckle imprinted by a scorpion image at the middle. He held a watch chained to his breast coat pocket in his left hand.


"Sorry," The man apologizes, closing the lid to the watch using two fingers. "My English is a little musty."


I get up grabbing the lamp.


"Who the hell are you?" I ask.


"Would you prefer English or in my language?" The old man asks.


I growl.


"English, slag it," I said.


"Cybertronian slang," The old man said, putting the golden watch into his breast pocket. "Not many people know that."


I lower the lamp.


"You are a fan of them," The old man continues.


"What is in your right mind to refer straight to Transformers while in a woman's bedroom illegally?" I ask.


"I thought I could better connect," The old man said.


"Apparently that is not helping," I raise the lamp up. "Give me one good slagging reason why I shouldn't beast your sorry ass up with a lamp."


"I am in need of your service, Miss Salamanders," The old man said.


Great, feels like I am in a movie. You know like one of those movies going on about 'the chosen one'? That is how I feel right about now. I remember reading a book back a couple years ago featuring a kid battling the darkness that tried to trick him into giving it something vital like a symbol. It even used the figure of his mother. I remember there being a snowstorm that isolated everyone in the town later in the story. I have to admit that book wasn't really good and I have forgotten the name of it since then.


"The only service I have is taking people's orders and giving them to the cooks," I said.


"You are helping Bob of Asgard," The old man said. "His rock is not in it's confinement. It didn't take me long after hearing the body of a mortal had been found..." His eyes brighten. "I realized then my good friend has succeeded in swaying a mortal to help him," He stops leaning against the wall lowering down his cigar. "You are quite special."


I laugh.


"Bob?" I ask, laughing and shaking my head. "Is that the name of the Rock?"


"Yes," The old man said.


"Oh my primus," I laugh. "That is freaking entertaining!"


And then I chase the old man out of my apartment in my PJ'S. Some people stuck their heads out of the doors to see what is going on like children overhearing a parent's conversation about visiting Disney Land. I sigh turning away closing the door behind me.


"I am not leaving until you take the time to listen and decide," Came the old man.


I raise my head up in horror.


There he stood leaning against the table with a hat on smoking a cigar.


"Don't trust him," Bob said. "And yes, Bob is my name. His name, on the other hand, is Carl."


I straighten myself up.


"What if Bob doesn't want me to help?" I ask.


The old man (Aka Carl) takes out a small silent gun.


"You can't reflect every bullet, mortal girl," Carl said.


"My name is Joy," I said. "Joy Salamanders."


"No," Bob said. "He wouldn't do that to me."


"And he is trying to assure you I wouldn't," The old man said. "Well Salamanders, after I kill you, I will move on to those friends in the Bill Jill Restaurant and kill them too."


"He is bluffing," Bob said.


I drop the lamp.


The lamp breaks into pieces leaving glass every where.


"Start talking about this request," I said. "Before I send you somewhere full of technology and blow you up."


"Oh so desperate," Carl said. "Have you forgotten that silver bullets alone can kill werewolves?"


"I take back the last part," I said. "But not the first part."


"Don't say I told you he was bluffing," Bob said, sounding annoyed.


"Oh shut it," I said, right as Carl is about to say something. "No,not you. The guy in my head." I point towards Carl. "You explain."
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