Awaken in Asgard

A girl awakens in Asgard. The realm of the gods, to be precise. She finds herself in a cell with a criminal and ends up helping him escape without even intending to do so. Everything is different to her. She feels scared and unsure. With all those feelings the girl makes a mistake. Want to know what this mistake is? Then read it.
Book 1 of 2.


5. Adjusting to a new life

I have to adjust to my sudden change. I did not have short brown hair; I had long red hair being curly as it can be and oh primus it is a mess to comb through. I remember why I cut my hair as a young girl so irritated by the knots made when mom combed my hair. When I got my hands on some scissors I then gave myself a haircut.


My new red short curly hair reaches to the jawline.


So much better.


I am not short as I had been before and I am taller; finally. I have the looks of a young woman in her twenties with two arm bands. The only red head I know of as a celebrity is the actor for Amy Pond in Doctor Who being Karen Gillan. Guess that is the best example of the day, however my face does not resemble Karen's.


The man who picked me up in the rain is Jacob Steel, Junior.


I also learned what The rock meant by 'This Midgard'.


"Why were you so surprised it is not November?" Jacob asks, washing the dishes.


I am sitting at the table lost in my thoughts.


"Seesh," Jacob said, with a sigh. "And women say men don't listen."


My gaze is fixated on the table.


"Joy Salamanders," Jacob said, raising his voice.


I snap out of my zone.


"Yes?" I said.


"Why are you surprised it is not November?" Jacob asks, putting the clean dish on a rack beside the sink.


"I don't know," I lied.


"And reacting like you can't believe it is 2013?" Jacob said. "Something is definitely up."


I come from the year 2011.


Today's date is February 1st,2013.


Most of the places that a person would normally go to after finding someone like me are closed. All of them happened to be closed. Jacob is letting me stay for the night on the couch in some clothes his sister hadn't taken with her. I detagged the clothes using the scissors. So what else can I tell? I was sent here by a talking rock that changed my appearance, my age, and my looks under the terms that I kiss a mortal in 5 years then I can be sent back home after giving him a host.


Well, there is no point in not telling.


So I told Jacob.


"That's one nutty rock," Jacob said, putting away a clean glass cup into a open cabinet. "Sure you didn't die?" He then rubs a soapy rag along a blue plate above the mess of white bubbles floating on the water surface. "Because from the sounds of what happened after putting your hand on the glass; he might have given you a entirely new body and left your destroyed body back at the basement."


Even after mentioning Loki, Jacob is more focused on what happened.


"Nah," I said. "Not possible."


"Transferring souls is a easy thing to do for magical related items," Jacob said.


I roll an eye.


"And I am not kissing any random stranger I just met," Jacob adds. "I am waiting for the one."


"You are waiting for your soul mate?" I ask.


"Yes," Jacob said.


"And you do realize she is not going to find you on her own," I said. "You have to do the searching."


Jacob has a low laugh.


"I do not use the internet as some folks do," Jacob said. "I go to the city and be social...You just happened to be lucky I was in traffic for hours."


Some of the movies I have seen and the news about traffic made it believable.


"I am surprised you didn't get alarmed when I mentioned a god," I said.


"I don't watch much TV," Jacob said. "And all the girls want to talk about the battle in New York City involving that Loki fellow; I am like 'I don't know about that'!"


I raise a brow.


"New York City, again?" I ask.


"Yep," Jacob said. "It always gets hit."


I laugh.


"So true," I said. "What is your occupation?"


Jacob turns away grinning.


"I hunt the things that go bump in the night," Jacob said. "The ones without souls at least."


"What goes bump in the night?" I ask.


"You should know," Jacob said.


"I do not know," I said. "That phrase is new to me."


"The supernatural," Jacob said. "Some of them are solid and some of them are not. I hunt the ones that become solid at will."


"So you hunt demons," I said.


"Yep," Jacob said. I hear creaking above so I look up towards the ceiling. "Don't mind them. They are just repeating a hockey game." I look towards Jacob. "Nice young couple, except they are deceased, all is well if you don't dwell into their made for child's room. It's for a child not an adult."


I blink.


"A hockey game is going on in the kids room?" I ask.


"No," Jacob said. "It is going on in the attic. The attic is quite roomy for two."


"Then why are they repeating it?" I ask.


"It was one of their happiest times together before death do they part," Jacob said.


"...I don't understand the last part," I said.


"It was their happiest moment before death," Jacob said.


"Ooh," I said.


There is a loud booming sound coming down the hall.


"...Damn it," Jacob said, putting down the dish on the counter beside the sink.


Jacob opens a door below the sink then takes out a large hot gun item except it is not a shot gun. It reminded me of a weapon I described in chapter 5 to Haunting on Malbury Street except not quite. The style of the gun must be a reason why I thought that. Jacob opens the side of the gun then takes out a far unusual bullet out of a box then slips it into the hole. He put three strange bullets inside the gun then closes the lid and shuts the door below the sink.


"What is it?" I ask.


"A demon I hadn't really killed," Jacob said. "People go to me when their church or other help can't get rid of their problem." He turns the faucet off. "Joy, do not follow me."


"Okay," I said.


Jacob went past me holding the gun.


It occurred to me that Loki must have been connected to 'Battle of New York City' in some way that he ended up in a cell. Which also explains why they referred to him as a criminal. Loki had orchestrated the Battle of New York City and apparently failed.


So I waited.
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