Awaken in Asgard

A girl awakens in Asgard. The realm of the gods, to be precise. She finds herself in a cell with a criminal and ends up helping him escape without even intending to do so. Everything is different to her. She feels scared and unsure. With all those feelings the girl makes a mistake. Want to know what this mistake is? Then read it.
Book 1 of 2.


6. A phrase to send chills down

"You smell Demigod,"


A phrase that a person normally does not hear. Now when did I hear this phrase? I am afraid I have to start from the beginning and work my way to when I heard it. I had been told by The rock in my dream one night: " You can not just kiss a mortal stranger; you must have known for a long time. Another reason why I made it five years."


It is March 5th, 2013.


It is Tuesday in Oregon at 7:28 AM.


Now since it is morning I have gone to keep track of the customers and been able to guesstimate when a regular will be coming. There is a regular band of people stationed at a seat kind of reminding me of a couch except it is not for there being a table in between the two red long comfy seats. I do not know what to call those seats but for now I call them 'the long seats'. There is four people in this band.


There is Tommy Lee Jones, Sarah Foster, Janet Alice,and Bryan Clark.


Tommy is mostly referred to by Tom, Sarah is mostly called by Foster, Janet is called Janet, and Bryan is mostly referred to by Clark. So that makes it two people like being called by their last names. But today they have a extra member in the group at the left hand side of the table.


"May I take you order?" I ask, holding a pen and notepad.


"Yeah, bacon and eggs with toast," Tom said.


The young man with spiky hair turns towards me. Suddenly my left eye saw him as Loki the godly criminal and my right eye saw him as a young man with spiky yellow blonde hair.


"Same as Tom," Clark said. "But scrambled and I want some chocolate milk with it."


"Same as usual," Foster and Janet said.


I stare at the godly criminal while jotting down their orders feeling my skin run cold.


"And who is this new guy?" I ask, putting on a fake surprised look.


"Thomas Crane," Loki said. "I want sausage, two sunny side up eggs, two bacon, orange juice, and some napkins."


"Okay Thomas," I said. "Welcome to Coos Bay, Oregon."


"He is sooo not new," Janet said, with a dreary sigh. "Thomas has been here, like, forever!"


"I have known Thomas since I was a kid," Clark chips in.


There is a bay across from the city called Sunset Bay where people surf the waves, swim, and get sun tans. Coos Bay is the largest city on the Oregon Coast because of the population numbers being past 15k in the 2010 census. I nod pretending to go along with what they are saying.


I turn away after taking their orders then begin going past.


That is when Loki grabbed my wrist making me stop dead in my tracks.


"You smell Demigod," Loki said, raising a brow. That phrase alone sent chills down my skin. "Do I know you from somewhere?"


"No," I said, sliding my hand out of his grip.


Loki lowers his brow.


"Why are you wearing arm bands?" Loki asks.


"Lay off the waitress, pal," Tom said.


Unlike other waitresses I didn't wear a name tag. Loki turns towards Tom with a frown. Thank primus for the silver arm bands or else Loki's hand would have left behind a mark on my skin because I don't go outside a lot so that makes easier for markings to be obvious. I rip out the paper then put it on the metal spinner along with two other orders.


"Hey Salamanders," Pete WarHeart said.


I turn away from the counter towards Pete.


"Yes?" I said.


"I saw you turn white as a ghost with the new guy," Pete said, leaning his elbows on the table. "Seems like you know him."


I laugh it off.


"Hahaha," I said. "Nice one."


"I may be a best selling novelist but that look on your face," Pete said, shaking his hand. "That is a give way."


Pete's pen name is Richard Castle.


I do not know why he chose the alias 'Richard Castle' to go by but that is a question he has never answered. I go over to the coffee machine, take a mug out, then fill up the drink for him knowing Pete like the back of my hand. Pete is a man of habit that I know for sure because he watches people come in and out until 12 where he goes on his daily business outside of the building. Pete had told me he is making a new story based on a woman named Elizabeth Sweets; a kick ass con artist working with the FBI to solve cases all over the place with a novelist named Bryan Skyler.


I put the mug on the table in front of Pete once it is full.
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