What is more important?

Jenna, Kacey, and Carissa are the best of friends, they are inseparable. Jenna had Harry, Kacey had Niall, and Carissa had Zayn, but when the three girls start to fall for different guys, their friendship is put to the test. There is fighting, chaos, cheating, lying and much more. Can Liam and Louis put a stop to this madness, or will the pack be separated forever?


2. Chapter two

Jenna's point of view


As all three of us entered the saloon I saw a good friend of mine, that does my hair, her name is Emily.


"Hello Emily!" I called from the other side of the saloon. 


She was doing someone else's hair, cutting it and styling it the way that the girl wanted it. She waved from her stand and put her finger up to her mouth, indicating I was being too loud. I laughed, mouthed 'sorry' and sat down on the purple leather couch thay was used as a waiting section. Kacey and Carissa sat down next to me. We waited for a little bit until the lady showed up at the desk. Carissa and I stood up and walked over. We told the lady our appointments and she showed us where to sit. Kacey stayed on the couch and looked at a magazine that was sitting down on the glass table in front of her.


Emily walked over to me once she was finished with the other girl. She touched my hair and combed through it with her fingers. 


"Hello Jenna! I haven't seen you in like two weeks!" She made a puppy face, then smiled.

"Emily, I know, I miss you!" I smiled.

"How is Harry?" She asked.

"Great," I smiled, "how is James?"

"We broke up," she sighed.


I covered my mouth and told her I was so sorry for bringing it up. She said it was okay and she started on my hair while we talked about other everyday things and how our lives have been. Emily was into the cute, shy type. She just liked to get to know someone and find out everything about them. She liked the mystery of their life. Emily was your average tye-dye loving girl who had dirty blonde hair and always wore eyeliner and it looked amazing on her. She was naturally beautiful and didn't need makeup. 


Once she was finished my highlights, it was about two hours later and Carissa was almost done. I thanked her and invited her to come over for dinner on Kacey's birthday. She gladly accepted the invite and said hello to the other girls. 


I sat down next to Kacey and she was clearly bored. She was onto a different magazine. When I pointed to my hair she told me it looked nice and I thanked her. Carissa finished shortly after and we payed the front desk, said our goodbyes and left.


We decided to go to T.G.I Fridays and drove through the city. Once we arrived, Carissa stepped out of the car and so did Kacey and I. Behind us, we heard the door lock and the little beep indicating the door was locked. Once we walked into the restaurant, we saw the lady dressed in black with her red hair in a ponytail. 


"How many today?" She asked.

"Three," Carissa said, smiling.


The girl looked down at the seating chart, and crossed something out with the black dry erase marker.


"Please follow me," she smiled.


All three of us followed the girl as her ponytail dangled back and forth. She sat us down at a booth and left. We looked at the menu and made small conversation, laughing and enjoying ourselves. When the waitress came back, asking for our drink order.


"I will have a coke," Kacey said.

"Water for me," Carissa spoke.

"And I will have a Shirley Temple please!" I smiled.


She nodded, left and came right back a few minutes later with our drinks. We thanked her and started sipping them, enjoying our refreshments. 


"Do you know what you will have to order?" She asked.

"May I please have the chicken nugget plate with buffalo sauce and fries?" Carissa asked.

"Yes, you may, and for you?" She looked at me.

"I will have the parmesan crusted chicken with the side tomato salade please!" I said.

"Okay, and lastly, what would you like," the waitress asked Kacey.

"Vegan burger please with fries and ranch," Kacey exclaimed.

"Those will be right up, girls!"

"Thank you!" All three of us said.


She left the table and we talked about our boyfriends. We all loved them, and could picture the rest of our lives with eachother. I was so happy for Carissa and Zayn, Kacey and Niall. They were perfect for one another. Just like Harry and I.


After a while, the waitress came over with our food. Kacey took a big bite out of her burger.


"Mmm, delicious!" She exclaimed.

"Mine is really great too!" I smiled.

"Mine is cold, of course," Carissa was mad. She doesn't take any bull from others. 


Carissa flagged down the waitress and she asked what was wrong. Carissa explained the story, with annoyance in her voice.


"I am so sorry, the chicken came out first and we must not have warmed it completely before giving it to you," the waitress was very kind.

"Alright, but I would like this taken off the bill please," Carissa was upset. 

"Yes of course," the waitress sighed.

"Carissa, seriously?" Kacey asked.

"I refuse to pay for food that is cold," Carissa was upset.


Kacey rolled her eyes.


"I thought Jenna was the drama queen, I guess I was wrong," Kacey laughed.


I giggled, but Carissa didn't think it was a funny joke. She got up and left.


"Carissa, wait up!" I yelled, putting money on the table, I barely touched my salade but at least I finished my chicken.

"Oh my gosh," Kacey sighed.

"Come on Kacey," I said as I walked out of the restaurant with her behind me.


Carissa was already in her car. She looked at us, and sped off.


"Carissa, please stop!" I called, but it was too late, she was already on the busy road. 

"Want me to call Niall?" Kacey asked.

"No, it's okay, Harry told me last night he was going to be in town, so Niall doesn't have to come all the way here, Harry is somewhere on Fifth Ave I think," I explained.


Kacey nodded as I took out my phone, dialed the seven numbers and listened to the ring.


"Harry speaking."

"Hey, it's me."

"Hi babe, everything alright?"

"No, Carissa left, and we are stuck at T.G.I.F, would you please come get us?" I asked.

"Of course, I will be there in five minutes, okay?"

"Mhm, thank you so much."

"Anytime, I love you."

"I love you too."


We both hung up and waited outside in the snowy weather, yet we were both stupid enough to wear summer outfits. Of course this would happen to us.


Carissa Point Of View


As I drove home, I kept thinking of how rude it was of Kacey to say what she said to me. She could have stuck up for me, but nope, instead she said the total opposite thing than helping me. Sometimes I can't stand her. Last summer, Niall and I had a thing, but once he met Kacey, he ditched me for her. I started thinking to myself how much I missed Niall, and how good of revenge it would be if I had a little one night stand with him. Not just for the chicken, but for stealing the guy I could have possibly been with. 


I almost forgot about Zayn. How could I do that to him? I pondered back and forth about what I should do. I remembered that he always has his eyes on Jenna, so I really don't feel bad for Zayn. I am going to do it...I am going to win Niall back...

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