What is more important?

Jenna, Kacey, and Carissa are the best of friends, they are inseparable. Jenna had Harry, Kacey had Niall, and Carissa had Zayn, but when the three girls start to fall for different guys, their friendship is put to the test. There is fighting, chaos, cheating, lying and much more. Can Liam and Louis put a stop to this madness, or will the pack be separated forever?


1. Chapter one

Authors Note: This story will be told from mostly Jenna's point of view. Also, if you have read my other Movella, you know it got reported and has been deleted by me because there was too many edits I had to make, I am so sorry! Hopefully you enjoy this Movella as much as I do :)


​Jenna's point of view


I woke up next to my beautiful boyfriend, Harry. He was shirtless, like always when we slept. His abs were gorgeous and the way he smelled was extraordinary. I curled up into his chest, indicating that I wanted to cuddle with him. He wrapped his arm around me and I smiled. I kissed his cheek and lied there for about a half hour before I got up to go make breakfast for the eight people that live in this huge mansion.


Once I untangled my body away from Harry, I pulled the perfect silk white duvet off of myself and stood up, revealing my light pink Victorias Secret panties and an oversized white sweatshirt with their logo PINK right on the chest area. My hair was naturally light brown and fell to my belly button when dry and half straightened from yesterday. I threw my head down and put it into a messy bun. My blonde highlights looked extra blonde when my hair was up.


I studied myself in the white bureau mirror and noticed that my brown roots were coming in. I figured I would go get my hair dyed later. As I left the perfectly white huge bedroom, I walked down the carpeted stairs. I arrived in the kitchen after I walked by a few more rooms. No one was up yet, I was an early riser. I looked at the clock from the microwave. It read 7:06. I had about twenty-five minutes before Kacey would get up. She usually wakes up not too much later than I do.


I walked over to the double fridge and opened the doors. It revealed more food than anyone could imagine, but I knew exactly where the milk was. I took it from the top shelf, though I had to reach by standing on my tippy-toes. I closed the fridge doors and poured milk into six out of eight of the white china glasses that I had set up along the dining table. Zayn and I hated milk. Instead, I poured apple juice into my cup, and orange into Zayn's.


Once I was finished with the drinks, I grabbed a package of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries out of the fridge. I cut the huge strawberries in half and poured them into a big bowl. Next, I poured the rest of the berries into the same bowl, and mixed it all around with a spoon. I put that huge bowl of fruit salad into the middle of the mahogany dining room table. 


Time flew by as I went into the cabinet and got out a waffle maker. Everyone liked it when I made waffles, so I decided to stick with that plan. It was 7:30, but Kacey still wasn't up. I poured water into the waffle mix, and one by one, I made thirteen waffles. Two waffles for each of the boys, and one for each of the girls.  


Once I finished the waffles, and set them down on the plates, I took the syrup and butter out of the fridge and set them down on the table.


Not much later, I heard footsteps coming down the long staircase. I knew who it was, when she walked through the doorway. The bleach blonde hair, that came up to her shoulders, and bright baby blue eyes. It was Carissa.


Out of all three of us girls, she is the most formal. Carissa is always wearing dresses or pantsuits like she was ready for an interview. Even when she went to bed, she wore a formal nightgown. I was very girly, obsessed with Victorias Secret, pink, and just girly stuff. Kacey, if it is possible, she is more of a grunge, tumblr type. Always wearing tiger shirts and quote shirts, with outrageous legging prints. 


Carissa was up earlier than usual. She came toward me yawning, and I smiled.


"You are up early!" I smiled.

"I smelled those waffles," she winked, "they smell amazing, Jenna!" She finished.

"Thank you!" I laughed.

"What are we going to do today?" She asked.


I remembered my roots.


"Lets go to the saloon!" I exclaimed.

"Yes! I have to fill in my roots," Carissa sighed.

"So do I," I pointed to the top of my head.


We both laughed and walked over to the living room, where we sat down on the white leather imported couch and talked about different things. It was a pretty cold day, we lived up in New York off city, in a small town, where we could have space for all eight of us. Since it was December 5th, it was very snowy and windy, so we decided to start a fire in the fire place.


Carissa was better than me with survival things like starting fires or shooting guns. If any of us survived in a zombie apocalypse, it would be Carissa. Once she was finished, we sat next to the fire, keeping warm and drinking our chai lattes, Carissa and my favorite. Twenty minutes later, Louis came down the stairs, and smiled at Carissa and I. 


"Good morning Louis!" I smiled.


"How did you sleep?"

"Pretty good, how about you?"


"Good morning!" Carissa joined into the conversation. 


Louis smiled and waved at her. They had a conversation while I went into the kitchen and found Niall and Zayn talking about what to get Kacey for her birthday, which was in three days. I joined into the convo, but it was cut short by a sleepy Kacey coming into the kitchen. 


Kacey had sweatpants on and a big tee-shirt. Her almond-brown hair was tied into a messy side braid. Her hair fell to the bottom of her chest, near her ribcage, longer than Carissa's, but shorter than mine. She waved and rubber her mascara stained eyes, from sleeping on them. 


"What were you guys talking about?" She noticed that we stopped right as she came into the room.

"Absolutely nothing babe!" Niall kissed her.


She smiled but rolled her eyes.


The last two boys, Liam and Harry came down the stairs one right after the other and Harry came up to me and hugged me, and we kissed.


"Get a room," Liam teased.


We all laughed.


"Guys, Jenna made breakfast!" Carissa called out to everyone.


One by one, everyone piled into the kitchen and sat down. As the eight empty chairs went to eight full chairs, all the boys pigged out, and the girls ate delicately, showing the feminism. 


"Thank you, Jenna!" Kacey said, with a mouth full of berries.

"Thank you," everyone else chimed in.

"Anytime!" I smiled.


Once everyone was done eating, Carissa and I went upstairs to get ready. I changed into white high waisted shorts and a pastel-pink tight-fitted crop top, with a white long necklace and my favorite white vans. I straightened my hair, letting it fall, and put it in my usual half-up, half-down hairstyle. I put on mascara, making my eyelashes pop up and foundation, coverup, and bronzer, contouring my cheeks. Lastly, I highlighted them, and covered them with a rosy blush. 


I walked into Carissa's room and saw her wearing a short yet formal beige dress from Coach making her look like she was about to go on stage for a talk show. She wore black strappy sandals to match and pearl earrings with a pearl necklace. Her blonde hair was lightly curled and was finishing her makeup. She was onto her mascara. Carissa's eyelashes were perfect, always huge. 


"Want me to invite Kacey?" I asked.

"Definitely!" She smiled.


I walked out of the room, and went down the hall to Kacey's room. I knocked softly on the door, since it was closed.


"Almost done, is that Jenna?" She could tell by the way I knocked lightly.

"Mhm!" I called.

"Come in!" She said as I opened the door. 


Kacey had her favorite camo crop top with black ripped shorts with the pockets sticking out. Her spiky necklace went perfect with that outfit and so did her black and white high top converse. Her hair was always straightened, but today was different. It was lightly curled like Carissa's and her face is flawless so she only wears mascara. Neither Kacey or I could see, so she had her black glasses on, but I always wore green contacts. 


"Whatcha need?" Kacey wondered.

"Carissa and I were wondering if you would like to come to the saloon with us? Both of us need to fill in our roots," I smiled.

"I don't need to do anything to my hair today, but I will still come! After want to grab lunch?" Kacey asked.

"Of course!" I said.


Both of us walked out of the room.


"Carissa, we are heading into the car!" Kacey yelled.

"Okay, I will be down in a minute," Carissa called.

"I call shotgun!" I exclaimed, clapping my hands fast.

"I want to drive!" Carissa yelled before Kacey could.


Kacey sighed but went downstairs to say good-bye to Niall. She hugged him and they made out forever before she got into the car.


"Where are you going?" Harry asked.

"Saloon and out to lunch, I will see you later!" I smiled and kissed him. 


I got into Carissa's black Buick and waited with Kacey. Carissa came out holding Zayn's hand, and they said their goodbyes hugging, then kissing. She hopped in the car and started it up. I controlled the radio while she backed out of the driveway. I turned the volume all the way up when I heard my favorite song, One Last Time, by Ariana Grande. All three of us sang to it, giggled and laughed. We arrived into the city and pulled into the saloon parking lot. All three of us got out and went into the huge white building labeled FairHair.


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