What is more important?

Jenna, Kacey, and Carissa are the best of friends, they are inseparable. Jenna had Harry, Kacey had Niall, and Carissa had Zayn, but when the three girls start to fall for different guys, their friendship is put to the test. There is fighting, chaos, cheating, lying and much more. Can Liam and Louis put a stop to this madness, or will the pack be separated forever?


4. Chapter four

Jenna's Point of view 


I left Niall's room still unsure of what to think. I was upset that he would do such a thing to Kacey and Carissa would do that to Zayn. If it was just a one time thing, I could keep quiet. But if I found out that they were lying to me, I couldn't keep that from either of them. It wasn't right of me. It was none of my business but still, I would want to know if Harry was cheating on me. That made me wonder...was he?


I shook that thought out of my mind, Harry would never ever do that to me. He loves me too much. The thought still made me nervous though. I went into Harry's room because I remembered he still hadn't talked to me yet.


As I walked down the hallway, I neared the door but heard angry voices. It came from Liam and Louis. I went into that room instead of going to see Harry. 


I knocked quietly, and the voices stopped.


"Come in," Liam said.


I opened the door softly.


"I heard you two yelling, is everything okay?" I asked.

"Of course, just a fight we were having," Louis said.

"What was it?" I wanted to know.

"You can't tell anyone this," Louis said.


I nodded, letting them know I wouldnt.


"Liam is leaving. He is part of a gang that we didn't know about, he never told anyone and was just packing his stuff about to leave when I came in to ask a question. I asked him what was going on and he told me. He is going to California to live on the streets and kill people for a living. It's pathetic," Louis groaned.

"It's not like that!" Liam yelled.

"Tell us what it is like then Liam!" I said, half yelling.

"You can't know, it is private," Liam muttered.

"Private from your best friends?" I screamed.

"Shut up, Jenna they are going to hear you!" Liam whispered. 

"Sorry," I said.

"Liam, why can't you tell us what is going on? How long have you been in this 'gang'?" Louis asked.

"Three years, now can I please finish packing? And you cannot know, I will be back within a few months, don't worry," Liam said.

"The others need to know, don't you think it is a little unfair to them?" I asked.

"Fine, but they will only know what I tell them, okay" Liam said.


I nodded, Louis hesitated but eventually nodded.


I left the room and sighed, finally on my way to talk to Harry. I went down the rest of the hallway, hoping that I wouldn't find out anymore unwanted secrets and stormed into Harry's room.


"What's wrong?" He asked.

"Nothing," I sighed looking down to the floor.

"Okay," he still knew something was wrong but didn't want to pressure me.

"What did you need to talk to me about with Carissa?" I asked.

"It's not really about Carissa, I needed an excuse to talk to you without Kacey knowing what it was about," he said.

"Oh, well what is it?" I wondered.

"I overheard something I shouldn't have today, and I found out that..." he started.

"What? What did you find out? I half yelled.


"Kacey what?"I wondered.

"She is pregnant," Harry sighed.

"And it is Niall's right?" I asked.

"No," Harry said.

"Well who's is it?" I wondered.

"It's mine," Harry sighed, disappointed in himself.


I started to instantly cry. How could Kacey do this. How could Harry do this? Was Zayn and I the only ones not cheating on our boyfriends and girlfriends. I thought Harry loved me. I was wrong. He didn't even care at all about me. All he cared about was Kacey. Kacey was one of my best friends, how could she cheat on my boyfriend. I remembered what Carissa did. I didn't even feel bad anymore. Carissa did the right thing. Kacey doesn't deserve this baby. That should be my baby.


I stormed out of the room but Harry grabbed my wrist before I could leave.


"What do you want?" I screamed crying.

"I am so sorry, it was a mistake," Harry stuttered.

"A mistake that I can never forgive you for!" I yelled.

"I know, and I am so so sorry, you have no idea," Harry sighed.

"How was it a mistake Harry? Did it accidentally happen? How the hell is that an accident?" I screamed.

"No, I, we were just drunk," he sighed.

"Just drunk," I mocked, "whatever Harry!" I screamed and ran out.


I ran all the way into Kacey's room where she was with Niall now. They were watching a movie.


"You cheated on Niall with Harry and now you are pregnant? Kacey how could you do this to me," Niall got off the bed looking confused but hurt.

"You what?" Niall screamed. 

"Oh shut up Niall, you cheated on Kacey as well, so don't even start Niall," I cried.


Niall was mad that I said something, but turned to Kacey.


"It isn't how it seems babe," Niall said.


Kacey covered her mouth and ran out of the room...



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