Letters To God


3. Nate

Dear God,

I went to church today.As I'm sure you know church for me is just sitting with my mom as she reads out of a old bible. What my mom read today really caught my attention.She said that you are a father to every thing on the Earth. I don't have a dad that's around. He usually only comes around when he runs out of drug money. But I honestly don't know why my mom just gives over what little money we have to that dead-beat.I'm sorry I'm getting off topic. What I wanted to say is that I honestly wouldn't mind having you as a dad. You sound so cool in the bible. You are so powerful and a such  a good ruler. I bet you that if you ruled the world no one would have any problems. I think it's to bad that you don't get to spend more time down here on Earth. I would love it if I could see you and what you look like. Do you think things will ever get better for me?

- Nate

P.S  I don't expect a response 

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