Letters To God


2. Jamie

Dear God,

I know what's happening around me. I may be young but I'm not stupid God. I'm dying and nothing can save me except a miracle.And I don't think the doctors have one for me. The only one who can save me is you. I know you are busy saving and healing others but if you have time please help me. And I understand if you can't save me, but if you can't save me all I ask is that you look after Chole.My sister is strong but I'm afraid ny death may break her. If I'm dying then I have to treasure what I have left,and all I have is you and Chole. So before I see you in heaven or wherever I end up I just want you to know that you have always been good to me and I love you for that. Also please send a sign to my sister that I'm safe after I die I wouldn't want her to worry. Maybe a rainbow or something equally meaningful. 


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