My new life ( On hold )

Willow moves to Sydney Australia to live with her new family. Willows mothers fiancé and his son Ashton.
✖️There will be strong language and self harm in this story ✖️


1. Prologue


Hi I'm willow. Willow Matthews.

I have brown wavy hair, blue eyes, I'm 5'6 tall, and I like bands.

I currently live in Utah with my mom and big brother. My father died in a plane crash one year ago, and I'm still crying almost every time someone mentions his name. ( Edward )

Next week we are moving to Sydney, Australia to live with my moms new fiancé and his son.

Hi I'm sorry if my English and grammar is bad. I'm from Denmark and we don't learn so much English. I hope you like my story even though it maybe doesn't make any sense.


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