My new life ( On hold )

Willow moves to Sydney Australia to live with her new family. Willows mothers fiancé and his son Ashton.
✖️There will be strong language and self harm in this story ✖️


5. Home sweet home

We got off the flight. And a hot breeze hit my face. We walked through the Airport when we heard someone yell " Jade! ( my moms name ), Bradley, Willow ! " We all turned around and we saw someone run towards us. He was really tall, with blond curly hair, and the cutest smile ever. " Hi, I'm Ashton, but you can call me Ash for short! " He said shaking my moms hand. " Hi Ashton! I thought your father would be here too? " My mom asked confused. " Yeah, umm, he had an important meeting, but he will be home in a couple hours " He said scratching his neck. " You must be Bradley " He said shaking Bradley's hand. " Yep that's me! " Bradley said really confident. Ashton then looked at me and said " Then you must be Willow " He gave me a friend hug. " Yeah..Um.. That's me" I said looking at my feet.

He smiled once again, and guided us out of the airport. We drove for 20 minutes, and then stopped in front of a huge 2 story house.

My jaw dropped, when Ashton parked in front of the house. He giggled when he saw my face, and stepped out of the car.

We followed him inside. And let me just say; this is the biggest house I have ever seen. " Welcome home! " Ashton said with a huge smile showing his cute dimples. " Let me show you your rooms". We followed him upstairs. The first door to the right is Bradley's room. We stepped inside and it was huge! At least 4 times as big as my old room! Bradley looked so happy.

Beside Bradley's room is mom and step fathers room. It was also huge, and has a king bed in the middle. My mom stepped inside and started unpacking her stuff. Ashton grabbed my hand and led me to my room which was H U G E. It was so cool with light blue walls, lots of band posters, a walk in closet, and my own bathroom. In the middle was a king bed

I walked around admiring the room. I looked at Ashton. He was staring at me, and he blushed when I caught him. " I will be in my room if you need me" he said with a little smile.


I'm almost done unpacking. It's 1:20 pm, and i haven't eaten since yesterday. I walked down the hallway and knocked on Ashton's door. I entered and asked him " Hi Ashton. I'm hungry.. Where is the kitchen? ". " I will show you " He said with a big smile. We walked downstairs and into the kitchen.

" Here is the kitchen " He said looking at me. " There is pizza in the fridge if you like pizza. " I nodded and opened the fridge.

I could feel two arms being wrapped around my waist, and a chin resting on my shoulder. " It's right there " Ashton said pointing at a pizza box. It felt so nice when he hugged me like this. I took the pizza box, and Ashton took a seat at the table. I took a slice of pizza and put it on a plate. I'm like 5'6 so I had to stand on my toes to reach the microwave. Ashton giggled. I crossed my arms and said " Ash, you are staring ".

" I know " He said still staring. " Why are you staring !? " I felt a little uncomfortable. " Because you're beautiful " he said smirking. I could feel my cheeks turning red. I looked at my feet and said " No I'm not". When I looked up Ashton was standing in front of me. He placed his big hands on my shoulders. " You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen " He said looking me straight in the eyes. I blushed once again. Ashton giggled " I love when you blush. You look so cute " That made me blush even more. If Ashton weren't my new brother, I would totally date him. He walked into the living room and turned the tv on. I ended up eating my pizza cold, but that's fine.








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