My new life ( On hold )

Willow moves to Sydney Australia to live with her new family. Willows mothers fiancé and his son Ashton.
✖️There will be strong language and self harm in this story ✖️


6. Ashton's friends

I have been in the shower for half an hour now. Just thinking about life, when I heard a knock on the door. " Willow! You have to come say hello to your stepfather ! " My mom yelled, and I could hear her leave my room. I sighed and got out of the shower. I wrapped my light blue towel around me, and walked back to my room.

When I entered my room, I saw Ashton standing at the door. " Willow are you comi-" he cut himself off by covering his eyes with his hands. My cheeks turned red, and so did Ashton's." Oh, umm, sorry I didn't mean to.. " He said and backing out of the room. " it's okay. I mean, we are brother and sister now. " I replied. He removed his hands from his eyes, and looked at me. His eyes widened. " What did you do to your arms! " He almost yelled at me. I forgot all about my scars. He ran towards me, and grabbed my arms. " I.. Umm..Uh.. "I stuttered. Ashton looked me straight in the eyes, and hugged me. He let go, and looked at his feet, then at me. " Don't do that to yourself, okay? He said and I nodded. He walked out of the room, and down the hallway.

Ashton's POV

I can't believe Willow is cutting. How can such a beautiful girl cut. I jogged downstairs and in to the living room. " Hi dad. Hi Jade " I said. " Hi Ashton, is Willow on her way? " Jade asked me. " Yeah.. She will be here in a few minutes " I replied.

We waited for about 5 minutes, when Willow came walking down the stairs in a beautiful light blue dress, and brown combat boots. She wasn't wearing much make up, but holy crap, she looks hot.

She walked towards my father, and said " Hi I'm Willow ". " Hi I'm George, you new stepfather " My father replied with a big smile planted on his face. " Jade and I are going for a walk. Do you wanna come ? " He then asked. "Yea-" I cut Willow off by saying " Umm, me and Willow already got plans " I said smiling a little. " Oh, okay. We will be back in a couple of hours " He replied, and walked out of the living room with Jade.

-Skip to when Jade and George leaves-

Willows POV

" So, we got plans" I said giggling. " Yeah, I invited my friends over. I thought you would like to meet them " Ashton said looking at me. I jumped on to the couch, and so did Ashton. " Okay, I hope they're nice "I said looking at the floor. " Trust me, they are. And very feisty too. " Ashton said laughing a little too loud. He has such a cute laugh.

Me and Ashton decided to watch tv until his friends came. Ashton looked at me and said " Oh and by the way, they don't know that you are here " I turned my face to the right so I was facing him. " So when they come in, they don't know who I am? " I asked a little shocked. " They don't even know that you are living with me " He said. Oh well, this is going to be interesting.

- half an hour later -

The door swung open and someone said " FIFA ALL NIGHT ". Multiple people started singing really loud, until they saw me and Ashton. They all stopped singing. There was 3 guys. The first one is pretty tall, with dark brown hair. The second one with red hair, and very light skin. The third one with blonde hair, and a really cool lip piercing. They all stared at me and then Ashton. The red haired one said with a smirk " Ash, you never told us that you got a girlfriend ". " She's not my girlfriend, she's my new sister " Ashton said looking at me. I quickly looked at the floor. These 3 guys is totally hot, and they are all staring at me. " Oh. You never told us that you got a new sister " The red haired one then said. They all walked towards the couch and said hi. " Hi I'm Calum, nice to meet you " The brown haired boy said. " Hello. I'm Michael " The red haired one said. " H-hi I'm Luke " The blonde said staring at me. " Umm, hi I'm Willow, Ashton's new sister " I said playing with my fingers. " HI IM ASHTON, AND I LIKE PIZZA " Ashton yelled. Calum, Michael, and Luke started laughing really loud. Ugh, they're all so cute. I started laughing too, but then Calum stopped laughing and said " Awe, you have such a cute laugh ". I could feel my cheeks turn red, and then they all laughed even more. " So what do you guys wanna do? " Calum asked with his cute Australian accent.

- an hour later -

We ended up playing fifa, which I'm pretty good at actually.

" How can you be better than me?! " Michael asked me." What can I say? I guess I'm just good at Fifa " I replied with a smirk. The boys laughed, except from Michael of course. " I'm hungry " Luke said yawning. "Me to " I said. " Well, let's order some pizza then ! " Ashton yelled jumping of the couch. " PIZZA! " Calum, Luke, and Michael yelled at the same time. Ashton came back a few minutes later, and asked what kind of pizza we wanted. " PEPPERONI " Calum, Luke, Michael, and I yelled at the same time. We then looked at each other at the same time, and laughed. Ashton ordered the pizza, and walked back to us.

" The pizza will be here in half an hour " He said yawning. That made Calum yawn, then Michael, and then Luke. I laughed so hard that I fell of the couch. Everyone started laughing at me. I'm kind of getting used to that. " So Willow, tell us a bit about yourself" Luke said smiling. " Oh, umm, okay. My name is Willow Matthews. I'm 16. I have a big brother named Bradley. I actually don't know where he is right now. Umm I like bands and-". " What kind of bands ? " Luke asked me, " I know it's a little weird, but I like Nirvana and green day. And Blink 182 is also awesome. " I said. No comments. " Well, umm. I like puppies, and socks. " Everyone laughed " Puppies and socks " Michael Said, trying to sound like me. There was a knock on the door. Ashton got of the couch and ran to the door. He came back 5 minutes later with 2 pepperoni pizzas.

We got rid of the first pizza really quick. " I want another slice " Michael said. 2 minutes later he then said " I want another slice " He kept saying that, until there was like 2 slices left. " I want another s-" Calum cut him off by beginning to sing. " MICHAEL WANTS ANOTHER SLICE. MICHAEL WANTS ANOTHER SLICE. MICHAEL WANTS ANOTHER SLICE " Then Luke and Ashton yelled " PIZZA! PIZZA ! ". I started laughing hysterically. I once again fell of the couch. The front door opened, and I could hear my mom and George's voices. They sounded really happy. " Hi kids! " George yelled. "HI!" Everyone replied. Mom and George entered the living room, holding hands. " Are you hungry ? " Mom asked. " No, we just ate " Calum smiled. " It's getting late, I'm heading home " Luke said. " Yeah, me to " Michael said yawning. " Me to " Calum said." Okay, we will see you guys in school at Monday " Ashton smiled. I nodded, and followed them to the door. " It was nice meeting you guys " I smiled. I hugged them, and said bye, the same did Ashton. I walked down the hallway, and upstairs to my room. It was quite messy, so I started cleaning up.

 -The next day-


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