Wake Me Up

Brianna Stone had always been known as soft-spoken and introverted, it was just the way she was raised. Apart from being soft-spoken and introverted, Brianna was also innocent; she had never had a boyfriend or been kissed before, not even on the cheek.

All three those things caused a big problem for her in a school full of experienced and sexually frustrated students. But, her biggest problem had a name - Harry Edward Styles.

Along with his best friends, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson, Harry found joy in bullying Brianna. Apart from his long time girlfriend, it was the one thing that made him happy.

One thing was certain, it was going to be a long year for Brianna.

A story about finding beauty in even the simplest of people.

One Direction AU



Warning! Attempt at suicide! Here's chapter 6 as promised. P.S. Sorry Brarry shippers! :P Enjoy! Niall Honestly, sometimes I really hated that I was the only one of us without a girlfriend. Sure, I had girls throwing themselves at me, but they weren't girlfriend material, they only wanted sex and that was all. I know I keep telling everyone I'm happy to be alone, and that I'm not tied to one girl, but it's because it's so hard for me to find the right girl. Harry and Louis was so lucky, they always went on double dates with their girlfriends, not inviting me because I didn't have a girlfriend so I’d be a fifth wheel. Or if I was invited with, they're always all over each other with their public displays of affection in front of me. It was truly disgusting. Sure, I loved the hook-ups with random girls, but sometimes I wonder what it would feel like to have someone like Sandy or Bridget, someone who loved me and accepted me for who I am, with all my flaws. I wanted someone I could spoil and have long conversations with in the nights when I couldn't sleep. I was turning into such a girl... Because of Harry and Louis' plans with Sandy and Bridget, I walked down the corridor of the hotel by myself, in hopes of bumping into someone I could spend the night with. I might not have a girl, but I still had my looks and my dick. The corridor was strangely empty considering it was night time and everyone should have been back at the hotel. A smile formed on my face once I saw a female figure further down the hall. She was talking to another figure. The other figure disappeared, and the first figure stood there, staring at the door in front of her. A smile formed on my face as I walked over to the figure. Only it fell as soon as I could finally make out who she was - Brianna Stone. She had a pink hoodie on, along with a pair of black jeans. The only things on her feet were pink socks. Her feet looked so small compared to mine and I wondered whether all girls' feet were as small. It’s not like I studied girls feet a lot, I preferred studying other body parts. She was looking at the ground - seemingly in thought. I doubt she even noticed me. My thoughts were confirmed when she walked smack into me. She quickly looked up from the ground startled and her eyes widened when she noticed it was me. I was just going to let it go, not really in the mood for an argument with her (not that she would argue back), but she spoke before I could walk passed her. "I'm so sorry! I really am... I wasn't- I wasn't looking where I was going and I know I should have, but I was just- I mean I didn't... I'm sorry, it won't happen again-" she rambled on and opened her mouth to start apologising again, but I cut her off. "It's okay." I didn't know what else to say, so an awkward silence followed between us. She was biting her bottom lip while anxiously fumbling with her fingers. And dare I admit it - it was kind of cute how awkward and nervous she was. I never noticed how cute she looked biting her lip. Thing was, it was so much easier to be mean to her when Harry or Louis was around, they were my encouragement. I realized that I was not much different than she was, apart from the few things that set us apart. Other than that we both seemed to love music - if her being able to play all the instruments in the music room was any indication, we're both slightly awkward (if I had to be completely honest with myself, I would describe myself as awkward), and as shocking as it may seem, we're both equally inexperienced in relationships (hook-ups didn’t count since it’s no feelings attached). "Uh... Sorry, I have to go... Sorry..." She turned around, scurrying away from me. Something in me made me call out to her though. "Wait! You were pretty lost in thought, is everything okay?" I mentally scolded myself for asking the question. I wasn't supposed to care. So if I didn't care, why did I ask whether she was okay? "Uh... Oh yeah... everything's fine!" She smiled awkwardly at me, before turning around again. As I watched her walk away, I contemplated asking her to hook up. Sure, she was inexperienced, but it could have been fun teaching her new things. Also, it could be a nice change from all the girls who always knew what they were doing and tried to be in control. I get credit for being the guy to take her virginity- What was I saying?! I couldn't have thoughts like these! What would Harry say?! He would have been more than angry at me. He would probably kick me out of the group for even thinking of hooking up with a loser like Brianna. My whole reputation, that I worked so hard to build up, would be ruined because of one mistake. As she turned a corner, I turned around to head back to my room. Guess another night of wanking had to do. Brianna “Brianna, would you please go and call Niall Horan for me? I have to talk to him about something. He’s in room 125.” Mr. Hamilton asked I walked past him in the hall, on my way to meet Ryder at the breakfast bar. Had I the guts and confidence to do it in his presence; I would have sighed loudly in irritation for him delaying the little bit of fun I got a day, and sending me to get Niall Horan - instead I only imagined doing it in my head. “Yes sir.” I walked to the room Niall was assumed to be in (whether he was actually in there is a whole other story). Luckily his room wasn’t too far from where I was, so I didn’t have to walk to the other side of the hotel to get to the room. Once outside his room, I could hear the strumming of a guitar. Whoever was on the guitar was pretty good actually. I reluctantly knocked on the closed door and the strumming immediately stopped. I opened the door slowly and was met with Niall’s backside. He was bent over next to his bed, pushing a guitar underneath the bed. He looked up at me and sighed in relief. “Oh, it’s just you.” He sat back down on his bed, his guitar half forgotten on the ground. I bit my bottom lip, something I usually did when I was feeling anxious. Niall studied me for a moment before bending down to retrieve his guitar. “It would be nice if you could keep me playing guitar outside of music class a secret.” Before I could stop myself, I asked my question aloud. “Why?” I cringed, afraid he would get mad that I was asking him why I should do something. It seemed he was in a somewhat good mood because he didn’t say anything. I waited at his door and before I could open my mouth to tell him what I came there to do, he spoke. “The lads, you know Harry, Louis and Liam, they don’t know I actually really like playing guitar, or that I love music in general. They think I only take music class because my parents forced me to take it. But actually my parents didn’t like that I took music either, they don’t believe it’s a subject that can help me in the future.” I was both marvelled at his confession and that he actually told me that. Looking at it like that; he was in the same boat I was - our parents wanting us to do something other than what we really want to do, only difference being that my parents actually wanted me to take music, something I didn’t really enjoy (I preferred taking photos). They only wanted me to take up music because my sister loved music, and they wanted to turn me into her. I didn’t want to voice my opinions in fear of setting him off, so instead I opted for simply nodding, which caused Niall to start laughing. “You’re really not someone of many words, are you?” I was getting uncomfortable having a, what I would call, normal conversation with him, it was so out of the ordinary. “Mr. Hamilton is looking for you...” I spoke so softly, and quickly, I would be surprised if he had even heard me. It seemed he did because he nodded lazily while patting the spot on the bed next to him. Gulping at the wave of déjà vu which hit me, I sat down on the bed as far as I could from him. He faced me, crossing his legs, before he leaned in closer to me. My heart caught in my throat as his breath hit the side of my cheek. He moved his arms behind me to the back of my head and I felt his hands fiddling with my ponytail, before my hair fell down my shoulders and he had my hair tie in his hand. He sat back down on the bed and studied me again. “...You should let your hair down more often; you look nice like this.” His words shocked both me and him because a blush crept up both of our faces. I looked down at my fiddling hands, avoiding eye contact with him. What do I do? Do I thank him? I'm not used to him being this nice. It's unnatural. He moved his hand to my chin, cupping my chin in his hand and moving my head up so I could look at him. He simply stared at me for a minute, and I actually got lost in his beautiful blue eyes. Seconds later his lips met mine and I felt his hand snake up my arm, grasping on the back of my neck and pulling my head closer to his. What?! What was he doing? Why was he kissing me? What was wrong with him? My hands came up and pushed against his chest and he immediately backed away, looking away sheepishly. I struggled to slow down my rapid heartbeat. “Wha-what are you doing?” I asked incredulously. My expression could easily be described as a deer caught in headlights. “Uh... I don’t know?” He answered hesitantly. What kind of answer was that? “You kissed me...” I pointed out through my disbelief. What was making the guys who usually bullied me act like they did? “Yeah...” He said quietly. He seemed just as shocked about what he did as I was. I was as speechless as he was. Did Niall Horan really just kiss me? Did I just have my first kiss? When I looked back up at Niall, he was looking at me again. What the hell was going on in this alternate reality? Was this some kind of joke? A bet? Maybe Niall has a twin? “Are you going to freak out if I kiss you again?” He asked cautiously. My mouth must have been hanging on the ground by then. “W-what?” I choked out. “Is that a 'yes'?” He chuckled, as a sneaking smile tugged up the sides of his lips. His blue eyes were playful, but they held some other emotion in them. One that I could not name. Did I want him to kiss me again? It just scared the hell out of me in many ways. First, being the fact that I had been kissed by Niall. And second, that the person who kissed me were my bully. What was he planning? When Niall leaned in again, my breath hitched and then I stopped breathing all together, anticipating the moment when his lips met mine again. Niall smiled slightly before his lips were pressed against mine fully. His lips moved softly against my own, the kiss getting fuller and deeper as the moment progressed. My heart was beating so fast it was so hard to concentrate on anything else but his lips on mine. That was the most intimate I have ever been with a guy. I didn't kiss back because I didn't really know how, and I was still shocked, but it was still good. But as the saying goes - all good things must come to an end. And that end was met with Harry Styles standing in the doorway. Niall Shit! Shit, shit! Fucking shit! What the fuck came over me?! I just kissed Brianna, the biggest loser ever, and probably the school’s most unpopular student, twice! What was even worse than that, was that Harry walked into me doing it. My reputation's done for. What have I done? I retracted away from Brianna, moving as far away from her, trying not to look guilty. I could hear Brianna gulp beside me as Harry glared at her from where he stood, his face emotionless. Looking up at Harry’s face was a strange experience; where normally he would have beaten Brianna (and possibly me) to a pulp by then, he simply stared at her, no emotion present on his face. “What’s exactly's going on in here?” His voice was way too calm, and that usually meant danger. Brianna started biting her bottom lip and I could see her heartbeat picking up. Harry turned to face me, realising he wouldn’t get an answer out of her. I knew I had to defend myself somehow, even if it meant lying about what really happened between Brianna and I. “She kissed me!” It wasn’t a complete lie - Brianna did kiss me back after I kissed her. Brianna turned to face me, shock written on her face. Did she really think I would tell Harry that I was the one who actually kissed her? “Is that so?” Harry questioned as he brought his attention back to Brianna. She was quiet for a while, staring at Harry, before nodding reluctantly, looking down at the floor. I was shocked that she just played along with my lie. Wasn’t she even going to even stand up for herself? Was she really that weak, to take the blame for something she didn't do? “Oh! So you’re not the virgin you claim to be after all, you’re just a slut, willing to fuck anyone or anything that has a cock. Maybe we should start calling you slut or whore, it would fit you better. Kissing two people in two days, that’s the making of a whore." Brianna stayed quiet as Harry insulted her, she just kept staring down at the ground, not once looking up. "You might as well go into prostitution. Sell yourself on eBay! That's how useless you are!” Tears formed on the brim of Brianna’s eyes at Harry's last sentence, and she looked down at her lap. Honestly, I felt a bit sorry for her - Harry was accusing her of things that weren’t even her fault (not that I would admit to him that it was my fault, but still). “Mate, it’s fine. Just leave it...” I surprised myself, and Brianna most likely too, by standing up for her. I guess it was because I knew she didn’t really deserve getting talked to like that, not when she didn’t start it at least. Truth be told though, she never started it all the other times either. It was all me, Harry and Louis. Harry was just as surprised as I was for me defending her. He stared at me strangely, nodding to himself after, he seemed deep in thought. After a long sigh, he spoke. “Are you sure there's nothing going on between you two?” I laughed out loudly. I couldn’t help myself; even thinking of something going on between Brianna and I was a hilarious notion. We were from completely different leagues. I had no idea why I kissed her a few minutes ago, but I knew I wouldn't do it ever again for fear of ruining my reputation (if I still had one left after this). "N-no. We were just... I was... Um..." Brianna stopped stuttering like a fool, waiting for me to answer instead. "What the fuck man?! I just told you she kissed me! Why would something be going on between us? You know I can barely stand her!" Harry still seemed reluctant to believe me. He watched me curiously, waiting for me to quiver under his glare. I simply looked at him, raising my eyebrow in challenge. "Okay, if you say so." He finally said after moments of silence, before he continued. "But I want you to hit her right here, in front of me. Proof to me you haven't gone soft for... that." His jaw was set in a firm lock. I slowly turned to Brianna, who's face was practically begging me not to hit her. I didn't like the look she was giving me; like everything depended on what my decision was. I didn't give in so quickly though, I had to do what I had to do. So I hit her on the face with an open hand. Maybe it didn't hurt as much if it was not a fist? Looking at her expression - I knew, it was not the hit that seemed to hurt her most, but the fact that I did as Harry said. I could see it clear as daylight on her face, and strangely, it bothered me quite a bit. Brianna I was tired, I was so sick and tired of the bullying. I could never win, they would always bully me. I barely had any confidence left and they weren't stopping their bullying anytime soon. I couldn't believe thought Niall was changing, and things would get somewhat better, but he wasn't changing, and it would never get better. That was why I wasn't going to give them the satisfaction to see me break completely. My mom would never have me change schools, Stanley being the best private school in England. Which meant I had no other choice but to kill myself. No one would miss me, my mom already lost her favourite daughter, and I was not that close to Ryder, London or Zayn, so they wouldn't miss me either. They would get over it. Just like everyone else would. Luckily I knew the hotel had pills in the medicine cabinet, from when I searched for pills for my period pains. I found three Ibuprofen packets. I gathered all the pills into a pile, there were about 36 in total. I didn't know if overdosing on Ibuprofen pills would kill me, but I hoped it would. I was finally giving up. I had enough of the bullying. Everyone would be happier, including me. Niall I sighed in relief after Harry and Brianna exited through the door, Harry closing the door behind him. I felt bad for blaming the kiss on Brianna when I was the one who started it, but what was I supposed to do? Harry was popular and because I was his friend, I was considered popular too. I couldn't give that up. If I explained that to Brianna, I'm sure she would have understood. I felt the need to at least try and apologise to Brianna. Harry wouldn't have to know. It could be our little secret. I was sure she wouldn't say anything to him anyway. So I walked to her room after a few minutes. I hoped that Sandy or Ryder wasn't in there with her, and that she was alone. I didn't want anyone to know I was being nice to her. Opening the door I froze in terror at the sight in front of me. Brianna sat on the floor, next to one of the beds, her front facing the door. She had about 6 pills in her left hand and was about to swallow one that was in her right hand. There were a few (about 15 to 20) left on the ground too. My feet moved on their own, my brain not processing what was happening as I ran to her and pushed her hand away from her mouth. She looked up at me surprised, as if she didn't know I was even there. Her eyes were dull and her face very pale, somehow I knew it wasn't from the pills she took, at least not completely. It looked like she was done, like she didn't care what happened anymore. "What the fuck are you doing?!" I grabbed her left arm, opening her hand with the pills. They fell to the floor. I grabbed all the pills, dumping them into my jean pocket. I would dispose of them later, so long as they were out of her reach. I pulled her up by her arms, having to steady her since she was falling over her own feet. "Just... leave me alone..." She pulled away, trying to sit down on her bed. She missed the bed and fell down onto the floor. "How many pills did you even take?" "... Seven... I think, maybe eight..." She shrugged, looking around the room. "...Come on, we have to get those pills out of your system. You better hope they won't have to pump your stomach." My plan was to go to Mr. Hamilton. I didn't know if Brianna needed to go to the hospital or not. He would be able to tell, aren't teachers trained for things like this? I threw her arm over my shoulders, hoisting her up to rest on my hip as we walked through the hall to Mr. Hamilton's room. When I walked in on her taking those pills, I nearly had a heart attack. And we were the reason she was taking them in the first place. I promised myself then that I would help her, I would be there for her, even if I had to ask her to be my girlfriend in order to be around her. Being her boyfriend couldn't be too hard or horrible, not if I enjoyed kissing her as much as I did earlier. x x x Nianna kissed! Twice!
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