Wake Me Up

Brianna Stone had always been known as soft-spoken and introverted, it was just the way she was raised. Apart from being soft-spoken and introverted, Brianna was also innocent; she had never had a boyfriend or been kissed before, not even on the cheek.

All three those things caused a big problem for her in a school full of experienced and sexually frustrated students. But, her biggest problem had a name - Harry Edward Styles.

Along with his best friends, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson, Harry found joy in bullying Brianna. Apart from his long time girlfriend, it was the one thing that made him happy.

One thing was certain, it was going to be a long year for Brianna.

A story about finding beauty in even the simplest of people.

One Direction AU



Warning! Some foul language in this chapter.

Enjoy this chapter!


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Two days later Ryder and I were at a swimming pool near Ducs de Bourgogne, the hotel we were staying at for the month. Luckily the hotel we stayed at was near the Eiffel Tower, so everything that we wanted to see (including stalls to buy souvenirs) was nearby. If we couldn't walk to the place, we usually went with a bus or a taxi.

Mr. Hamilton had given us the day off to do whatever we wanted, calling it 'scheduled free time', but I was sure he just wanted to have some free time to himself as well. Mr. Hamilton wasn't like other teachers, he was persuaded very easily, and probably cared more about his students than he should. I was sure it had something to do with his wife not being able to bear children. It was obvious to anyone how he longed for a child of his own.

But honestly I wanted to rather stay inside the hotel, where I could be alone, and spend time on Tumblr. Unfortunately Ryder had to drag me along with her to the swimming pool.

And while she lay on the side of the pool, on a recliner chair in her black bikini, I had barely pulled off my towel before I climbed into the pool. I did not want to show my body to anyone, feeling insecure of the eyes that were there. Luckily the pool water obscured some of my body from prying eyes. And by prying eyes I meant Harry and Niall's.

Harry and Niall were a bit away from me inside the pool, joking around. Why did they have to decide to go to the pool the same day we did? I hated my luck.

Thus far they hadn't done or said anything to me yet, they simply minded their own business. Niall had glanced at me once or twice, no expression on his face, but Harry was completely ignoring me, and I couldn't be happier about it.

I glanced over at Niall and Harry, who were wrapped up in a hushed conversation, looking over at me and Ryder on her recliner chair occasionally. Their whispered words put me on edge, what were they planning?

Harry looked up at me and Niall followed him, looking at me also. Harry gave Niall one nod, before shooting through the water to me (I didn't know people could move that fast in water). I shuffled back through the water, almost tripping. My back hit the side of the pool, and I knew I was cornered.

"So, I'm not fond of the idea at all, but we're bored, and while we normally wouldn't even talk to you, we were wondering if you and Ryder wanted to play a game or something?" Harry's voice sounded bored and uninterested, and he didn't even bother to look at me.

"And what makes you think we want to do that?" Ryder asked from her spot on the chair.

"Well, if you're trying to tan, you might as well stop, because the sun isn't even shining. And she," Harry said, motioning to me, "doesn't seem to be doing much anyway."

"Fine, I'm in."

I gaped at Ryder. Was she serious? How could she agree to play a 'pool-game' with two of my bullies? What was she thinking?!

Niall turned towards me, silently questioning me the same thing. His hair was pointing in every direction on his head, but I could not deny that he looked good with his hair wet.

I nodded reluctantly, not really wanting to play a pool game with Niall and Harry, but I couldn't say no if Ryder agreed, how would that make me look?
I didn't know what they were going to play. Usually popular students like them did sexual or couple-y things in the pool.

I didn't have to worry though, they wouldn't have done anything with me anyway. They would be too disgusted to even touch me. They never hesitated to remind me of that.

"What are we gonna play?" Harry asked, fingering the small silver paper plane necklace on his neck. I've noticed the necklace more than once around his neck, he always seemed to be wearing it, and I've never seen him without it on.

"How 'bout chicken fighting?" Niall questioned with a shrug.

I looked at him with a questioning look. What was chicken fighting? I have never heard of it, not that I know of a lot of pool games.

"What's chicken fighting?" I asked quietly, not looking up at any of the people around me, afraid of their judging gazes. What if they thought I was dumb or something for not knowing what chicken fighting was?

I heard Harry sigh exasperated, like he was annoyed that I didn't know what chicken fighting was, but he was always annoyed with me, so there was really no difference.

"Since we're four people we're enough to play. One of you," Niall pointed to me and Ryder, "go on top of one of our shoulders. Then, once you're on our shoulders, you go up against the other two and we try to push each other off of the other's shoulders. It's difficult to explain, but you'll get the hang of it quickly." Niall explained the game to me.

"Who's going on who's shoulders?" Ryder asked, something I was wondering also - I didn't want to be on a team with Harry or Niall.

"Well, I don't want to touch the fatass, so Niall can go on my shoulders." Harry commented, glaring at me. I looked down at the water, my stomach clenching.

Ryder glared at him, but decided to not say anything, which I was actually thankful for; Harry and Niall have been pretty nice to me so far, and I didn't want them to change all of a sudden. I was happy not to have gone on either of their shoulders anyway.

"I have pretty fast reflexes, so is it okay if I'm on your shoulders?" Ryder asked me.

I simply nodded, because I knew I was fat and that she didn't want to have to carry me. But she didn't want to hurt my feelings, so she suggested it otherwise.

Once Ryder was on my shoulders (she wasn't even heavy, I wished I could be as light as she was), I looked at our opponents for the first time.

"Let's show them we can beat them." Ryder's low voice stated. Harry must have heard her, because an overly confident smirk grew on his face and his eyebrows were raised. He was challenging us.

For once I felt like I could be myself without fearing someone would say something. It was just a friendly competition between boys and girls, and nothing bad could come from that.

"It's on!"

Harry practically stormed towards me, causing Niall to almost fall off of his shoulders.

"Woah man, slow down!" Niall told Harry, gripping onto Harry's shoulders, to steady himself.

I felt Ryder above me lunge for Niall, and Niall almost fell off again (something told me he wasn't too good at the game).

"Shit! Girl's got some strength in her..." I heard Niall mumble, holding onto his arm.

Niall lunched at Ryder, but I moved quickly, holding onto Ryder's legs tightly, to prevent her from falling off.

The look on Harry's face told me he was getting agitated. His eyebrows were furrowed, his eyes were narrowed and his jaw was locked tightly into a scowl.

Niall tried to lunge at Ryder again, but she ducked causing him to miss and fall off of Harry's shoulders, right into the water.

Once he came back up, he stared at Ryder incredulously. He was shocked beyond belief, probably because he and Harry were beaten by two girls.

Ryder seemed to understand his confusion, because she answered his unspoken question, a satisfied smirk on her lips.

"I've been in a gang for a long time, I can tell a person's next moves before they implement them."

He was silent for a while, contemplating something, before he spoke up again, his eyes widening.

"I wanna be on Ryder's team next!"

My heartbeat stopped; that meant I had to be on Harry's team...

"What?! No! I don't want to be on a team with that loser!" Harry pointed towards me with a disgusted look on his face.

"Oh shut it! Stop crying like a baby. And get over your hatred towards Brianna, she never did anything to you!" Ryder glared at Harry. I could see his anger was skyrocketing; his fists were clenched.

I stared at Harry cautiously, afraid of what he might do next.

He took a step towards me causing me to flinch and pull back.

"Just get on my fucking shoulders!" He snarled, turning his back to me after rolling his eyes.

I quickly did as he said, or tried to. He wasn't even bending his knees, so I had trouble getting onto his shoulders. It didn't work in my favour that he was very tall either. I tried holding onto his shoulders and jumping onto them, I even tried climbing onto his back like a monkey, but nothing was working. I was very short and he was very tall. We were complete opposites.

Eventually he just sighed with annoyance and sunk down into the water, mumbling angrily to himself about how useless I was.

I hurriedly climbed on his shoulders and he emerged from the water. It was then that I felt how tall he really was. Just staying on his shoulders was a mission.

Ryder, who was on Niall's shoulders smiled at me.

"You ready to get beaten?" She asked playfully.

I forced a smile, nodding. I was nervous; Harry could drop me to be funny, or hurt me easily - my thighs were right next to his head. Who knew what he could do to hurt me?

I prepared myself, trying to forget that it was Harry's shoulders I was sitting on.

Ryder lunched at me and luckily Harry moved away, having faster reflexes than I had.

"Don't just sit there!" Harry growled frustrated, pinching my thigh.


I lunged at Ryder, but she moved away. She was pretty good at the game, no wonder we won earlier.

Then I got an idea, that I was sure would work. Using all the courage I had, I tightened my legs against Harry, and he got the hint, wrapping his arms around my legs tighter, holding me in place. I pushed forward with all my might and Ryder actually fell off of Niall's shoulders and into the water.

I just sat there a while, before my eyes widened in glee. I actually managed to push Ryder off of Niall. A smile grew on my face for the first time in a long time.

Harry lifted me from his shoulders and put me down in the water (surprisingly gently). His expression matched mine as his eyes sparkled with happiness.

I bit my bottom lip at the thought that Harry and I actually worked together as a team, and we actually worked together quite well. Harry nodded once, but his smile didn't falter. His eyes were shining with happiness.

"You're getting along pretty well with Brianna mate. You two actually make a good team. Who would have thought?"

I froze at Niall's words, looking at Ryder, who looked like she wanted to kill Niall right there, I wanted to help her. Just when I thought that a day could go by without Harry torturing me, Niall had to open his mouth. I just knew Harry would make a huge scene about Niall's words, he absolutely despised the idea of 'getting along' with me...

"Are you crazy?! The cow and me?" It's actually 'the cow and I'... "I didn't even want to touch her. For all I know I've gotten some kind of sickness because of her filthiness! She's a disgusting pig!"

Okay I got it...

Niall only raised his eyebrows in challenge, causing Harry's jaw to tighten, his breathing to get heavier and his face to turn even redder in anger.

He stormed passed me, but not before pushing me away roughly. I watched him climb out of the pool, snatching up his towel and storming out of the pool area.
“What did I say?” Niall looked around innocently. His expression showed one of confusion. Ryder sighed in annoyance before turning to Niall and rolling her eyes.
“You might wanna go calm your friend down. Before he makes another person his victim.”

I did not want that, I didn’t want another person to suffer like I did daily.
Niall’s eyebrows creased in anger and he crossed his arms over his naked chest.

“Do not tell me what to do! You are not my boss.” He, too, walked passed me, bumping me with his shoulder.
"Well, wanna go shopping?" Shopping? Ryder didn't seem like someone who enjoyed shopping. "I promised I'd buy my adoptive mother a souvenir while I'm here. I'm not looking forward to it, but it has to be done. It's the least I could do for her."

I agreed to go shopping with Ryder, because I didn’t want to be alone with Harry and Niall around. Harry was probably still mad and he wouldn’t think twice before taking his frustrations out on me. Niall would do as Harry said, making him a threat too.

We walked through the town, looking at the different stalls. There were something for everyone. Ryder stopped at an antique and souvenir stall, looking at all the souvenirs displayed. She picked up a wooden Eiffel Tower that she was sure her adoptive mother would like.

I felt out of place, knowing it would look weird if I didn’t buy my mom something too, considering I had ten times the amount of money that Ryder had. I knew my mom would only put it away though, not looking at it twice. She used to do that with the Mother’s Day and Birthday things I bought her. Eventually I started just buying her cards.

Deciding I would just get her something, I took the nearest thing, which happened to be a snow globe with the Eiffel Tower inside, and paying for it.

Ryder was not done yet, but I was, so I told her I’d meet her by the Pont Neuf nearby bridge, so that she wouldn’t have to search for me between all the people.

I walked over to the bridge, leaning over the side. The water under the bridge was so peaceful that it made me actually feel calm inside.

I felt a hand against my back, pushing me forward, causing me to almost lose my grip and fall over the side. I tried getting up, but the hand kept me from moving, pressing me against the edge of the bridge.

“You think you’re all that, don’t you?” I knew that voice, Harry. “You won once against me, and suddenly you’re better than me, huh?!”

What was he talking about? It was only a game, and it was me and Ryder that beat them. I never bragged that we beat Harry and Niall. Besides Harry and I beat Ryder and Niall after that.

“I thought I’d let you know that you probably gave me a bad back with your heavy body. You should really go on a diet, or starve yourself, or do something, anything to drop a few pounds. You could do to drop a few billion pounds!”

I gulped. My weight was a sensitive subject, even when I was younger. When I was twelve, I realised that not all girls were chubby like me, so I decided I would lose weight. I didn't do much, I just ate healthier - no candy, and went to the gym a lot. It worked, but my mom found out, and only let me go to the gym once a week, saying it was unhealthy to go so much. She actually still cared back then.

“Mate, why don’t we just go? I’m hungry and we should get back anyway.”

So Niall was there too, as if Harry being there weren't enough torture.

“No, this bitch need to be taught a lesson. Your girlfriend is not here to protect you now, is she? Not so strong now, are you?!” He pressed his elbow into my back. “Maybe we should just throw you over this bridge. We would do the world a favour, no one would have to look at your ugly trap ever again!”

He pulled me away from the side of the bridge, turning me around to face him. His eyes caught my heart necklace and he ripped it off my neck, before I could protest.

“Give that back!” I shouted, trying to get my beloved necklace back. My necklace was the last thing I wanted him to have in his claws. It was the only thing I had left.

Harry simply raised an eyebrow, opening the locket to reveal a picture of a young girl. He watched me, and held the locket over the river, threatening to drop it.

My heart sped up as I watched my locket in his hands, he could let go anytime.

“Please don’t...” Tears started running down my cheeks. I had tried not to cry in front of him or show weakness, but he was messing with something dear to me. The necklace was the only thing I had left, my only hope.

“Who’s this?” He asked looking at the locket. I remained quiet, not wanting to give him more of a reason to let go of my locket. “Tell me, or it goes down this river.”

“It was my sister.” I admitted, looking down at my shoes. I could feel all my hope of getting the necklace back drain from me.

“Was? You mean she’s dead?”

I nodded slowly, wiping my eyes. I still didn't look at him.

“Let me guess, she killed herself because she didn’t want to be known as the sister of someone as useless as you. Perfect reason to kill yourself really, I would have killed myself if I was related to you too.”

That was the last straw. That was when I decided I had had enough. He didn’t know anything about my sister, and he shouldn’t have made assumptions. I was done keeping quiet, and doing what he told me to, because I feared him. I would finally defend myself against him, Niall and Louis. Against everyone. I was sick and tired of him bullying me.

“You know what, fuck you!” I think that was the first time I ever cussed and spoke back to him. My words shocked both Harry and Niall into speechlessness.

I grabbed my necklace from him, pressing it against my heart, I had it back, thank God.

“You don’t know anything! You think you know everything, but really you know nothing. I bet you only have friends, because they’re scared of you. But you know what, I’m not scared of you anymore! I’m done being your punch bag!” I breathed heavily, glaring daggers at Harry.

He was still left speechless, as was Niall. I was left breathless, still shocked that I actually said that.

I spotted Ryder walking over to us. Before I could lose what little confidence I had conjured up, I walked over to her, telling her I was going back to the hotel.

When we got back to the hotel, I went to my and Sandy's room, still shocked at what I had done. I could not believe I stood up to him, in front of Niall too.

Both of them were truly shocked at my little outburst, because they hadn’t expected me to stand up for myself. I was shocked too.

They were talking about my sister though, saying she killed herself to be away from me, and that was the last straw. They could not make light of such a sensitive subject.

I was proud of myself for standing up to Harry, but I was afraid I would just go back to being his victim eventually, and that my little speech would have been for nothing...


I lay on my bed for about two hours, drifting in and out of consciousness. It was already dark outside, but it was only around 7 o'clock.

I didn't feel like doing anything, I only felt like lying on the bed and letting the trip pass. But that won't happen, and I couldn't just stay in the bed; Mr. Hamilton said that dinner was at 7. I had no other choice but to exit the room. I walked out of the room and into the hallway.

I saw London and Zayn standing by the front desk, London in a royal blue dress and Zayn in a tuxedo. Why would they wear formal wear for dinner?

Zayn was talking to the reception lady at the front desk, while London was looking around everywhere, seemingly looking for something or someone. She spotted me, and her face lit up. She dragged Zayn away from the reception desk and towards me.

"Here you are! We were wondering where you were, Ryder was looking for you too. We're going to a restaurant with Mr. Hamilton and a few other students for dinner. You have to get ready, Mr. Hamilton is leaving at half past seven."

I really didn't want to go, but I didn't have a choice - they already assumed I was going.

"Here you are! Did London and Zayn tell you about dinner?" Ryder asked. I nodded. I wasn't really in the mood to go to a restaurant after the day I had, but with Ryder there, perhaps it wouldn't be as bad. Maybe it would do me good to go out once in a while, I thought. What's the worst that could happen?

"Uh... Let me just go change into more... presentable clothes." I said, because I had not changed out of my swimwear when I got to the hotel earlier.

Ryder pulled me further through the hotel in the direction of our rooms, London and Zayn following us. "We only have one problem; I don't have any dresses to wear, at all. I don't really own anything fancy either." Ryder spoke up when we arrived at her room.

"It's okay. I packed a few extra dresses for occasions like these. Both you and Brianna can borrow mine, if you didn't bring one Brianna." London offered.

I actually did own a hideous pink, frilly dress my mom bought me, but I would prefer wearing one of London's dresses any day over wearing that thing. I nodded and asked her if I could borrow a dress too.

London smiled, dragging me into her room. Ryder returned to her room to get ready once London gave her a dress to wear, and Zayn said he would meet us outside the hotel where the bus was waiting.

London helped me pick out a beautiful white dress that wasn't too revealing, albeit a bit too short for my comfort. It ended just above my knee. It was white and simple, just like me. I chose to wear ballet shoes with it though, because I didn't do well in heels. She also helped me style my hair into beautiful curls and put on some light make up on my face.

"...And, we're done! Just in time too, we should go, we're running late!"

Outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/chapter_niall_brianna/set?id=126813180

We met Ryder at her room, and the three of us made our way out of the hotel, to where Mr. Hamilton told us to meet. As we walked, I felt very uncomfortable in the dress, and kept pulling the hem down to try and cover my legs.

Outside the hotel stood Mr. Hamilton, a few students and a bus, our transport. I internally groaned when I spotted Harry and his gang of friends; of course they would come too. Harry's arm was around Sandy's shoulder, who wore a short skin-tight pink dress. Her blond hair was curled like mine.

Harry spotted me and his eyes widened for a second before they returned to their natural glare. Sandy saw his stare and looked over at me with disgust on her face.

"Okay, I assume that's everyone! Now, I want all of you to form a single row, and climb into the bus. No pushing or shoving!" Mr. Hamilton roared over the students' chatter.

London, Zayn, Ryder and I fell into the row, me at the front of them.

Harry and Sandy pushed past me when it was my turn to get on the bus, and climbed in before me. I ignored them and climbed on.

The bus was already crowded, it was a four seater, which meant eight seats per row (four seats next to each other on each side with walking space in the middle), and I looked for a place with four seats open next to each other where we could sit, or at least two seats next to each other. There were no seats with four places open next to each other, and the only open seats, that were for two people next to each other, were in front of Harry, Sandy, Bridget and Louis, and next to Niall and Liam (Liam was next to the window).

Ryder and I made our way over there when we saw London and Zayn had already chosen their own seats.

"Is it okay if you sit next to Niall rather than me? I might just kill him if I had to sit next to him." Ryder asked, glaring at Niall.

I nodded reluctantly, because I didn't want to start a fight between the two of them if I could have prevented it.

"Oh great, the virgin has to sit here!" Louis spoke loudly with an annoyed huff, rolling his eyes.

"Well at least she doesn't sleep with like six girls every night. You should be careful Lou, you might get a STD one of these days, if you don't already have one." Ryder mocked, coming to my defense.

"Shut it lesbo!"

Ryder went to reply, but I told her to just ignore him. Well, I mumbled, but she still heard me. I walked into the seats and took a seat next to Niall, as far away from him as I could. Ryder took a seat next to me.

Through most of the ride I had to deal with Sandy repeatedly kicking the back of my chair and Niall, who kept pinching my leg. The whole speech I gave the previous day was long forgotten by Niall, and he was back to tormenting me.

I was thankful when the driver stopped at the restaurant and the students fled out of the bus.

We walked into the restaurant and were escorted to our table by a waiter.

To my horror I found out that Ryder, London, Zayn and I shared a table with Harry, Louis, Niall, Sandy, Bridget and Liam, since the table could accommodate ten people, and Mr. Hamilton payed for the tables.

Zayn sat down in the seat next to Bridget while London sat next to Zayn, on his other side. There were two seats left, the one next to London, while the other one was next to Sandy.

I actually didn’t want to sit next to Sandy, but I had no other choice; having Ryder sit next to London was the least I could do to thank her for having my back. Besides I didn't want to be witness of a fight breaking out between Ryder and Sandy either. I wanted to keep the peace as long as I could.

I sat down on the chair next to Sandy, who was sat next to Harry. An annoyed groan was released from Sandy, before she practically crawled onto Harry's lap.

“Ugh! I don’t want to sit next to the pig. Switch places with me, please!” She fluttered her eyelashes at Harry, and pouted.

I sunk down in my seat at Sandy’s outburst as everyone looked at us. Harry released a heavy sigh, but stood up and sat down on the seat next to me.

If I thought I was uncomfortable having to sit next to Sandy, I almost fainted at having to sit next to Harry. It'd take Sandy any day over Harry.

A male waiter came to our table, a dashing smile adorning his face. He was actually sort of cute (even though I wouldn’t say that out loud, ever). He was tall, with darkish skin, almost the same colour as Zayn’s. He was dressed like all the other waiters; in a white button up shirt, with a black pullover, and black dress pants, but even with his shirt and pullover on, anyone could see he was well build. He had pitch black hair with creamy brown eyes which you could drown in. Even Sandy and Bridget, who both had boyfriends, ogled him dreamily.

“Can I take your order?” he flashed a perfect smile our side. His voice was low and smooth, something out of a fantasy book.

“I’ll have a glass of white wine,” Ryder spoke up, looking at the menu, “and the smoked salmon.”

The waiter directed his attention towards me, the smile on his face brightening.

“And what shall the pretty lady have?” I blushed in response to his words, looking down at my menu, hiding my blush.

Normally I would order a lime or bubblegum milkshake, but seeing as they didn’t have milkshakes and it was sort of strange for someone my age to order a milkshake, I ordered water. There’s always a first time for everything. With that I ordered pasta, with Sandy commenting on how I should’ve taken a salad instead.

After everyone ordered the waiter turned to me again, sending me a wink, and the blush reappeared on my face. When he was out of eyesight, Ryder leaned closer to me.

“He’s so into you!” I looked at her crazily. There was no way that he could be into me. He’s a French man; they’re adored by lots of girls around the world. I'm just an ordinary British girl.

I knew Harry heard Ryder’s whisper because he scoffed. I returned to staring at the menu, trying to avoid the people around me.

That was until I felt a hand on my knee, causing my whole body to tense up. I glanced up at Harry from the corner of my eye. He was whispering something into Sandy’s ear, causing her to giggle. Harry’s hand slowly travelled up my leg all the way to my thigh, where he started rubbing me in a circular motion. His mouth was on Sandy's ear, nibbling on her skin.

“You like that, don’t you?” Harry questioned, still looking at his girlfriend. He spoke his words to Sandy, but it felt like the words were directed to me. I avoided eye contact with everyone, keeping my head low.

Harry moved his hand up, getting closer to my private parts. My breathing was erratic and I tried very hard to control it, but it wasn't working with Harry's hand on my thigh. He stopped about 2 inches from my crotch, causing my heart to almost stop beating.

"You had never been touched like this, have you? You want to be touched though because you're secretly a little slut. You want to be fucked in all your holes by many dicks." Harry firmly placed his hand onto my sex, causing me to quickly jump up from my chair with a shocked yelp. Everyone's heads turned to me, confusion on their faces.

"I uh... I need to use the bathroom..." I quickly ran to the bathroom, my knees feeling weak.

Once in the bathroom I walked to the mirror and looked at my reflection in the mirror. My cheeks were coated a light pink from the blush on my face. I didn't necessarily like Harry, but I had never been touched like that before, and his touch made my whole body feel warm.

The door to the bathroom opened and closed and I turned to face whoever had entered. Sandy stood in front of the door, her arms crossed against her chest.

"You can stop drooling now." I stared at her in confusion. What was she talking about?

"I'm talking about Harry. I saw how you were eyeing him. Well, let me tell you something, he'll never like you. He thinks you're way too ugly and fat to date anyone, let alone someone of his standards. So do yourself a favour and back off." Sandy kept her glare on me as she approached me, when she uttered her last two words, she poked me twice in the chest.

"But I don-" Sandy cut me off, grabbing onto my hair. She dragged me by my hair into one of the bathroom cubicles.

She pushed me down on my knees, and my eyes widened in realisation of what she was going to do. It had been done to me three times in total; two times by Harry and his 'friends', and one time by Sandy previously. Well, two times by Sandy if you count the one she was going to do. It was the way of their bullying I hated most of all.

Sandy pushed my head into the toilet bowl, luckily it was flushed, and kept my head pressed into the water. Tears sprang to my eyes, mixing with the toilet water. Finally she pulled my head up, still holding onto my hair.

"Don't even think of looking at Harry again, or you'll get something worse than just a swirly." With that said Sandy left the bathroom.

I walked to the mirror and my tears increased when I saw my reflection. My hair was soaked and had lost it's curls. My make up was smudged and mascara ran down my cheeks. Even the top of my dress was covered with splashes of water.

I went to the hand drier, and knew I had no other choice but to use it. If I didn't attempt to dry my hair; I would get sick, and I really didn't want to get sick. I pushed my head under the drier, setting it off.

Once I was finished drying my hair, which now was very frizzy and thick, and washing my face, I walked out of the bathroom, trying to stop my crying.

I kept my head low, passing by the people in the restaurant. I heard Mr. Hamilton call my name, and told him I'd be at the bus. I walked out of the restaurant and immediately felt the chilly air hit me. I crossed my arms over my body in an attempt to warm myself and sat down, leaning my head against the bus.

I kept my eyes closed, wishing I was anywhere but in Paris with my personal life-ruiners. A few minutes later I heard footsteps, followed by someone sitting down on the ground next to me. I opened my eyes, which widened when I saw Niall sitting next to me.

"You're shivering. You're probably cold." He handed me his jacket. I was shocked that he was actually willing to help me. "This is just a one time thing, don't think it will happen again." I nodded, taking his jacket. Why deny it when it could help me warm up somewhat?

"Sandy. Am I right? I saw her smirking when she left the bathroom, she obviously did something to you." It's funny how he didn't even have to guess who did this to me, everyone probably knew she did it. "This the result?" I nervously nodded, fiddling with my fingers. He was Sandy's friend and I didn't want to talk bad about her in front of him. Niall nodded to himself, seeming deep in thought.

It was quiet for a few minutes more before Niall spoke again.

"Well, I should get back in there before they find out I'm out here with you," Niall stood up from the ground, dusting his pants off. "I'm gonna need my jacket back... sorry. I can't let anyone see you wearing it. I'm sure you understand." Of course I did; the person he bullied couldn't be seen wearing his football jacket.

I was confused though; Niall was being kind of nice to me. But why? I wondered if it was some game, or if he wanted something from me.

He confused me just as much as Harry did...
  x x x   If anyone has any questions, don't be afraid to ask :)
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